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Another concept that gains space in the companies is of sustainable development, where the attitudes take in account the adjusted economic growth to the protection of the environment in the present time and for future generations, guaranteeing the support. Through one it searches carried through with 609 people by means of questionnaire for the pupils of 4 period of Management of Human resources of the Spei college, in companies who act in the area of services (34% of the interviewed ones), industry (23% of the interviewed ones), commerce (22% of the interviewed ones), other areas (18% of the interviewed ones) and in the third sector (3% of the interviewed ones) with intention to verify the information level that all the employees of the organization have regarding the ambient responsibility. 1) In relation the separation of the garbage and sending for recycling separate the garbage, 65% of the interviewed ones had answered that yes, 19% that and only 16% had not answered that to the times they separate the garbage. By the same author: Chevron Corp. 2) In relation the support with the control of copies printed and stimulating the reduction of same 48% of the interviewed ones had answered that controls the impressions, 26% had answered do not control and to the times excessively 26%. For company it is basic to value the paper in the society, thus having the project of ambient support. Goop understands that this is vital information.

Applicable in all the hierarchic levels and having to combine the maximum the corporative culture benefiting to all. It is not only enough to carry through the projects of ambient support, but yes to display its importance in it practises placing for society (internal and external) its offered action and possible benefits. Currently a more intense concern in relation to the ambient questions in such a way for the producers as for the consumers is verified. &#039 appears one in such a way; ' new paradigm of consumo' ' where the consumerism, wastefulness and the pregao finish substituted for the cooperation, magnifying right them, for a requirement of better quality of life and of a responsible and healthy consumption. They are these indications that allow to affirm the increasing social awareness in level of the environment.

Mobilizing Community

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A mobilized community of Puerto Aysen received Thursday afternoon to Southern Energy executives who, under the public participation process of the evaluation of the central EIA Cuervo River, presented the main aspects that, in his view, must have known citizenship. Throughout the exhibition, which was convened by the National Environment Commission, remained ensconced in a wing of the auditorium of the Government of Aysen a group of young people with placards and banners reading “Patagonia without dams”, “No more destructive projects “and” For a Chile without + dams, “along with some allusions to its main proponents.

On occasion there were several challenges to the project from the present, which for the coordinator of the Citizens Coalition Aysen Life Reserve, Peter Hartmann, who attended the activity, “is proof of that citizenship can not be bought Aysen these projects as well as have tried to understand the businesses through OFFER and perks of all kinds. ” The leader added that “participants will see the company made the incompleteness of their study, which did not include components of the project nor evaluated, all of which are crucial to the affected community. This includes the camp, the road into the river Tabo, the passage of vehicles, equipment needed in Puerto Aysen and Puerto Chacabuco, traffic on the fjord, the loss of Acantilada Bay resort. ” He concluded that “while the manager offered 12 MW of cheap energy, it made him see what this demagogic OFFER incoherent because they say that the line is another project, which would not be as fulfilling this commitment.”.

Central Europe

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The accumulation of Co2 and other gases naatmosfera holds back the solar radiation in the neighborhoods of the terrestrial surface, provoking heating of the planet. This can make with that the level of the sea, in next the 45 years, if raises the point to flood many emlitorais situated cities and deltas of rivers. Also it can cause enormous upheavals to the national and international produoagrcola and the commercial systems. Currently cadametro squared of the ground of the Central Europe is receiving more than one gram deenxofre per year. The destruction of the forest can cause located erosion, formation sedimentary dedepsitos, floodings and climatic alterations. The desertificao, the process for which the esemi-barren barren lands if become unproductive of the economic point of view, and large-scale odesflorestamento deecossistemas is also threats to the regional integrity. The desertificao involves complex interactions of sereshumanos, land and climate.

The destruction of the forests and other areas wastelands causaa extinguishing of vegetal and animal species and drastically reduces the diversidadegentica and ecosystems of the world. This process deprives the current generations efuturas of genetic material to perfect varieties of cultivos, becoming them less vulnerable the consuming provoked for the climate, to the plagues and sdoenas. The disappearance of species and subspecies, many of them still noestudadas by science, deprives us of important potential sources of remdiose industrial chemical products. Epartes of our cultural patrimony destroys beings of great beauty forever; empobrece the biosfera. All we run risks, rich and poor, as much for quese benefits of activities that attack the nature how much the ones that did not sebeneficiam of it. The search of a more viable future has only felt if houveresforos more vigorous withholds the development of the ways of destruction. Environment and development do not constitute desafiosseparados; they are inevitably linked. The development if mantmse the base of environmental resources if does not spoil; the environment cannot serprotegido if the growth does not take in account the consequences of the destruioambiental.