Internet Message Boards

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Message boards appeared long before the advent of computers and the Internet in general and in particular, were, by and large, virtually the only way to disseminate information. It is true that in ancient times, large democratic way that is not used, being exclusively in the hands of the authorities: in Babylon knocked laws on stone pillars, in medieval England, royal decrees were posted on church doors. But with the passage Time has changed. A large wooden board on which anyone could post your ad for all to see or to find a proposal for the soul – that is, that for a long time to understand a message board. Second, electronic, the birth of boards can be called a BBS ('Bulletin Board Systems' – an electronic bulletin board), let this reincarnation and sufficiently far from the classical features of its prototype.

Ads on the Internet – a site that allows anyone person to place an ad on their pages. Most popular board determined, in large part by availability and ease of use. On the big Internet message boards attendance reaches many thousands of people a day, added daily by thousands of ads. To organize huge amounts of ads, they are usually divided into sections by topic: 'Sport', 'Household appliances', 'Property', 'Tourism' and so on. All boards can be divided into two main categories: moderated and unmoderated. In the latter case the board operates fully automatically and the visitor need only fill in the required form as it appears in the ad site and other visitors will be able to study it.

Times New Roman

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Excellent shows and drawing melkodetalizirovannyh scenes on full high-definition signal. Above all praise and realistic colors. Picture juicy, natural colors, and there is a picture of the alyapistosti that frequent in the low-budget monitors. Signal of low quality BenQ G2220HDA little cleaning, but I must say that the possibility of monitor graphic chip is still strongly limited, and completely ruined the video, it is likely to show an "as is". Monitor uniquely kinoteatralen and can advise those who would like to watch a movie with high quality and in full high definition. Office-test As the test content, we used a test program Nokia Monitor Test, office applications, video and computer games. The first showed excellent brightness and contrast settings on the table brightness & contrast All gradient strips were clearly marked, the boundaries between the brightness gradients are marked clearly, from 10% brightness and up to 90%. Table kegl showed a clear image of the font Times New Roman down to 4 pin.

This is a very good indicator, since the font with serifs and a rather difficult to display. Since the test program, we actually went to office suites, more precisely on the most difficult to monitor every text editor Word. Here, too, as Nokia Monitor Test program, we have included Times New Roman font and in stages, starting with 2 pin and tried to print the text above. The result was almost the same as for the test program – for optimal performance of minimally small as comfortable with the font Times New Roman font is the fourth. The result definitely be commended Monitor BenQ G2220HDA. He proved himself an excellent and office worker and an avid kinoteatralom and avid gamer. The lack of DVI connectors, and HDMI, not much impact on the image, and the use of adapters removed many of the problems with konnektirovaniem. It should be noted that this product is probably the most low-end solution for anyone who wants to have a renderer resolution Full HD, today. Especially as the quality of matrix and CPU monitor perfectly complement the resolution of its display.

Energy Audit: Key Aspects Types

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With the introduction of market relations in Russia was born on need and, as such services as third-party evaluation of the enterprise to identify opportunities to optimize activity. These estimates are produced in the economy and and environment and energy. Thus, we define the concept of 'energy audit'. The terms, key concepts and directions are indicated at the legislative level, in particular Article 10 of the Federal Law of April 3, 1996 28-FZ 'On Energy Savings ':' Energy surveys are conducted to assess the efficient use of energy resources and reduce costs for consumers in fuel and energy …'. In other words, an energy audit is a technical-economic survey of energy use within the organization to identify opportunities for cost reduction in consumable energy resources, as well as technological development, organizational and economic measures to help organizations save energy and material resources. The actual savings obtained in the process of identifying and eliminating energy loss, the use of more efficient schemes and processes, monitoring the effectiveness of energy use.

