What is Spirituality? Spirituality is beyond the known, is beyond what is on the outside, spirituality is inside every human being, interior or esotericism. Spirituality is a deep desire to connect with our Spirit, that is to feel and reach our Deep Inner Being. The Human Being usually follows a path, the path that leads him to play small study of adolescent, adult work, marry and have children, to have a house best, have a good car, money, finishing work at a high age and retire, so you can enjoy life until the end, to physical death. This path is followed by a large percentage of people. This path can be called horizontal path or road of development of personality, has or may have in the middle, joy, pleasure, misadventures and misfortunes, deaths, sorrows, … is clearly the book of fate with which we come this physical life, and of course, you end up with death physics. The spiritual path, the path to our inner being able to call vertical path is the way forward with our soul, is the way we have to plow to move up our level of Being, is this path that can make us see and modify horizontal part of the way, part of our destiny in the physical life is the way to the happiness of the soul is the path we have come to work here and now.

The vertical path is the path which has an impact beyond the death because we can gain eternal life, but spiritual. Keep in mind that the two roads, the horizontal and vertical are always there for us to do, and obviously we all do the horizontal, as we are reading these lines, which makes us be alive, but the vertical path , who is always there to take it do we? Are we following? Reading these lines may be in the vertical way, all depend on the state with which we read. If we leave the horizontal way, we can never enter the vertical, Master says that both roads are cross constantemtne us. Well, despite that both roads are here and now in every moment of our lives, you can not walk two paths at once. Depending on our internal state will be in one or the otro.Por example, for a while we may be in the vertical way we are in a rigorous self-observation, but after a time we can go back to the road because we have identified horizontal or just we have forgotten ourselves.

We are in one way or the other, depends only on the inner state, that is if we are located in the consciousness or ego. We can take that vertical path, this spiritual path, of course without ever leaving the landscape all the way, because both are there to follow. The important thing is be aware and know that there are vertical way and that is our decision if we want to take or not.