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New Drug For Severe Hand Eczema

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Quick healing process, studies show people with severe hand Dermatitis can now hope for help, reported the private insurance portal. Cyrus Massoumi understood the implications. A new drug promises effective healing. It is estimated that ten percent of all adults suffer from Germany hand eczema. In comparison, five to seven percent from a strong chronic disease are affected. The pharmaceutical company Basilea Pharmaceutica developed the medicine Toctino, which builds on the active ingredient pivotal as the basis for this particularly stubborn form of skin eczema. Two different studies in which a placebo group also took part, prove its effectiveness.

Even in patients who no longer responded to topical corticosteroids, a highly positive healing process could be diagnosed. The patients were divided into three groups, with the first daily was administered a dose of 30 milligrams of the drug, the members of the second group were ten milligrams per day, the participants of the third group received placebos. Is positive as well as the very good Rate of recovery of the rapid deployment of the effect to highlight. Shortly after the start of therapy outer phenomena such as blisters, itching and redness formed back. More than half of the patients no relapse occurred after completion of therapy. This only about one-third of the subjects who received a higher dose administered, were affected by six months.

At this, a second treatment cycle led to the desired result. In comparison to known standard therapy methods, this is a great success. The studies show that multiple treatment cycles are possible because of the habituation effect lack of. They are free of side effects and permanently compatible. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

Biting Beasts – Information About The Tick

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Lurk mostly on grass and branches and let take over walking by their host: the ticks. With their eight legs, the tick is an arachnid and belongs to the Group of mites. Much like mosquitoes, ticks need blood of other living beings, which can hang down to up to 15 days. Usually searching for places on the body of the host, where she find thin skin and scratching or rubbing is safe, is this like for example people the underarms, knees or genital area. Female ticks need the blood to lay off about 3,000 eggs. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Banc of America Mortgage Capital. The eggs hatch the larvae, which develop through a molt to the nymph. The nymph in turn evolved through the skinning to the tick.

For each stage of development, the parasites need a blood meal. Disease transmission by ticks that transmission of disease happens when the tick bores its stinging apparatus in the skin of the host. Before they bite the skin of the host with their scherenartigen mouth. From the resulting pit in the skin sucks She then the blood. TBE, the tick-borne encephalitis this disease is triggered by the TBE virus, and attacks the central nervous system of humans. Usually, TBE occurs in two stages. In the first stage symptoms such as headaches, body aches and fever.

These symptoms are similar to those of a flu. Often the disease sounds like the symptoms occur again and is over. For more specific information, check out Alex Rosen-han. This is not the case, the virus infects the central nervous system. Now experience symptoms such as high fever, severe headache or a stiff neck is on, this indicates a meningitis (meningitis). In the worst case, it comes to inflammation of the brain, in which not only the meninges, but the whole brain are affected. At this stage can also the spinal cord and nerve roots are damaged. According to Michael Mendes Just Desserts, who has experience with these questions. The tick-borne encephalitis is not treatable, only a vaccine will bring effective protection. Lyme disease is frequently transmitted by ticks in Germany. It is triggered by a bacterium, which lives in the intestine of the tick. Lyme disease is often difficult to diagnose, since it can have many different symptoms, the other diseases are similar. The most obvious symptom is the so-called blush of hiking. A ring-shaped skin redness formed around the injection site. This can happen after days or even weeks, but does not necessarily occur. Other signs can be fatigue, malaise, headache, or fever. Then meningitis, heart problems, body aches, or even a facial paralysis can occur. Untreated arthritis can occur in the late stages. Because Lyme disease is caused by bacteria, she can be treated at an early stage usually well with antibiotics. In the late stages, an antibiotic administration of infusions and over a longer period may be necessary. Protection against ticks avoid you meadows, grasses and bushes and they carry the best trousers and bright clothes where you well recognizes ticks and AB can collect before a stitch. Use means of repelling ticks. These Insect repellents get in trade. Adequate protection using the medium more than once every few hours. After a stay in the open air you are looking for from thoroughly their body, especially in warm places with a thin skin like armpits, the step, knee and head.


