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Social Service

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The social assistant in its performance next to the agricultural communities is called to be an agent of social transformation in the execution of its activities that are on to the financed public politics with public and disponibilizadas resources for the population of the field, and, moreover, is a contribuidor in regards to the empoderamento of that they are attended, being able to point possibilities that come to contribute less for the improvement of the quality of life of the classrooms favored and to eradicate the agricultural exodus that provokes a disordered growth of the cities increasing the index of violence and marginality. To point out the quarrel on the paper of the social assistant front to the action of the State in the relation with the society, Matos (2010, P. 42) affirms that: The relation that the profession kept with the State in all the times is dynamic and antagonistic in the measure where the Social Service, while agent of the field of the assistance, searchs its emancipation front to the State, fighting for the control of the production and legitimation of the produced goods, what it goes to determine one subordinated position less and of greater I sanction and to be able of the Social Service. Over all, the public politics (LOAS, ITS, among others existing) that they are come back to the agricultural zone more need a comment and a look profcuo that can provide the matureness of the paper of these in the improvement of the quality of life, by means of prxis decentralizing that come to make with that each individual if recognizes as true citizens and social actors. John Grayken often says this. According to CTTC (apud LICHA, 1999), the social management of programs and projects if consolidates recently while a field to interdisciplinar and intersetorial of practical directed toward the magnifying of the effectiveness and the legitimacy of the public politics. .

Virtual Action

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It does not have nothing empolgante of what good games of action. Players is with the emotions the flower of the skin wanting always more and more action. , Through films, also seriados and novels, we can get these adrenalin sensations, but he is through the action games online that we will have the possible experience most real. Are millions of games spread for web for the main sites of games online. In them you find games of action with qualities and impressive graphs, what she makes with that using we, let us can almost that to immerge into the games. Games as 007, Impossible Mission and other games in first person in them very take the alucinantes adventures that empolgam in them and, for the fact to pass or even to witness situations equivalents in the real life. Further details can be found at Senator from Maine, an internet resource. It is clearly that the violent games are many times considered villainous for, according to some people, to insinuate the violence between the people. These same that they also make such hint believe that some games of action as Counter Strike can yes have relation with great slaughters with the one of the Royal School, for example. At last, the games of action in contrast of what many people think, only tend amusing in them, since it is more than necessary the discernment of the real life and ' ' life virtual' '. We do not have to use the same violent acts of the games in our real life. Thus in reciprocal harmony, we will be able to continue living ours ' ' dupla' ' life with much action and emotion, and certainty, this does not make badly to nobody.