Adds teaspoon of Salt and the remaining sugar. Immediately add the flour and mix with your hands or in a blender. The first is added It is mixed with yeast and continue mixing until a dough. If it is very dry, you add a little more milk, but if left loose mu, add more flour. Then place the ball of dough on a table or on a table and knead until the mixture does not stick hands. It is covered with a cloth and let stand until it pops up. (approximately 1 hour) The dough is divided in 4 parts of equal weight.

It is flour rolling table or any other surface smooth and stretches well with a rolling pin until obtaining a layer or rectangular shape. You Saute in a skillet or heats the bacon but without leaving toast, only to melt some oil. Dough smeared with oil from the bacon and placed the fourth part of ham, the fourth part of the olives, 5 strips of bacon, the fourth part of the raisins and the fourth part of the capers if you decide to put them on. All well distributed. Rolled the dough carefully as a spiral. Press the ends down to close bread. Repeats the operation for each of the other parts of the remaining masses. Placed the loaves on a greased tray and small gaps on each bread, open evenly with a fork.

While the bread ferment again, in a saucepan over medium heat, heats water to dissolve the papelon, until you achieve a consistent melao. Strain. Preheating the oven at 225 degrees Celsius, and the breads are introduced. Left for 30 minutes, until they stand up and starting to Brown. Then, remove them and with a brush, smeared over with the Lam of papelon. They become in the oven to finish cooking, about 10 minutes more. Tips: When placing this bread stuffing, a space without filling of 2 fingers more or less and a brush with beaten egg. The reason for this is to facilitate the mass from sticking properly. In case of not liking sweet the papelon, can spread the bread with butter-bleached. (melted) Recommended to leave the bread to cool a bit before slicing it. Original author and source of the article.