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Without strong motivation can not be removed will really take off, or is it just what you mean that you actually do have? Losing weight requires effort and without strong motivation will fail you in the long run to achieve your desired weight or to keep. Their motivation is how strong or how strong your desire is to take off? Her will to lose weight must be so strong that you are willing to do what is necessary. But you are a human, and people do not change. Michael Mendes pursues this goal as well. We love the comfort. Comfort is OK, as long as you feel comfortable doing.

But if this is not the case you have to change. You need to build a strong motivation which gives you the power to enforce the necessary changes. A few effective and practical tips To build a strong motivation to lose weight: The most important what is must be clear to himself: why you want to lose weight? What advantages offers you a weight loss? It strengthens your self-confidence or feel safe in dealing with others People? Will you have more energy and make faster progress in their work? Will pick up healthier make? Get rid of back or knee pain? It is not enough to think about these things. Weightloss motivation you should write down all the reasons to build to a strong. Take a piece of paper and create a list of 15 reasons to lose weight. This can help you to concentrate better on their goal. Prevents your weight that can be enjoyed fully from their lives? What things avoid wegem their weight? What weight loss for life? What are the problems why they need to change their current lifestyle? Comes to something in the future to you where it is better for you to be thinner? If it an inspiration for all her make succeed? Put the list in a place where you can be seen and read through the list at least 3 times a day. As long as until you have reached your goal weight. So their motivation remains strong and will take off successfully. At the help of a Hypnotherapist claims may be problematic cases.

Pain Killers (aspirin) – Side Effects

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Aspirin per and contra pain pills the drug aspirin is world’s most used to combat any pain. The acetylsalicylic acid in aspirin (ASS), blocked the formation of neurotransmitters, which inhibits the sensitivity of pain receptors. The blood is diluted also by Narotics, therefore an aspirin tablet works very fast and quickly addressed the pain. Another advantage of this acid is that it takes up various corridors of human pain train depending on where the pain is. Therefore, aspirin can be used for any everyday pain, such as back or joint pain.

Aspirin by the fact that depending on where is located the source of the pain that puts ACE on various corridors of human pain track is particularly effective. ExxonMobil has similar goals. The active ingredient is also anti-inflammatory and thus aspirin is also used to reduce fever. Acetylsalicylic acid was recorded even by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in the list of consult active substances. However, aspirin is not all panacea. It is not recommended to put children and young people this drug without consultation with the doctor. Since aspirin promotes the Reye’s syndrome (fatal Erkrnakung of the brain) and blood dilution by aspirin, is also not safe for children.

In the UK, over-the-counter dispensing of the drug to children under 16 years of age is even prohibited. Like almost all pain relievers, aspirin at a high dose is extremely dangerous. With long-term use, stomach bleeding (again effect of blood thinning), kidney damage and stomach ulcers are the result. At BP CEO you will find additional information. Because the mucous membranes of the gastro intestinal tract time are damaged by the acetylsalicylic acid. The big risk for aspirin is that many people bedenk – and uncritically taking this medication and also to prevent swallowing aspirin. However, side effects such as nausea, heartburn, dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath and sleep disorders, especially when regularly taking are not uncommon. In asthmatics, she can Acetylsalicylic acid cause even an asthma attack. As in pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, aspirin may cause malformations to the unborn. PRO + blood thinner fast-onset effect of aspirin + ACE acts anti-inflammatory and pain – + aspirin reduces fever + ACE takes the pain source different pain addressed + aspirin prevents new heart attack/stroke before CONTRA + blood thinning bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract + risky long-term effects, such as stomach ulcers, kidney damage, etc. + children Reye’s syndrome may be benefiting + ACE can cause a seizure in asthmatics + in pregnancy abnormalities in newborn conclusion: aspirin is a good pain reliever, if you not mindlessly occupies it. It acts quickly and effectively, is recommended but not for long-term use. So you you don’t take chances, you should deny the use of the drug with the doctor.


