Pre-installed on it Windows xp Home Edition. Loaded pretty quickly. Also there is a tool from Asus: Update bios, Microsoft Works, Skype, StarOffice, a program to manage your webcam, for mode devices (maximum impact, good performance, mode long battery life). Hours. Maximum duration of the netbook battery life can be achieved, if not to include Wifi, Bluetooth, webcam, and they are great to drain the battery, and to print the text is not at maximum screen brightness. Model Asus Eee pc 1000 has left a very good impression, the quality of Asus, smartly running pretty strong battery, typing on it is convenient, well, watch movies or play at all remarkable, the only drawback, it is already noted above, the location of the right Shift.

If you take all the models and select all the advantages and disadvantages, then we obtain the following picture. A total of netbooks following manufacturers: Asus, Acer, Msi, Lenovo, Hewlet-Packard, Dell, Gygadite, RoverBook, Samsung, Toshiba. Appeared News that Russia will be delivered netbook from BenQ. The most famous notebooks – it's Asus Eee pc, Acer Aspire, Samsung nc. Last year, Acer has surpassed its main competitor Asus. It is worth saying that originally only released netbooks Asus – it's their development. Recently, the Asus has filed a Court Psion. Economic Cycles Research Institute follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. If anyone remembers, in the late 90's was a manufacturer of PDAs, they say, it's their word. But, you know, no easy money on the money and the desire to shine does not pass more than one event.