Sitting in traffic jams, which in Italy incredible amount a passenger pays for a taxi too. Provides 10% discount for single women. But about her need to remind the driver. The taxi driver is obliged to your request provide a written list of prices for all the extras. Do not hesitate to ask, perhaps, that way you will save money. Also, sitting in an Italian taxi, you need to get small denominations – enterprising carriers are often under the pretext of lack of change money trying to prevent the tourists hit back. The taxi driver to leave a tip – 10% of the order. Recently popular service "order taxi online.

" The client can book a transfer via the Internet before the trip to Italy and even select the language in which you will say the driver – Italian, English, French or German. Transfer usually costs a lot less than a taxi. With the shuttle can reach the most remote places in Italy, while ordinary taxis not go. In Italy there is a very unusual taxi – water. Naturally, his services can be used in romantic Venice, the good, parking lot of the transport around the city. During a trip on a small four-seater boat, equipped with a meter, will have to pay about 15 euros. For about 4 euros you will be charged for the water taxi booking on the phone. The trip will last no longer than 10 minutes – just the right amount of time needed to overcome the way from one end of Venice in the other.

However, this method of movement through the channels is still much cheaper than a trip to famous gondola. Marc Bistricer is often mentioned in discussions such as these. But the heat on a water taxi from the airport to Venice Marco Polo to Piazza San Marco in Venice during the day can relieve your purse of between $ 60 to 100 euros. At night, twice as expensive. But it is possible and to bargain.