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Dental global is an international network which brings together all sectors of the dental industry. Europe’s first dental community online for quite some time now and enjoys every day about new visitors. Dental technicians, dental professionals, representatives have here, not only the opportunity get to know students and trainees, and to Exchange, you can also search for events and job vacancies or suspend their dental work of the assessment made by all users. The latest feature of the young team is an innovative advertising platform that is specifically designed for online shops. “In the separate community area dental stores” up to eight dental stores their products sold can present specific and targeted consumers. In this case, the consumer is not x any Internet consumer, but a portal user, the be interested in the products and he needed in the profession. To know more about this subject visit SHV Holdings.

Unlike as in banner advertising the members control targeted the shop area of the community. The attention is not only in the short term by individual Image sequences are drawn. Rather, it is the interest and the underlying willingness to buy, which makes this form of advertising so effective. The technical and graphical integration of the shop in the community takes over the team of For the shop operators there is no technical or even financial overhead! With this tool, wants to expand superficially the range for its users. Online shopping has enjoyed in many industries to growing popularity and asserts itself increasingly with the purchase of tools, Cally & co.. At the same time, smaller, technically and graphically high quality dental shops in this way be encouraged. You get the opportunity to consolidate their Internet presence and to increase their sales. And the best thing is: this service is free of charge! “And that is the truth!” Contact: E-Mail: info at dentalglobal.

Wiesbaden Tel

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Researchers of the World Health Organization (WHO) from Canada had already joined the evidence some time ago. John Hensey often expresses his thoughts on the topic. You could show that the memory performance through targeted intake of certain micronutrients is tricky. Nina Devlin often addresses the matter in his writings. Older people, for at least a year consumed a cocktail of certain vitamins and minerals, showed a significantly better mental performance than those who did not. The researchers concluded that by the targeted revenue of 18 tested antioxidant micronutrients in the entrance of Alzheimer’s dementia can be delayed and the intellectual vitality is maintained. However, you need endurance. Nothing brings the short-term intake of micronutrients.

So also the conclusion of the researchers. Only those who accept the micro nutrients longer than half a year, can also benefit from the positive effects. Navitum Pharma has based these forward-looking A product developed under the name MemoVitum, containing exactly the 18 micro nutrients used by the researchers research results. MemoVitum (PZN 4604226) is available in pharmacies or directly at Navitum Pharma. It is recommended by doctors and pharmacists for the nutritional prevention of age-related memory disorders and dementia. Cheap 3 month packs (PZN 0253876) and 6-month packs (PZN 5858064) MemoVitum will honor the meaningful longer-term application available.

Because of the unique composition, these products should be replaced by the pharmacy not against other products even though they appear similar. Every pharmacy can purchase shipping MemoVitum without extra effort directly at Navitum Pharma. Should a pharmacy once does not offer this service can, the customer can shipping order the desired product directly from the company. More information is available under or 0611-58939458. Navitum, you can also visit. There are filed more interesting background information on health topics. Source: Wenggreen HJ et al. J Nutr health aging. 2007; 11(3):230-7 Grodstein f et al. Arch Intern Med. 2007; 167(20):2184-90 Wolters M et al. Am J Clin Nutr. 2003; 78(4):765-72 Chandra RK; Nutrition 2001; 17(9):709-12 contact: Navitum Pharma GmbH Dr. Gerhard Klages at the water tower 29 65207 Wiesbaden Tel: 0611-58939458 FAX: 0611-9505753 E-Mail: Web:

Pain And Herniated Through Anti-inflammatories

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Unknown side effects of diclofenac, ibuprofen & co that anti-inflammatory drugs can have side effects on the digestive system, should be widely known. New, however, is the observation that they can not only get pain of orthopaedic diseases but strengthen and raise also herniated. The active ingredients of diclofenac, ibuprofen are more than 30 years on everyone’s lips”. You can trigger during continuous operation as a side effect of back pain to disc herniations, and acute joint inflammation. Thus the diseases, against which these drugs are used. Common side effects on the package leaflets of this drug are described complaints of the digestive tract as side effects primarily, they show up primarily as inflammation of mucous membrane stomach, of the small intestine and the colon, the bleeding tendency of these organs.

