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I mean, well frequented professional forum. In the future, you can try to achieve greater popularity than the author, in someone's thread, for short lines and longer survive in the lead. I mean, that branch of good attendance and being on a high professional level. If this is you have not once turned out, you can begin to self-employment. Need to understand the success with this method of income depends on your recognition and respect for people. From the outset, all of your activities should be directed to implement this goal. It is not easy. The level of development Your portal is determined by such factors.

Popularity ratings, that is, the presence of your life in one of the first three pages, recognized by rating search engines such as Google, Rambler, Yandex. Your visit creation will not be less than 1000 people a month. The constant presence of professionals. The emergence of fans that support and protect you. This is the national recognition of your activity. We can now proceed to the second stage development. Put on some material of interest to people at the races and password via sms provider will receive a percentage. You can make dopisku "additional information via email and telephone." This will be your first money earned in a network with your brains and labor. But relaxing is not necessary, it is necessary that the theme has always been relevant and interesting, people are constantly being added, so that work continues. Yes, this is not the type of income to which we should aspire to.

A Poets End

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The Death of a poet died May 17 in Montevideo the writer Mario Benedetti. Impressive novelist's "The Truce" – author of countless short stories, most notably be remembered as a poet, a sensitive poet, direct, clear. It is often said on these occasions, a topical and perhaps somewhat corny, that the best tribute that can be offered to a writer who is dying to read it, but it is absolutely true in this case, clear that in the case of Benedetti, in addition to returning to your pages of excellent literary quality, we must remember his humanity, his commitment to people, to people, its simplicity. May fall into another topic and a requested anything kitsch, but we believe that we could not ignore him also remember someone close, someone you talked about literature but also of life, or literature used to talk about life, the end of the day is the stuff that feeds this. Mario Benedetti was also for many of us an introducer to literature, one of those authors who read when you look out the window of the letters and lets you enjoy the reading, a prelude to writing, makes sense as real as any other necessity of life, which is not just a hobby, something that you hold outside life, a mere complement to the serious things, but that literature is life, and it is in a rage, essential, absolute, in the end it just as necessary as air because literature and life are not things that we can not separated. Also participated, even if unintentionally, the formation of a generation of authors that allowed Latin American literature became part of the global literary scene.

We believe that a literary work does not depend on his reputation or his sales success to be considered a work of quality, as I said Antonio Machado, the foolish confuse value and price, "but it is also true that the literature needs of readers, the private and intimate act of reading and writing becomes a social group or through reading, which also allows us to know the other, both individually and collectively. Benedetti's work allowed his country, Uruguay, along with Latin America and thanks also to other writers, ceased to be for millions of people around the world a mere exotic landscape and it became an indispensable part of world culture, an expression of a single civilization, the human. So here remember Mario Benedetti and invite readers who have not read it already know who have read it, reread it. I leave you with your life, your work your people with your sunsets and your sunrises. (Chau number three)

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Spanish Language Today

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Spanish is very common, as it may seem at first glance. Spanish is the mother not only for residents of Spain, but also for the citizens of eighteen countries in Latin America. It's such countries like Paraguay, Peru, Argentina, El Salvador, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Chile, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Uruguay, Venezuela. And in Spanish, spoken over 25 million residents of America, the Philippines, and as residents of some areas of North Africa. Thus, it turns out that Spanish is one of the most common Romance languages. According to estimates specialists, the number of people in the world, speaking in Spanish, has exceeded 420 million, these items were relevant at the very beginning of 21 century, perhaps the number of Spanish-speaking – much more. If analyze the origins of the emergence of Spanish, he, like other Romance languages which include French, Portuguese, Italian and other languages, was formed from the Latin language.

Latin to the Iberian Peninsula have made the Roman conquerors in the beginning of III century BC. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, there came the Germanic tribes, the invasion has made some changes to the Spanish language. Next peninsula conquered by the Arabs, in 718 , the population rose up the struggle for liberation and independence – then began to return the occupied lands, the establishment of the liberated territories of the so-called Christian Reconquista. Significant played a role in the Castile, the Castilian dialect, and therefore became the basis of Spanish literary language.

