Harmonious Care

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Mey Zamora had to choose between his profession and the care of your family when the children made their appearance. Mother of four children, opted for the home as a primary choice of life, but took his experience to give professional literary advice on this matter, fruit of which shone: help! I was me. Also married to a journalist, Mey outlines this book as a reference manual on his domestic experience because the House is a company in which each has his work and that, living order, furnish the head of our children, ensures. Jonah Bloom may not feel the same. For Mey, the best gift we can give to our Shanks is to learn to arrange for themselves when they become independent and are aware that, after the initial joy, they will have more responsibilities and more work. Home to true home to get a home become home, the expert emphasizes: our House is not a Museum, but a space where you live, by the objects should use but also take care of since the more the cuidas, duran you and most are in better condition for use, and adds: in the House you have to invest time, effort and desire. Similarly, for Mey furniture form an important part of our lives and it must be selected according to our tastes and needs, but taking into account to provide us the existence, since a home is our reference point, from where parts every day and where return to take refuge. For more information see Expedia. This book, in the opinion of the author, does not attempt to promote independence, but help young people in their future emancipation, as a model to follow and Mey has used very close and independent young people first-hand testimonies to know what were their initial problems. With a gestation period of nine months, as if it were his fifth son, Mey vindicates the voluntary role of housewife, without being so excluded from society and puts special emphasis on the idea that a House becomes a home when there are already experiences and I help assemble a House to build a home with love and care. .

The Reconstruction

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I don’t want to dwell on the topic of the SHOA, Onemi or satellite phones as it is just redundancy. Pinera until 48 hours before taking command has not demonstrated any concrete action except to say that it will continue and will give priority to action aid and reconstruction, there is however some doubts among citizens about the certainties and uncertainties you surrounded the future President, in terms of how to be accurate in taking urgent measures. Cadastre of priorities is currently the main problem of the representative, is exactly what happened to us to all who live in the quake in our homes when deciding where to start cleaning, pick up or change thing undone. The insistence on keeping representatives of the former Government, is a tremendously disturbing signal about the certainties that the representative, has in terms of how face the problem of reconstruction. In economic matters it is true that the reconstruction will generate a dynamism that It will have significant impact on the economy of the country, on production and employment among other things. Reconstruction works are mainly made with hand of national work, national raw materials, etc. Therefore this dynamism that lies ahead is true. Fears about the financing of the reconstruction via debt or any other means will have effects on inflation, because it means money in the streets, on the exchange rate, on the value of money in general another relevant issue is the time for urgent measures to be taken, such as give basic coverages to the populations most affected, I am referring to housing, food education and employment, hours rotate against the new Government, responsive to the immediate needs of the population are the points in pro or against the survey efficiency and popularity of the new President, Ministers and politicians in this country, the best example of the blunder of the public authorities in this country live with transantiago.