The Death of a poet died May 17 in Montevideo the writer Mario Benedetti. Impressive novelist's "The Truce" – author of countless short stories, most notably be remembered as a poet, a sensitive poet, direct, clear. It is often said on these occasions, a topical and perhaps somewhat corny, that the best tribute that can be offered to a writer who is dying to read it, but it is absolutely true in this case, clear that in the case of Benedetti, in addition to returning to your pages of excellent literary quality, we must remember his humanity, his commitment to people, to people, its simplicity. May fall into another topic and a requested anything kitsch, but we believe that we could not ignore him also remember someone close, someone you talked about literature but also of life, or literature used to talk about life, the end of the day is the stuff that feeds this. Mario Benedetti was also for many of us an introducer to literature, one of those authors who read when you look out the window of the letters and lets you enjoy the reading, a prelude to writing, makes sense as real as any other necessity of life, which is not just a hobby, something that you hold outside life, a mere complement to the serious things, but that literature is life, and it is in a rage, essential, absolute, in the end it just as necessary as air because literature and life are not things that we can not separated. Also participated, even if unintentionally, the formation of a generation of authors that allowed Latin American literature became part of the global literary scene.

We believe that a literary work does not depend on his reputation or his sales success to be considered a work of quality, as I said Antonio Machado, the foolish confuse value and price, "but it is also true that the literature needs of readers, the private and intimate act of reading and writing becomes a social group or through reading, which also allows us to know the other, both individually and collectively. Benedetti's work allowed his country, Uruguay, along with Latin America and thanks also to other writers, ceased to be for millions of people around the world a mere exotic landscape and it became an indispensable part of world culture, an expression of a single civilization, the human. So here remember Mario Benedetti and invite readers who have not read it already know who have read it, reread it. I leave you with your life, your work your people with your sunsets and your sunrises. (Chau number three)