Bring your Friends Gifts From far Away Countries

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Famous Ulrich Zwingli – Pierre Edmond Boissier – Jean-Etienne Liotard – Ferdinand de Saussure – Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi – Niklaus Wirth – Jean Piaget – Roger Federer Language German, French, Italian, Reto-Romanic countries France> Germany> UK> Argentina> Italy> Chile> Uruguay> USA> Canada has long promised to talk to you and tastes of Swiss in obtaining a present on the occasion, and without. That'll do it today and Sublime … Switzerland. Country banks, watches, ski resorts and cheese. Sample order and prestige, prosperity, and prosperity, stability and extraordinary natural beauty.

And living in this beautiful country, people who appreciate it and love soul, and, of course, piously revered traditions of their ancestors. Spring is around the corner. According to ancient legend, the pores of flowering onset in Switzerland is only possible with a good frame of mind the special witch. It is with the first rays of the sun 1 March in a hurry for a date with the devil himself, in a place designated Blokulla. Of vehicles prefers favorite broom.

As a present to take a black cat and teapot with hot tea. If you go to the Swiss guests, bring with them souvenirs of the number of "uniforms" that same spring witch. Your friend will appreciate the gift of dignity, as well as deeply imbued with a person who is not alien to the cultural traditions of his native land. By the way, souvenirs from your home country will also work as a sign of attention. By the way, the old traditions.

Colossus Formica

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Again in La Boca Drill looked like his dream was becoming increasingly palpable. However, it also was short-lived. Because Barraza hit a kick in the chest and Abal Gaitan took the maximum sentence without objection. Martin Palermo missed a fantastic shot and not opened the scoring. Banfield and Newell's down 1-0, began another story.

The Newell's need to turn the outcome to be champion and Banfield urgency to reach the equality of minimum, you have access to a hypothetical playoff. While nothing in Rosario mind if the room does not reverted the bookmark. So, in Rosario came all the pride of Newell's players motivated by the continuous support from their fans, who loudly pushed against San Lorenzo Migliore arc. While not finding answers Banfield at the Bombonera, the Colossus Formica had the tie with a cross left-footed shot that went just outside the 29 and then Migliore took over the bar Achucarro pump from afar. Newell's pinning his opponent in the final minutes, but the draw did not come in the first half. While Sensini gave indications in the locker room at Capital Silva Banfield was the standard bearer for an equalizer.

At 44, he dropped a ball with the head of Sheba Fernandez stood face to face with Abbondanzieri. But the Uruguayan forehand went to the bottom left side of Duck. Also in La Boca ended the first stage: 1-0 here and 0-1 there. This time, simultaneously, began the second times. Both Banfield, Newell's like rushing out in search of that title on hold.

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Russian Search

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Information entered in the Description, to be brief and concise description of a page that is not contain the characters ", '. Example: <meta name="Description" content="Rekomendatsii on writing pages for web-masterov, with the wishes of the developers of search sistemy"> In deriving the results of the search engine description is longer than its standard will be cut off. We strongly recommend to stop at 200 characters, clearly and understandably stating the main thing. Imagine that initially the user is lazy and does not likes to read:) KEYWORDS Keywords. The most difficult part of the work, because it is on search words and phrases, users will find your site. Define the basic principles: 1) From the Russian text – write Russian words and phrases with English – British. The exception may be well-known, frequently used words. For example: shop, free, radio, tv, designer, web, internet, man, fashion, food and other similar.

2) Write desired phrases, separated from one another by a comma and the words within it – spaces. Why? – Since the phrase or sentence can be used in whole or in part, as well as individual words. For example, a web designer, online shop, e-commerce, free advertising 3) ideal option would be the word – "HRE". Such phrases usually consist of three words, the first word of phrase from the second, and the second with the third. For example, a search directory of resources, online shop design, etc. As You can read see the "search catalog" and "directory of resources." 4) The equation is valid for the majority of search engines: Space = AND, OR Comma = 5) does not include words that have no relation to the contents page and the whole site, with a view to promoting it.

