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Moscow Furniture Factory

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Some time ago, just before last week, in the pages of the blog on LiveJournal, we are manufacturers of exclusive furniture from Moscow "Moscow factory authentic furniture Marco Mobili ', announced the beginning of the video was shot travel round the shops of our factories. Movie was filmed in all manufacturing, engineering and administrative offices of the Moscow furniture factory 'Marco Mobili' Italian interactive web agency VERGANI E GASCO previously working on our site. Classical furniture of Italian masters at all times been a clear indicator of the current of life, a sign of excellent taste and the highest culture. Classic examples of such furniture was Made in Italy. Throughout the year before last the XIX and the beginning of the past, the twentieth-century Italian furniture professionals created exclusively for their client, taking one's attention to various aspects, until body customer. In our time a great demand on the Italian classic furniture turned exclusivity in the flow-line production. You have always been very interesting, as we that are in the heart of Moscow, far from Italy, Milan and Turin, we are able to produce with the same Italian quality exclusive furniture: kitchens, classrooms, libraries, living rooms, stairs and doors? Then welcome to our site, namely in the video section tour, and you see as Moscow's furniture factory Marco Mobili our best artists are made for you a classic custom-made furniture based on sketches of architects! By visiting this small but fascinating video tour of our factory authentic furniture, you're familiar with the location of shops, visit the Design and design department, visit the woodwork and the purchasing and assembly halls, will see as the best specialists of the Moscow factory authentic furniture Marco Mobili manually do the finishing and many other things that were previously hidden from you at our gates …

Sliding Doors

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With the automatic sliding doors can be found in any supermarket, department stores, some office buildings. Sliding Doors – convenience for visitors and prestige for any company. Sliding doors are a sheet of special profile, which opens a doorway in the motion. There are several types of sliding doors – single, double, telescopic, cylindrical. More popular folding sliding doors. Automatic sliding doors are superficially attractive, reliable and safe to use, functional. It now seems quite possible to choose the type of leaf, color, finishing coatings sliding doors. In addition, there are other important advantage of sliding doors – they allow you to save space.

In the manufacture of doors used materials such as laminated with aluminum, glass, plastic. Of particular interest is the realization of all ideas of the customer on individual projects based on the technical and decorative features space, where will be installed sliding door. Fashion trend is the production of elite sliding doors for private homes and apartments. Value for money – quality fade into the background, the most important – the space of your home will change, appears unusual effect due to the bold design decision. If you prefer the classic style, it is better to opt for sliding doors, made from natural wood. A sliding doors of the modern plastics can give, for example, your office a practical modernist style. Sliding doors can serve you for decades, if we turn to the issue of manufacturing and installation of company with a lot of baggage of experience. Thus, the automatic sliding doors are an integral part of a major shopping center with a large flow of visitors, and ordinary apartment. Learn more about sliding door …