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AMGWAgency meets 10 years on the market the leading agency in Miami meets its tenth anniversary of operation the next 12 of April 2011 AMGWagency MIAMI, leading marketing and public relations agency in Miami celebrates ten years of operations in South Florida Agency is specialized in representing clients including the fashion industry, specialized hospitality, real estate, banking and other consumer goods. In the past decade, its Executive Chairman and owner Edward’s Valley II, it has built a global network built from scratch and currently includes purchase of media, creative services, public relations service and much more. Preparing for the next decade, the Agency will be releasing its new corporate image on the occasion of the 10 years in the market. The company was founded on April 12, 2001 as a company of media buying based on a space of 46.45 square meters of the apartment where De Valle, from a desktop the Staples of Coral Gables store bought for $55, attending their clients including Seneca College, Dior Parfums Latin America and Hugo Boss. Thanks to his great work ethic, of Valley could open its first Office in Miami in 2002. From there it continued its growth and accomplishments, while increasing its clientele established the global presence of the company through alliances that grew to employ 162 people including partners at local and international level for the following years. In 2009 of Valley decided to separate from most of its international partners with the idea of focusing completely on their customers complementing your vision for the future with AMGWagency.

Today AMGWagency on my sense have more solid team work in the industry, he outlined Valley. The company has a roster of clients including some of the brands most recognized and established in the world such as the Trump Organization and attends countless organizations in a variety of industries including financial clients, banking, hospitality, real estate, luxury brands and medical services. In his expansion in 2011, of Valley seeks to establish more services such as buying and planning media, AMGW division: mediaworks in the same way as the society with a global company of translations, Trusted Translations. Firm in its position that the business must refresh their brand, the company revealed its new logo, made by the internal creative agency AMGWagency, AMGW: creativeworks. Over the years we have changed our appearance a few times, explained the Executive President of Valley, and now do so again in honor to this new era that we entered. Miami has been the perfect location to achieve the growth of the Agency, allowing him to serve both the United States as Latin American market.

As the industry evolves, AMGWagency is committed to improve your skill, knowledge and competence in order to provide their customers with a stellar performance in these next ten years. About Edward’s Valley II AMGWagency established AMGWagency ten years ago and since then He has positioned the company strategically to be one of the best agencies in the world, to expand its global reach and provide a service that is not only desired but essential. With this portfolio of services in planning and purchase of media, public relations, interactive marketing and sales consulting, AMGWagency executes strategies of marketing in all five continents.


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If you want an alternative to unemployment, if you want to give the best of you, if you’re tired of that tell you what you have to do, if you want to take control of your life, then consider the possibility of arm yourself a business from home, Yes, it is possible to have your own Office in your home. Increasingly more people have taken the decision to work from home comodidiad. This is the topic of the article Marketing in Red are unemployed? Use you only third party, published on March 11, 2011, on the web site, which is one of my blogs. In other words, a good alternative to unemployment is therefore work from home, with the minimum requirement of being open to that change and have a good dose of desire to achieve it. For example I work from my house, I can now as it is a bit sunny, work even in my small terrace, in the comfort of my home. Here there is a problem for some of those small entrepreneurs who want to conquer the market of long tail, and that problem is the management of the computer, not knowing how to manage programs, the technical part of this business over the internet. If this can be a problem, but there is no other way to learn, test, test, as in a large laboratory, tests you do until you’re satisfied with the result, there is no other way. At lest, after a while, when you start to win enough money in this small business, you can’t afford to seek help from another or other persons against cost, i.e. can reach and got to have your own employees, because there comes a time when the volume of work is so great that you just can not do it and need an employee to help you, but to tell him that and as you have to do it, you have to know what your first.

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Social Marketing

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Twitter is microblogging suitable system for those who work quickly. Only by the fact that only leaves to write 140 characters, in its creation was the idea of using light and efficiently. In recent months it has exploited and be a place for people who are in the last has passed to become a site with new users dedicated to businesses. Twitter is a communication tool, but in a short time, has gone from considering as a microblogging tool to convert it into an instrument of work and social marketing. Does not need to say the important thing is this information for any business: we can only improve our mistakes if we know them and will only do so if we know what they think of us. Many companies and entrepreneurs are already using Twitter.

If you make a complaint to someone or their services, shortly after they ask (via twitter) what the problem is and what they can do to fix it. It’s a simple gesture, which however leaves a good impression on the client: knows that matter his opinion and that their complaints matter. Another of the Parties that might interest us most of Twitter is its search engine search.twitter, where you can find everything that is this steaming in that moment and be up to date, because that will generate thousands of views every second with information relevant to our interests. That if you must use this tool in an intelligent way to get good results, bringing value and interesanes topics our supporters (not only promotion) and follow who brings value to us with the theme of our niche.