Google Programs

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The Internet often comes across ads on earnings in affiliate programs. What is the affiliate program and how it make? Partner Program – a mutually beneficial cooperation between the owner affiliate and partner, taking part in it. The owners of affiliate programs are the sellers of various goods and various services. Partner advertises on their websites products or services, and the owner Affiliate Program shares with him the profit. Most often it is a percentage of the value of items sold.

What are affiliate programs and how to choose? Most of the areas of sales affiliate programs on the Internet fits into several punktov.Tovary and services. Sale of any goods, including the sale of books on a partnership agreement, often through e-commerce, in which case you sell products of different companies and you do not need to have a large stock of products, all items are presented in the online store on the site and you are paid% from the sale of goods or uslugi.Reklama. Accommodation banner Advertising Google – as an example, if your site is set such ads, then Google, you will pay a certain% of visitors who clicked on a link to a promoted site, although we should note that income from this type of very nebolshoy.Razlichnye services. Services are usually not replaced by anything else and if there is a need to use a service, it will be used. For example, web hosting affiliate program, if in your affiliate link bought hosting services, you are paid% of the amount sold to services.

Content Management System

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CMS – is acronym from the initial letters of three English words Content Management System, which literally means 'content management system', or simply put a web site management system, or software engine. This program, which is in the same hosting your web resource and manages the entire contents of your site. Even in ancient times the birth of Internet all sites consisted of static pages and and about any dynamics and interactivity out of the question. By just to change for example the information that was repeated for 100 pages of your site should be changed 100. It is unlikely that this caused the joy of the owner of the site. For all that should have been more and expertise in the field of html programming or pay a programmer friend. But time passes and also seeks to progress forward. Static sites in almost all gone and they were replaced by a dynamic web sites, quickly generated on the fly based on user request by issuing him the right page.

Explore the environment and programming language Web site, it is much more complex than a markup language web pages, html, because of this, for simplicity update graphics, text, manage subscriptions, forums, conducting e-commerce systems, and more and began to create numerous CMS. Deciding to start your website you apart functionality, style and objectives developed by the site will need to choose how to connect to a resource CMS. Currently, there are plenty of them. There is free use most freelancers have commercial. On what is to choose a man who only yesterday met to develop a web resource and is not at all what and how it works. To start with the type of resource is defined. If it is simple, then most cases this will free any of the CMS, for example such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress – is the most popular.

In addition they have a lot of little popular, yet fairly active use of management systems content. Among the fee-based commercial CMS are the two most famous – and 1C-Bitrix NetCat. The benefits of CMS include a significant and fairly – this is technical support and guarantee that the system will work correctly. Also, you can always by the programmer to connect to the system by purchasing an additional module it separately from the manufacturer. In contrast to the free where to connect what is unique to Web site will need to start paying for it to develop it to the programmer. And believe me it would cost more than purchasing an already created by the developer of the module fee system. Also an advantage paid CMS can be attributed Free consultations around the clock with the appearance of problems at work with CMS. In addition to the 2 most popular management systems have a large number of fee-based CMS of other developers who are sufficiently well developed and the price may be 2-4 times lower than that of 1C-Bitrix and NetCat. Comparative tests of paid management systems can be found on the Internet, they are not going to stop. Most companies are developing commercial systems management offer so-called boxed systems, you can choose from depending on the type of resource. It is always very convenient and can save you money. Later if you decide to extend the functions your site and simply purchase required for this module and connect it to your system administration. I hope that article helped you a bit to understand what CMS, why do we need it and helps you to easily choose management system for your web site.

Magnificent Palms

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In the shadow of magnificent palms hidden villa with spacious verandas that offer scenic views of the sea. A spa center will combine business with pleasure useful – good to relax and take a course of treatments. Saigon Phu Quoc Resort & Spa 4 * represents a complex of villas located on a hillside sloping down to the sea, hill, overgrown with coconut palms. This hotel – the ideal place to ensure that every evening to enjoy the magnificent sunsets Fukuoka. Nha Trang – seaside town, lined with beautiful white beaches and coral reefs, ridges – another popular among divers place.

