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Atlantis in Uruguay is born there per 1911 when families chose the zone to be their residences of weekend, attracted by its ample white sand beaches bordered of elegant pines and acacias, and magnificent sun puttings; but it is just as of 1939 when one accelerates his progress and growth. When extending itself the metropolitan zone of Montevideo, Atlantis, received an interesting contribution of permanent residents, which brought to him prepared an increase of its supply of services as much public as prevailed Today Atlantis has kilometers of beaches with fine sands and urban surroundings with one varied commercial, cultural, rural and ecological supply, to which it adds the amiable receptivity and amiability of his people, that are united to make of the city and their beaches an intelligent option for veraneantes, tourists and hikers. The beaches are two: Brave and the Bellwether; in front of the rocky end separates that them the Small barren island emerges from the Sirens. Bordered spas of beautiful pine groves, eucalyptus, acacias conform a natural environment with the added value that to him careful services of hotel profession, lodging, restoration and entertainment confer. Attractive the tourist ones that this spa presents/displays are among others: the parish of Working Christ, with its particular architecture, work of Eladio Dieste. The zoological one that owns an ample native and exotic animal collection. The place of the Founders, the casino, the Expo amphitheatre, the Sun Clock, the Monument to the mother, the club of fishing, etc. Attractive the most peculiar one of all Atlantis is without doubt the well-known stone construction like ” The guila” and that outside constructed by Natalio Michellizzi, a well-off Italian, resident trader in Buenos Aires.

Call originally ” The Quimera” that construction was realised by Michellizzi without aid on the brink of madness a cliff, as artisan way and served like place of meetings. When dying the trader, their gardens are left and begin to circulate different urban legend approaches east refuge, from observatory for Nazi spies, center of energy cosmic, among others legend. Atlantis in Uruguay is today an interesting option for new real estate investments and emprendimientos with one conception newer of the tourism and the receptivity, that are investments of people of outside: sometimes people only from Montevideo, but also of foreigners, in particular European, which in the beauties of the places and their proximity to the rich services of the capital find motivations to settle semi-permanently, abriendo businesses not to remain idle. Atlantis in Uruguay is a place invites to know its history, its culture, and to cross its rustic, natural landscape, its fauna, its flora, where sensations of harmony and peace are mixed. Material contributed by of Tupungato Apart Hotel Original author and source of the article.