4. It is homeostatic. This is like what called cause and effect that can have an action that causes us to do something and there is an effect that makes us that we contrarrestemos the provocative action. It is the process of maintaining internal physiological balance 6. Motivational cycle: The momentum of human needs is always present, and to be repetitive has a motivational cycle. Davidoff (1979) in his book describes the stages of the cycle of motivation as follows: 1.

stimulus: is what makes that we have a need that satisfy. 2. Need: it is what we want to satisfy and causes us to be in a State of excitement or impatience. 3 State of tension: is what causes us to act with a behavior or reaction to the need. 4 Behavior: when activated by the tension it reacts to satisfy the need.

5. Satisfaction: having air-drying process the need to establishing a State (homeostasis) liability where it is then is waiting for a new stimulus. 6 After the satisfaction people within an environment of work or completion of a task can become a sense of self-realization: that is the full result rarely times reaches directed impulse internally of the human being to grow, improve and maximize their potential Lahey (1999, p. 428) before the development of motivation as science, the traditional model, was said to how to motivate people who worked through a complex wage system, to higher production, greater utility, the main interest was then economic, developing a human species, Homo Economicus. In my point of view economic obtaining is the result of a mechanical action, more motivation is an emotional factor is committed where the minimal intellect. 7 Types of motivation when people are involved in competitive situations, fires a psychological need to succeed, this is the case of the realitys, where despite being a game, presents also a challenge; or group dynamics that involve a game, we tend to want to always win others, why the saying play for participating is not applicable to real life that human instinct has made us the feeling of wanting to be the best in all and more demonstrating our capabilities.