I mean, well frequented professional forum. In the future, you can try to achieve greater popularity than the author, in someone's thread, for short lines and longer survive in the lead. I mean, that branch of good attendance and being on a high professional level. If this is you have not once turned out, you can begin to self-employment. Need to understand the success with this method of income depends on your recognition and respect for people. From the outset, all of your activities should be directed to implement this goal. It is not easy. The level of development Your portal is determined by such factors.

Popularity ratings, that is, the presence of your life in one of the first three pages, recognized by rating search engines such as Google, Rambler, Yandex. Your visit creation will not be less than 1000 people a month. The constant presence of professionals. The emergence of fans that support and protect you. This is the national recognition of your activity. We can now proceed to the second stage development. Put on some material of interest to people at the races and password via sms provider will receive a percentage. You can make dopisku "additional information via email and telephone." This will be your first money earned in a network with your brains and labor. But relaxing is not necessary, it is necessary that the theme has always been relevant and interesting, people are constantly being added, so that work continues. Yes, this is not the type of income to which we should aspire to.