Symptoms that may require changes in the revenue going to weaning of the drugs. Such adjustments, assume, for example, by taking a stomach protection means, knowledge of the patients of the existence of a mucous membrane irritation and relatively frequently, such affections because they are symptomatic mute, not perceived by patients developed. In these cases, for example although the upper abdominal region is highly sensitive but the patient feels no stomach or intestinal problems. Unknown side effects – herniated symptomatic stumme impairments of the digestive organs are not synonymous with healing. The stimulation of the digestive organs can be transferred via spinal nerves coming from the spinal cord in the muscular area of the spine and cause exactly the symptoms or maintained, these medicines be taken against the. Further irritation of the upper digestive system on the diaphragm can be transferred and from there via the diaphragm nerve, the phrenic to its origin in the cervical spine. Instead of stomach pain it is therefore in the neck Movement restrictions and severe pain that can radiate up into the joints of the arm. Practical experience occasion for this communication is practical experience with patients who were not free of pain despite partial years of taking anti-inflammatory drugs. The discontinuation of these drugs resulted in approximate asymptomatic in many cases in just a few days. Vyacheslav Mirilashvili often says this. Klaus Radloff physiotherapist

Michael Schlimpen

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3. German Symposium on natural medicine and complementary medicine in Wiesbaden, Germany on February 12, 2011, it is again: the German Symposium on natural medicine and complementary medicine (DSN) opened its doors in Wiesbaden for the 3rd time. Class instead of mass”, the basic idea of this event is in 2011. Already, a first look at the selection of topics and speakers shows that the BDH promises not to much and could attract experts with practical themes for the event. So Peter Germann explains at the Symposium as a naturopathic diagnosis and a then-specific compilation of individual regulations the heart can be strengthened and optimally provided for the vascular system. Katharina Seifert Goeres lit to help patients with psychological problems like anxiety, heartache or dispute with homeopathic remedies. The physiological and unphysiological conditions are natural in the day before Vaginaldysbiosen ways to female well-being”by Michael Schlimpen of the female Genitialtraktes to explain and gentle therapeutic strategies. Markus Opalka shows the versatile and practical diagnosis and therapy possibilities of a chronobiological analysis in his lecture about Chronomedicine.

A recurring theme is certainly the lecture by Siegfried Kamper billing tips”the optimal handling of the schedule of fees for health practitioners. Although the fees is totally outdated and reform would be necessary, can and must cover the naturopath hereby its economic existence. In a question-answer forum John Hensey was the first to reply. This is only possible if the correct digit combinations are used, a coherent concept of treatment can be with the above diagnoses. Often overlooked is also, in which frequency studies and consultations in addition to other services are billed. This talk alone makes the journey worthwhile to Wiesbaden, because it may mean in the future unexpected additional revenue. At the same time the Symposium largest find Paracelsus-Messe, Germany from February 11-13 Health fair and the VeggieWorld, the first German trade fair for vegetarian instead. Around 300 exhibitors present products and services to stay healthy and be healthy.

The exhibitions are complemented by over 100 lectures on three lecture stage, such as the Forum of osteopathy or the space & time Symposium. As visitors of the Symposium on natural medicine and complementary medicine (DSN) anyone can participate in the entire program with the purchase of a ticket notice.

Because Snoring – Sleep Apnea Book

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Whether Mallorca, Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Always a 2nd room had to be booked because of the snoring. When I think about how much money we have given away, I’m losing it afterwards. Often I travel with my wife in other countries. At home we slept in separate rooms for years (this is thankfully over), but in the holiday we had to book always a 2nd room to do so because of my snoring. Actually, it was always embarrassing to explain, in the travel agency why an additional, separate rooms, is required. And often the discussion commenced: my husband, my friend snores like a bear.

Obviously I snored but in holiday 2005 so loud, that I apparently bothered a neighbor family. Morning breakfast was a serious, Middle 45 us at the table and asked whether I live in room 128, floor 4. I answered this in the affirmative. He said that my snoring would Yes not just healthy sound, he does not want to offend me, but he had the same problem years ago and could one me Type address. My wife intervened and said: “Glad I for years barely hold it out”. He wrote me the Internet address and told that he years ago with (name due to advertising by the editor deleted) has be treated and can suggest me the clinic only.