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As we have said previously, the gold and silver behave in cycles. Usually in the universe, everything works through two very important things: cycles and laws. If This is true, I wonder: does apply to the law of supply and demand, in the case of gold and silver? You should! But the prices of these precious metals now not are reflecting the result of supply and demand since their prices are being manipulated. Even so, this manipulation of prices offered as an all – positive side: a great opportunity. It’s like the icing on the cake. Really! The opportunity is that prices soar when industrial and investment demand rises. Meanwhile, gold and silver are waiting for regulatory measures, that will end with this manipulation of its prices and this will release them, once again. When there is instability in a coin, a likely global economic meltdown and signs of panic around the world, it seems that precious metals tell us calm, here were before, here we are and here we will be to protect them from this financial collapse.

Increasingly, and more people understand its value as real money. If we recall the reasons why gold and silver increases its price over time, we will see that the fundamentals have not changed, the only thing that has changed is the industrial demand, which is much higher than 50 years ago. When the supply is so small and so great demand gold and silver will shine with their own light. When this happens, let’s also very probably seeing the effects of inflation, with very low wages and high prices. For these reasons, among others, this is the best time to buy gold & silver physically, into a solid and reliable company.

Martin Fleischmann

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28 years later, no one has managed to give an explanation to what or who issued this signal. The radiation came from the direction of Sagittarius, and a scope of unos1420 megahertz frequency. These frequencies are part of the radio spectrum in which all kinds of transmission is prohibited by an international agreement. The nearest estella in that direction is approximately 220 light years, so if the signal came from there, he had to cause either an astronomical event of enormous power. Or perhaps was an alien civilization with a high power transmitter? 12. Not so constant constants in 1997 the astronomer John Webb and his team from the University of Sydney analysed the light that came to Earth from distant quasars. On his journey of 1,200 million light-years, the light He had gone through interstellar clouds of materials such as iron, nickel or chrome, and researchers found that the atoms had absorbed part of the photons of light from quasars, but those who had not expected.

If the observations are correct, the only vaguely reasonable explanation is that you a constant of physics, called the fine structure constant or alpha value changes when it passes through these interstellar clouds. Scientists are still investigating. 13. The melting cold in 1989 two researchers from the University of Utah (United States), Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, triggered nuclear fusion in a test tube. They argued that it was possible to carry out processes of cold fusion using a metal block of Palladium as a catalyst. In the following 10 years, thousands were scientists who tried to achieve the same results, but without success. Still today continues the controversy, although there are many who argue that the results of Fleischmann and Pons It was result of an experimental error.

Governor Radio

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Read the second part autobiography Alejandro Teresa Martinez wanted to be journalist since childhood, perhaps attracted by things that all journalists working in the radio of his people during the time of childhood, were better known, loved and respected than the Mayor himself or the Governor and his fame was only matched by the artists of fashionsuch as Diomedes Diaz, Jorge Onate and el Binomio de Oro. Earlier, the child of famous, deception was joined some talent for threading letters, syllables and words, which demonstrated with some frequency, mainly when it was delivering the tasks of natural sciences in which begged him to describe certain animals. As it did not have the text guide which all took the task, was going to the playground, looked at the characteristics of invertebrates, the anatomy of vertebrates, the habits of dogs and arming some writings that unfailingly received 2 in praise of his incredulous teacher, consistent in a cool question does that wrote you? Spanish professor was less distrustful and polished his form of writing and asked him to write small articles for the radio program of the College and then other articles and others more until one day took him to the radio booth and started to give small sips of microphone at a rate of three minutes per week. From there came the seduction of a longer SIPs on sports radio and commercial radio: an hour a day. Following the turns of a soccer ball on the fields of hard clay, stone and dust of La Guajira.

Was there a few years until it began to combine sport with the General, and good general news by certain: from the diary of the many dead that left every night the chronic violence of his Maicao native, through long, boring speeches (and often without content) of politicians, to the news of the hundreds of deportees thatby force of poverty, had gone to Venezuela without other document your hand lined callus which showed that they were aware of the field work. Laradio became columns of the press in the journal made the leap to the small screen of the community television channel where acts as a presenter and journalist for the magazine Buenos days Maicao if informant of Santa Marta and the columns of the press embargo, since the end of 2007 his great passion is digital journalism, modality which has directed successfully the Maicao blog a dayan initiative of alternative journalism that won three awards in recognition of the depth of his research and literary quality of his articles over the span of a year. Through Maicao day Maicao and La Guajira they tell their story to the world and they have won readers in 107 countries. This is the summary of a career that began as a response to the skeptical question of a natural teacher. Read the second part Alejandro Rutto Martinezes a prestigious Colombian journalist and writer, linked as a teacher at several universities Colombian. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. It is often invitadocomo lecturer at congresses, forums and other academic events. Get in touch with him through the corrreo call it cell 300 8055526.


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Just a few minutes and you are beautiful as ever. In full fig cosmetic effect masks is not limited to skin care, they can be used to simulate the very face. Unfortunately, there comes a time when no it is not enough and that you could always be in full fig, the German manufacturers come up with wonderful masks are called – "ceremonial." Neck, face, including eye mask filled diluted to a liquid state "sour cream". Within 15 minutes, until the mass cools and shrinks, tightens the skin, is a lifting effect. At the same time, "the front" mask blocks access of oxygen, the temperature rises, and the opened pores of the skin intensively absorb all useful components. Chiseled profile and a young Do you want to make an oval cast from his face? Amazing masks made from plaster of a certain composition used in the simulation programs allow you to permanently escapes goodbye to wrinkles and return to your old face, Young outlines. From the cocoon of a butterfly The company Marie Golan, there is a great mask "cocoon".