Thus, the energy audit has the following objectives: finding sources of energy loss, the establishment of measures to eliminate them, creating a system of energy saving and efficient consumption in the future. Depending on the amount of work carried out during the energy audit, allocate such of his species: 1. 'Quick energy audit' in result of which is assessment of the potential energy saving and energy saving recommendations, 2. 'Full primary energy audit' is carried out with a more detailed assessment of the potential energy savings, according to the results oprelelyaetsya program of energy conservation and energy Passport energy audit is more repetitive, pre-project, etc. So why is it important to do an energy audit? Statistics on this issue is this: when conducting energy audits of the primary developed program, which gives, as a rule, about 10% energy saving. In addition an energy audit seeks such goals as developing an independent assessment state energy, energy efficiency programs and to obtain lower costs for energy, improving energy security.

Proofreading Services

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New Page 1 Quite often the translation received requests to make edits to an already implemented by someone or transfer to assess the quality of the finished work. This kind of work is called "proofreading". Office Translation not particularly advertise this service. Although, given the increasingly popular means of machine translation, this direction seems very promising. Which may require verification of the translation? 1. The customer has already translated material, but for some reason wants to insure, for example, he was not sure of qualification of an interpreter.

So he wants an experienced graduate was conducted Expert analysis of the transfer to determine its quality. Or – is the desire to test the potential of the performer. And, perhaps, in the presence of a third party claim to the translated text of the same company – to determine the validity of such claims. 2. The customer wants to make adjustments to already existing text conversion. For example, there is a standard agreement of 10 pages, signed for delivery of goods with the French company X, which was translated version of which is available. Now you need to conclude (and translation) of exactly the same agreement, but with firm Y.

The difference in these two agreements (respectively, and transfers) will not be so essential to re-translate the entire document, paying the second time in the already performed work. What is the knowledge that is needed to place an order for proofreading? 1. To check the transfer rate of charging is the "price page transfer divided by 2. " For example, the cost of translation 5 pages will be equal to the cost of a 10-page text test. 2. Original text (from which the translation) can be written by hand, but a translation that should be check must be provided in an editable electronic format (PowerPoint, Word, Excel). Otherwise, the expert conducting the test, have an adjustable gain entirely new material, but it will be not just "check." Test Translation – this is a job where in comparison with the original text (the translation checked) does not vary more than 20-25% of the material. The fact that exceed these figures, it is considered a full translation and, accordingly charged. As the texts that have actually redraw, it is easier to transfer over. 3. If you want to see where and what changes were made rather to ask to check, using a mode of visual correction. Special challenges to the Executive that does not add or require any additional material costs, but made only upon request of the customer. 4. There is a transfer without checking the original (translated text deducted to avoid typos and errors, checking style, without checking with the source code) and with (singer compares the translation with the text of the original). 5. There are situations: a person brings a couple of pages Russian text and a dozen English. The problem – in this ten page somewhere just a translation provided by two, to find and verify. You can do it, but it will not check a couple of pages, and ten, as they all need read for the isolation of those who will meet the required two. In order to save time and money, provide better and original translation, corresponding to each other. 6. If you need documentation examination of his examination, it should be established in order to transfer work.

Classified Ads

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Reliable information, when the first bulletin board on the Internet – not, however, with very high probability we can assume that the light she saw at the dawn of the World Wide Web. Now there large number of similar online resources. The popularity of message boards is in its simplicity of use, accessibility and effectiveness. Each day adds thousands of new announcements and to users were more convenient to place and view ads, they are divided into groups, such as services, dating, work. All boards can be classified according to several criteria: – moderated / not moderated – paid / free.

In the case of not moderated boards, ads do not pass moderation, ie, manual check, they will appear on the site in just a few seconds after placement. But the biggest drawback of such boards is the lack of control fed ad that leads to a rapid cluttering the Internet resource. With moderation, your ad appears on the site only after a while, but it is a reasonable fee for the procedure and quality sorting by category. The very process of placing ads, often quite simple. You need only fill in some fields, which may include: name, telephone number and, of course, the text of the ad. Free and paid classifieds differ in that the latter charge for placing ads on the resource. Recently, the increasing popularity began to use message boards, which accompanied by a paper-based newspapers. Thus, by filing a notice in a newspaper – it is duplicated and the Internet resource. Easy to use, the huge number of ads that simply will not fit on the printed page, and the relevance of ads – that's what makes a message board chief aide in selling or buying a car, or looking for work personnel, rent or sell housing.