Just 15 minutes by boat from the port of Nha Trang, and fans will dive underwater world rich in these places – many rare species of fish and over 400 species of different corals. Nha Trang is known as a lively nightlife center, with bars and discos for all tastes, but in the daytime is very popular in both children and adults enjoy the amusement park and attractions. Evason Hideaway – one of the most luxurious resort hotels. It is located near the beautiful bay Van Ninh. The architectural solution hotel – it is an original combination of Vietnamese traditional art, art deco architecture and tyamskoy. On a separate villa has a spa, where you can take courses not only cosmetics, and various treatments. Evason Ana Mandara & Six Senses Spa 5 * opened a few years ago but is already popular among the tourists in Nha Trang. The hotel perfectly combines the simplicity, naturalness, solitude with refinement and excellent level of service.

Phan Thiet – Vietnam's resort in the south – is ideal for family vacations, quiet and peaceful here, a great climate and wonderful beaches. Phan Thiet is famous for its sand dunes – pink and white Sand dunes are an amazing sight. In addition, the resort is famous for its rich selection of the most delicious seafood and fish sauce. In the spirit of serene Fanteta sustained Hotel Victoria Phan Thiet Hotels & Resort 4 * represents the exotic garden with a complex of bungalows with thatched roofs in the style of traditional Vietnamese village. There are all conditions for comfortable rest, stress relief and rejuvenation. Phu Hai Resort is located 4 * snow-white dunes Mui Ne. Bungalows are surrounded by lush green gardens, creating an atmosphere of privacy and quiet. The hotel is famous for its excellent chiamskimi drinks and their food. In this short review, we identified only a few most popular resorts in Vietnam, not going into detail on the cultural and historical wealth of the country, giving you open them for yourself. We add only that in addition to this aspect, the magnificent nature and the wonderful climate, yet another undeniable advantage vacation in Vietnam is its cheapness – restaurants, lodging, shopping, services, all kinds of entertainment are here are much lower in comparison with other South-East Asia. Rather procrastinate, get ready to go. Go to Vietnam and treat yourself to transparent watercolor tones of his landscapes, the gentle cooing of its crystal waterfalls and lulling silence its forests. Treat yourself to the turquoise sea of Vietnam, you'll love it and will never forget.


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It would seem, did some time ago created the most high-tech means of communication, including – Internet pagers. However, these computer programs are actually won in this world plagued from a lack of interaction, really deserved its own space. One of the first computer programs designed to interact in real-time mode, the WAN was icq, program, which directly addressed when interpreting the mean – I'm looking for you. Quest Communications, friends, perhaps including business associates – all that was and is one of the most important features and ICQ to date. At the moment all the more significant spread among consumers acquire cell phones. However, the part with the usual ICQ not be necessary – because of its java-version for everyone today open! Turning to the options the Internet, you can find ICQ for myself and on a mobile telephone, because that download jimm – it is very easy. Download and run on a cell Jimm – so always stay in touch not only to those who are in the field of your mobile operator, but also actually stay in touch with friends and business partners around the world. Internet is limitless, so why not use it ability to complete the program? Download Jimm computer program on your mobile phone, and at the same time to adjust it – it's all possible elementary perform at special portals that are specifically combined fans of such communication.

Professional advice on setting jimm, and other advice people who do enjoy the broadest powers of communication provided by the program – all without exception is now available to any user, from beginner to advanced in particular. Current computer programs offer the ability to ensure that you will be connected at any position. Do you think that the interaction with icq feasible only with a PC or even a netbook? We should not tie themselves. Download jimm and speak at any time, anywhere! You no longer have to buy expensive electronic media, taking advantage that you can always stay in touch. Dear smartphones and laptops are now required only for work. A standard for communication in principle sufficient jimm to your mobile phone. For those who want to ensure that the digital environment as comfortable for yourself, you will need online designer jimm. Using it, you'll be able to harness the power of particularly comfortable with the computer program in their own interactions. Join the interaction Today was even simpler: you only need to upload your own mobile phone jimm and feel the joy of communication through icq, which is always at hand.

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