The fight is against high costs generated by this study, of the time invested in the then relevant, of mistrust generated in employees resulting from the fear of losing their jobs and of intimidation experienced by management because they feel that they are interfering in their administrative strategies and that these could be criticized by a foreign agent (OJ consultant) that does not have deep knowledge about the company. Achievements the main reference on the advantage of applying an OJ, is that a full study where seven phases, in which arises as a premise that an agent key within the organization is experiencing is account that this something is not functioning properly and feel the need to improve it. It is here when speaking of awareness about the reality of the company and where we they are carrying the failures. Secondly the hiring of the consultant of the OJ can be cumbersome, sometimes by lack of knowledge about these professionals or the inevitable feeling of mistrust that produces the idea of leaving the company in the hands of third parties. When you set the diagnosis that perhaps is the most essential part of the study – can arise accomplishments because here are detected faults and strengths the company that subsequently serve as elements of action and feedback. The success of an OJ lies not only in the consultant contracted but the ability that has the enterprise to collaborate with him and then carried out the process, the good will that has the Organization to change schemes and be upgraded to the new guidelines that do not pursue more than the efficient development of the company without major negative impact. Reference: Notes from the Chair.