Internet Network

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Website development is a problem that many people face often enough in my life. Whom to trust a website and promote it on the Internet? How to make your site worthy of the position occupied in search engines and do not fall in the rankings? Many people believe that web design is a fairly easy process that can be completed in a few hours and will show the face of the company, and most importantly, creates a distinctive feature and will take a worthy position in the Internet. This is of course not! A good website does not create a day, a few days. As for the promotion of the Internet, this process takes from three to eight months and depends on several factors: the remoteness of the domain name, site content, quality promotion. We must not forget that the layout of the site only takes two to five days, not to mention the design of the site, filling his text information. Most companies that offer to create a website, and especially to promote a site per night, cheats, which is not worth dealing with. Some of these companies offer cheap websites that are written by ready-made templates, which the weight of the network and these sites will never be unique. Most of the templates that are represented in the network, second-class templates and do not represent the uniqueness and individuality.

The only templates that can be found on the internet with a good design is paid templates. But the charge pattern can also be found in other individuals engaged in purchasing patterns. From the foregoing it follows that, if really want to have a quality site that you will not find anywhere else in the network, you'll need to order a site from the creators of the site. You can not worry about what this site is already in the network. Of course we're talking about founder, who said of himself, made a name and have a large portfolio of their work. If we talk about how you can promote a site, we can say that the promotion of high-quality site in the unit involved people to achieve good results quickly and offer a guarantee on their work. If you really want to create a quality site and properly promote a site-please refer to the masters of his craft, and they will not take wait!

Spirit Horizontal

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What is Spirituality? Spirituality is beyond the known, is beyond what is on the outside, spirituality is inside every human being, interior or esotericism. Spirituality is a deep desire to connect with our Spirit, that is to feel and reach our Deep Inner Being. The Human Being usually follows a path, the path that leads him to play small study of adolescent, adult work, marry and have children, to have a house best, have a good car, money, finishing work at a high age and retire, so you can enjoy life until the end, to physical death. This path is followed by a large percentage of people. This path can be called horizontal path or road of development of personality, has or may have in the middle, joy, pleasure, misadventures and misfortunes, deaths, sorrows, … is clearly the book of fate with which we come this physical life, and of course, you end up with death physics. The spiritual path, the path to our inner being able to call vertical path is the way forward with our soul, is the way we have to plow to move up our level of Being, is this path that can make us see and modify horizontal part of the way, part of our destiny in the physical life is the way to the happiness of the soul is the path we have come to work here and now.

The vertical path is the path which has an impact beyond the death because we can gain eternal life, but spiritual. Keep in mind that the two roads, the horizontal and vertical are always there for us to do, and obviously we all do the horizontal, as we are reading these lines, which makes us be alive, but the vertical path , who is always there to take it do we? Are we following? Reading these lines may be in the vertical way, all depend on the state with which we read. If we leave the horizontal way, we can never enter the vertical, Master says that both roads are cross constantemtne us. Well, despite that both roads are here and now in every moment of our lives, you can not walk two paths at once. Depending on our internal state will be in one or the otro.Por example, for a while we may be in the vertical way we are in a rigorous self-observation, but after a time we can go back to the road because we have identified horizontal or just we have forgotten ourselves.

We are in one way or the other, depends only on the inner state, that is if we are located in the consciousness or ego. We can take that vertical path, this spiritual path, of course without ever leaving the landscape all the way, because both are there to follow. The important thing is be aware and know that there are vertical way and that is our decision if we want to take or not.

