The increase of the process control through the normalization of the work methods. Improvement in the attention and service to the client. Optimization of the circulation of internal information with clients and suppliers. Improvement of the processes; greater flexibility according to the needs of the company. Integration of enterprise processes. The systems of Workflow or job stream (BPMS Business Process Management Systems) not only approach people, processes and technology, saving time and increasing the productivity, but also that facilitate the automatization of the job streams between processes, integrating them in the company according to certain strategies.

*Ejemplo of electronic Management of expedientes* an important company of insurances with soothes in Valencia resorts to this system at the time of making agile the proceedings of management of the files of their personnel. With time, the department of Human Resources of this company is accumulated numerous and diverse documentation about its employees (labor contracts, losses, information of labor yield of the employees, labor climate, evolution of the performance ) and wants to manage this information agilely. First of all, it transforms all the documentation that it has in paper to digital format, captures by means of technology OCR all the necessary information of the files it turns and it to a format common able to be read and included by other programs and systems of the company, with the purpose of to make agile the proceedings demanded in each case. For example; if we needed to realise a labor report of a concrete employee of who we needed to recover different documentation it defines that it: its effectiveness and productivity, its assertiveness, its ability to work in group, its yield, its attitude before certain works a correct policy of Human Resources requires of a good file of the files of labor life, properly documented, updated and controlled. It has diverse Solutions for the Electronic Management of Files and documents in the market. The selection not always is easy, is accustomed to can affect processes of business already established, for this reason, him election of a solution that adapts to its needs is essential. Original author and source of the article