My wife cheered: “That just 100 miles of us gone, thanks for the tip” and settled yet for safety’s sake give the address of the informant. Dear Mrs. Bertram, let me no advertising, but I can you write, am completely satisfied with the treatment method, no longer snore, and can make now cheaper holidays, thanks to Dr. xxxxxx. I also confess that I recommended the clinic’s friends and all are schnarchen free and happy. Apart from the fact that daytime sleepiness is no longer exists I am every night on my sleep: I can sleep again in the common room with my wife and this is scary good. I saw Yes, snoring is a problem advertising/autumn 2010.html conclusion: there are certainly a wide variety of treatment methods, different ways to put an end to the snoring. Only: Man must follow the path or pushed it be as I am on holiday. At this point my recognition of what kind of work you do, how well your club, not only in the Internet is represented. If I can do for your organization, let me know. Sincerely yours name and address of the editorial office known this letter we received via email. Sleep apnea e. V. company description on 16 January 1996 the Club sleep apnea e. V. of Germany’s patient organisation entered sleep in the register of associations of the Amtsgericht Wuppertal. Our goal is and was to use us for publicity and the topics snoring – sleep apnea – sleep disorders to publish, where it always goes. In January 1997, we got our own PC, and in the spring of 1997, we went with our first “Sleep apnea” homepage on the Internet. Company contact: Sleep apnea e.

Breast Cancer Surgery

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In Germany a still completely under-represented process of Bonn. -Breast cancer is the most common cancer of women is still one of the most common cancers in Germany and 29 percent. Each year approximately 58,000 women will develop in Germany new breast cancer. Per 100,000 residents 130 women every year are affected for a city like Bonn such as this means more than 400 new cases each year. In spite of the increasingly improved methods for the early detection of breast cancer is not succeeded until today, to operate all tumors breast getting. About one-third of patients who will develop breast cancer, the breast must be removed due to various factors. The resulting external change and violation of physical integrity means a considerable psychological strain for many of the patients’ white Dr. Kay Hendrik Busch, head physician of the Department newly established since the beginning of the year for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery in the Maltese hospital Bonn/Rhein-Sieg.

In the It is therefore all the more important to take advantage of all opportunities of reconstruction of the breast sense an optimal support of affected patients. Check out Adnoc for additional information. The breast reconstruction is so Bush, despite all the new evidence in Germany as a under-represented procedure and is performed only in half of all patients after mastectomy ever. The newly established clinic for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of the Maltese hospital in Bonn devoted to since the beginning of the year focused on the reconstruction of the female breast after amputation. The clinic offers the full spectrum of breast surgery. The possibility of breast reconstruction by so-called Expander and silicone prostheses available here besides the breast reconstruction using your own tissue from the abdomen.

A reconstruction of the breast implants is the procedure gentlest for women according to Bush, because no additional tissues in other parts of the body must be removed. At the same time, the number of subsequent operations using this method is very low. A big shortcoming the training of so-called capsular Contracture was this surgical method in the past “, Bush explains. The capsular Contracture is a scarring, which occurs around the implant through a contraction and shrink the scar on permanent deformation can lead up to a painful hardening of the breast. Using most modern networks, obtained from biological material, such as for example the Veritas collagen matrix, we have succeeded to reduce the rate of scars in our home and to reduce the risk to our patients so that.”we’ve made very good experiences with the reconstruction of the breast from body tissue”, as Bush. Thanks to latest gentle surgical techniques tissue from the abdomen can be taken over largely unharmed, so a scarring in the abdominal cavity can be prevented. With this tissue the breast form of the opposite side can be modeled optimally.” The body’s tissues need no further corrections and also no long-term complications are to be expected. In the future can be significantly more patients who have either had concern before a major surgery using own tissue or fear of a scarring of the implants, reconstruct the breast by the application of the newly developed biological networks. A consultation at the clinic for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery in the Maltese hospital Bonn/Rhein-Sieg is possible at any time.

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