It is a light foam. This mask is superimposed over any other. Due to its thermal effect of such increases cocoon all the good effects of a mask that is applied directly to the skin. And less than half an hour, removing the cocoon, you turn into a dazzling butterfly. Yes, despite the fact that every woman on the ledge there is always a lot of bottles and tubes of cream for skin care without face masks tough to beat in the struggle for youth and beauty.


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To locate accommodations scooped in panama, to Panama it feels better the concept that you will want to locate nearly all probable options. If you would like to choose accommodation either by location, cost or well-being, it is important that you consider carefully the options. Accommodations directly on the beach if you are a swimmer or a great lover of the beach, the location of the hotel should be one of your first considerations. The Panama City offers many opportunities for this kind of holiday and period. In fact, it is normal that economicos en panama accommodations are located in one of the many and beautiful beaches of Panamanian. If this is what you inquire, perhaps it payable something much more to enter this luxury. The good news is that you won’t need to navigate daily in order to go and enjoy what by what came travel: the sea and the Sun! Night only Panama City Hotels because the economy in panama hotels can be found on the beach, this does not mean that they are the best hotels for you.

It may be that you It is more attracted in enjoy some excellent days dancing in clubs or enjoying pleasant meals and trade outlets. If you discover that you are looking for is more activity and music, then the location remains the highest priority at the moment of choosing a hotel. The city of Panama is growing and has tons of opportunities to shop, dine well and enjoy a really exciting night life. Therefore, a good idea to take some time to find budget hotels in panama that are close to all the activities that you want to perform. Great amenities may truly not you craving the location where is if he stays in any good quality accommodation. The capital of Panama gives them a grand scale between many of the most opulent accommodations on the planet. If your anxiety is containing free breakfasts, a terrific spa and gym or be all inclusive, you can locate accommodations scooped in Panama during a simple preparation.

Knowing what you want will help you in the selection of accommodation. The city of Panama is a beautiful enough place to not find exactly what you want when you travel. Consider your budget is crucial to compute the quantity that you want to use when considering accommodation.The city of Panama has a wide range of possibilities that will help you find what you want within your price range.A good idea is to begin by deciphering what is the most important part of your hotel stay. Really need to be close to the action? He is more interested in being on the beach? The best way of choosing a great hotel is finding something close to more populated areas. This will let you save on fees for travel and at the same time move in areas without danger. With a little planning you can have one of the best vacation of your life! With a little preparation you can have one of the best vacation of your life! When visiting Panama, save staying in a hotel with everything a business traveler demand. Go here: booking hotel panama. Staying in the heart of the Republic, visit: hotel in panama.

4 Tips For Creating Your Own Personal Brand Online

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Hello, again speaks to you Pedro campuzano, I should mention you 4 easy steps that you have to do to form your own personal brand online, you want to ask a question how are you waiting make sales and generate prospects if you do the same to all entrepreneurs?

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Ergonomia Industrial

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Origin of history the ergonomics industry ergonomics is a relatively modern science, applied to the labour and industrial field dating to 1949 when Murrel in England, created the term ergonomics, coined from the Greek root ergon: work and nomos: law, rules. With this designation were pooled knowledge medical, psychological, technical, physiological, industrial and military, aimed at the study of man in his work environment. Definition of Industrial ergonomics in particular, ergonomics is a scientific discipline or human factors, multidisciplinary engineering, system-centric person machine, aimed at the adaptation of the environment or working conditions to the person in order to achieve the best possible harmony between the optimal conditions of comfort and production efficiency. Objectives of Industrial ergonomics the previous definition, points out the Basic object of ergonomics: the adaptation of objects, media work and environment produced by human beings to the person in order to achieve harmonization between the functional effectiveness and human well-being (health, safety, satisfaction). Basic principles of Industrial ergonomics 1.-the machine is conceived as an element in the service of the person, likely to be modified and perfected. 2. The person forms the basis of calculation of human-machine system and depending on this machine must be designed to enable him to perform any physical, sensory or psychological fatigue-free work.

The following points were among the General objectives of the ergonomics: reduction of occupational injuries and illnesses. lower costs by inability of the workers. increase in production. improvement of the quality of the work. reduction of absenteeism. application of the existing rules. decrease in the loss of raw materials.

The methods by which the objectives are obtained are: assessment of the risks at the workplace. identification and quantification of risk in the workplace conditions. recommendation of administrative and engineering controls to reduce the identified risk conditions. education for supervisors and workers about the risk conditions. For the achievement of the goals of ergonomics is needed, in addition to engineering, the competition of other sciences or biological techniques (medicine of work, Industrial Psychology, Anthropometry, Physiology, biomechanics, occupational health, ecology, economy) that enable the multidisciplinary treatment of the problem. Original author and source of the article

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