CounterStrike History

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Counter-Strike in Russian translated as Counterstrike. This series of team games, the game is carried out in the first person at the present time there are many series of the game-Counter-Strike 1.6 (multiplayer), Counter Strike: Condition Zero (multiplayer with single task), Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes (Single player), Counter-Strike: Source. This game is still relatively long, but already a very long period of time is popular. Playing multiplayer, it has the support of online gaming, as well as singles with bots. But it's worth noted that the development of technology and technical process, made the game less popular. Since at present has a lot of new, more modern and powerful computers that could allow a user to play in better games in which graphics are much more interesting than in Counter-Strike. Many players have become so accustomed to the gameplay that simply can not indulge in the game, but it became more popular Counter-Strike: Source. Game, really fascinating and interesting, the game is the main essence of the confrontation between the two teams, Terrorists (Terrorist team, T), as well as Counter-Terrorists (Counter-Terrorist team, CT).

Game server allows you to choose the group for which you game, in addition, you can be just an observer (Spectator). The aim of the game is to perform tasks on a map or complete destruction of the enemy. Weapons and ammunition are purchased for money, the player receives in the process assignments. The team, which is considered the loser gets the same reward, but much less than the winners.

Wedding Scenarios

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Wedding – is one of the most important events in the life of every human being. All participants of this event are planning to extremely carefully, so as to details such holiday does not exist. The most unusual problem assigned, of course, directly on the shoulders of the young. Table and do the invitations, organize capturing images of wedding dresses, wedding to think of scenarios – all this requires considerable time and money costs. Interest and take a large number of guests of different tastes, and quite different ages is not so easy, and every script of the wedding is a small masterpiece. Most likely, it would be better to call special person who will write the script for the wedding, do not leave anyone indifferent visitor and creative approaches the process. Guests begin to prepare for the wedding, as well as to each of the big holiday, from the receipt invitations, and many even earlier. To choose a wedding gift, purchase suitable clothes, which will be equally comfortable at the table, and during the dance, greetings to prepare for the wedding.

Through the current level of service, now you should not spend hours going to salons and shops in search of clothes: it is enough just to find the right page on the Internet, view photos or pictures of wedding dresses evening dresses, find the size and place your order. The big development projects purchased wedding congratulations. Find the exact and the right words to express my joy at the wedding close to you people, can not each. Suggestions for a wedding must be real and sincere, as it is – farewell to the unknown and a new life. It is unlikely that a husband and wife after many years of living together to remember those gifts that are presented them to the wedding guests, but the original words of congratulations wedding day will be a memory forever. If desired, your warm and kind wishes wedding can be designed as something original, for example, ordering a huge card, or writing them cream on the wedding cake. If the couple you are really expensive if you love them wholeheartedly and sincerely happy for them, congratulations with the wedding you always need special attention. Only in this case in their memory this holiday, when two men tied up his life to marry, actually remain as samoeprekrasnoe and vivid recollection.

Stock Exchanges

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In a situation of galloping prices, companies are able to increased selling prices more quickly than wasting labor costs and the consumer as accelerates the turnover of funds and reoriented on the cheap, locally produced foods. This makes a stable consumer market, and accordingly, production and labor market. Ie distortions will be removed from this artificial wealth of the population and form the conditions for productive economic development. This will cause the suppression of the economies of many foreign countries and the elimination of foreign competition. In many countries receive their own crisis, similar to the U.S..

Moreover, global liquidity will be, sterilized hyperinflationary pump America in conjunction with a controlled collapse of markets – in other words, a great part of large foreign capital will cease to exist. U.S. government will announce defaulted around noon, when all the Stock Exchanges still closed … People just do not have time to take their money. The next day, the Exchange will be opened and immediately collapse, while U.S.

banks to stop their work to end the diversion of money. The strongest impact occurs on such States like Russia, countries of the former Soviet Union and China – are the main custodians of dollars. In Russia, for example, large dollar reserves lie in the hands of citizens who naively think they can win on the difference dollar. In addition, it means the dollar is calculated for energy, which Russia exports. Today, even the payments on the Internet are carried out through the dollar.

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