Counter-Strike in Russian translated as Counterstrike. This series of team games, the game is carried out in the first person at the present time there are many series of the game-Counter-Strike 1.6 (multiplayer), Counter Strike: Condition Zero (multiplayer with single task), Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes (Single player), Counter-Strike: Source. This game is still relatively long, but already a very long period of time is popular. Playing multiplayer, it has the support of online gaming, as well as singles with bots. But it's worth noted that the development of technology and technical process, made the game less popular. Since at present has a lot of new, more modern and powerful computers that could allow a user to play in better games in which graphics are much more interesting than in Counter-Strike. Many players have become so accustomed to the gameplay that simply can not indulge in the game, but it became more popular Counter-Strike: Source. Game, really fascinating and interesting, the game is the main essence of the confrontation between the two teams, Terrorists (Terrorist team, T), as well as Counter-Terrorists (Counter-Terrorist team, CT).

Game server allows you to choose the group for which you game, in addition, you can be just an observer (Spectator). The aim of the game is to perform tasks on a map or complete destruction of the enemy. Weapons and ammunition are purchased for money, the player receives in the process assignments. The team, which is considered the loser gets the same reward, but much less than the winners.