Settlement Department

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Setting up regulated constants in the calculation of the average wage in the cases stipulated by law, the value of the minimum wage in force on moment of the average wage. On the editing form system-wide information (System Preferences -> System-wide information) the user with appropriate access rights allowed to enter regulated by the constants involved in payroll, and track the dynamics of their changes. To enter these constants is the tab "Installed money," said the edit form. Expedia will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This tab is divided into a number of internal tabs, each of which corresponds to its regulated constant. To enter the sum of the minimum wage and the date of commencement of its action is the sum of the edit form minimum wage, called from inside a bookmark "minimum wage". Formation of accounting registers for typical average salaries for proper formation of the type of average salary must be properly form registers account for calculating the average wage: 1. For each sample a salary register with the category of "Calculation of the average wage." To do this, the tab "Register account" form view algorithm Payroll (Settlement Department -> Algorithms payroll) to add registers with this category of use. 2. Each register records must be classified as those kinds of charges, which are involved in the calculation typical of the average salary of the register records. To read more click here: Restaurant Michael Schwartz. Assignment to a particular type of calculation is taking into account the register a note of this type of calculation in the table with a certain sign of reentrant entry into the specified register accounting.

Company Development

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BUT … One of the advantages of having the software the previous generation, is that the transition to a new platform in the Company formalize the main business processes and as a consequence, there is a change in understanding the needs of a typical configuration, in accordance with individual companies. In this case, in our opinion, interesting and useful in As a solution to consider – 1C: 8, because it is more amenable to modification / upgrades and has a number of features already incorporated in the standard configuration. If … in the long term requirements of the Company to modify the software software formed in accordance with changing business processes of the firm. . Ie further automation of the Company does not require significant time and cost (including the systematic recourse to Development company) and is a standard procedure …

If in the course of development of the Company and there were requirements related to performance optimization software, and user-friendly interface. Ie "Old" software can not meet the needs of companies in terms of speed and performance at this stage, by virtue of any restrictions. If … there is a need to obtain certain analytical information (reports of additional sections without changing the structure of the data). Ie standard laid down by the developer reports are not sufficient to ensure the monitoring and analysis of the Company, and accordingly the decision-making. In the first approximation we considered the most basic aspects that need attention, making a decision about the choice of software.