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Conclusion In the current world the race for the conquest of the consumer this each time more incited and the entrepreneur who has as basic principle the focus in the consumer, to transpose the competition comes searching constantly for methods of management strategical in intuit to increase its fan of customers as well as extending the beginning of nonacademic, always aiming at to add new values to its product everything this with simple and reinvigorates ideas. In the study carried through in this project the objective was to raise and to detach the importance that a strategical management can bring for the entrepreneur. The research emphasized in the present study confirms in them that each time more the independent entrepreneur of its transport, comes searching these tools of strategical planning as base of propulsion in its development. The happened changes of strategical models are basic factors in the evolution of the companies being this continuous and satisfactory evolution in such a way for the side of the consumer, how much for the side of the entrepreneur, generating the relation of ‘ ‘ ganja’ gains x; ‘. Valley if to weigh that the differential is the great weapon if on leaving in this competitive world.

International Norms Integrated

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In the last month of October, the Company received the auditorship from daily pay-certification. Between 15 and 19 of December, the final auditorship was carried through, when the Company was recommended for in agreement certification the international norm. The respect to the environment and the communities where it also acts is part of this business. Endorsing this concept, the company it invests continuously in improvements of processes with ambient focus, beyond implementing programs of education and ambient projects involving used and community. The areas of culture, education, communitarian action and professional qualification receive a special attention through a Foundation, known in Brazil and the exterior for the works developed next to the community. The company works with some tools of support for accompaniment, maintenance and improvement of the result of the total quality. Such as, the Integrated Domain of the Process?

DIP, Statistical Control of the Process? CEP, Circle of Quality control? CCQ, Green Belts, Black Bets, Total Productive Maintenance? TPM and is in phase of implantation of the Word Manufacturing Classroom? WCM. 5.2.Sistema Integrated of the Quality of the ArcelorMittal Inox Brazil the Integrated System of the Quality is structuralized in compliance with the effective International Norms and code of behavior of the ArcelorMittal, being registered, implemented, kept continuously improved, aiming at to increase the satisfaction of the customers and too much interested people. The abrangncia and application of the Integrated System of the Quality aim at to guarantee the attendance to the requirements of the customers, to the applicable prescribed requirements, the specified product quality and services, the ambient performance required and the physical integrity of the people. The ArcelorMittal Inox Brazil adopts the following normative references as orientation for the elements of the Integrated System of the Quality: NBR ISO 9001 – Systems of Management of the Quality? Requirements? 14001 NBR ISO – System of Ambient Management? Requirements with Orientaes for Use? ISO/TS 16949 – Specification Technique? Particular requirements for Application of the ISO 9001:2000 for Products Automotivos and Excellent Servios of the Organization.

Contracts and Confidence

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The focus of the act of contract was an individual that has a good relationship and knows to work on pressure. The employees of the company, had not reacted against the new act of contract, therefore they knew that they would have to train and to teach the new collaborator. However its partner did not agree to the idea, therefore for it would be damage, loses of time to teach somebody that never he had dealt with computer science systems. With the act of contract of the new collaborator, they had received it well to all, except Luiz, who already started imposing and placing pressure to deposit fear. But what it seemed that would go everything for water below, was surpreendedor. The new collaborator, although to swallow ‘ ‘ sapos’ ‘ every day, he started to show its interests on the area, and also that he did not have fear of that it was for coming.

With this, it started to conquer the confidence of Luiz, making with that it moved away itself and ceased with the implicncia of the fact of that the new collaborator not to know the area. Results: – Control of turnover, that is, the rotation that before was of four employees in six months in the sector, already if had passed five months and new collaborator still continues strong and searching new chances. – A partner obtained to enxergar that nor all must know of everything, and yes to learn with its time. Barrier: The resistance of Luiz became if a barrier for the act of contract, therefore for it would go lost time to contract somebody that does not know the area, that is, therefore he would be one somebody that would go to live asking and taking time of the others. Company: Candido Consultoria Desenvolvimento de Sistemas LTDA Branch of activity: Technology, development of softwares. Address: Street Yolanda Derenusson Silveira, 124-Umuarama Responsible Uberaba-MG: Vilmondes Pink Candido Number of employees: 5.

Organizations Retention

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We know that attendance is who goes to say if that customer goes to remain in the company or not. Nowadays many companies make attendance difference depending on the customer, if the customer will have a favorable financial condition, will be taken care of better if pssimo will not have will have one attendance. This fact occurs generally in the hospitals, for example, who has a health plan is taken care of of a form, who does not have is taken care of of another one. To solve this problematic one she is necessary that the managers invest in the qualification of its employees, so that they understand that the customers must take care of to all well, independently of the social status. 3.5 To understand the customer to generate satisfaction Is impossible to satisfy customers without before knowing its profile, its real necessities, expectations, desires, etc. the understanding of the customer is essential to generate satisfaction, an important item that it must be analyzed to know the customer well is the cultural question, that is, its real customs, beliefs and habits, everything this will influence. According to Bretzke (2002), it is not possible to establish a relation with somebody without before knowing it of deepened form. In this direction, it is extremely necessary to know and to understand all the customers of the organization.

The more the company possesss information on its customers more possibility it will have to please them. Therefore, the information, or better, the relationship is essential inside of the organizations in the generality, therefore it is the only form to make with that the customers keep faithful the company for all life. 3.6 The retention of the customer the retention is a tool used for the relationship marketing, to hold back means, therefore to narrow bows and to fortify relation. This action makes with that more are known the customer, and consequently the company produces one better attendance, making with that the customer beyond being customer becomes friend of the company. Furlong (1994) considers a model for the retention of customers, composition for three parts: mobilization of the people and the organization in favor of the retention of customers, elaboration of the organizacional commitment stops with the retention of the customer and the organizacional integration. The considered model has for support the principle-key of individual responsibility, orientation for the action and organizacional adaptability. Finally, we conclude this chapter giving emphasis to the relationship marketing, as a tool that is essential for all the organizations. It is not a choice question, it is a necessity of all, case they want to remain acting in the market where it acts. 4 METHODOLOGY In this chapter, we will see the type of study and the description of the covered metodolgico way in the research for the elaboration of the TCC, beyond telling the covered stages, specifying the instruments used for the collection of data: Characterization of the Project: This research is characterized as a study of exploratrio case. According to Mattar (2001, P.

Consumer State

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As much wanted to differentiate the user of the consumer who made use in art. 275 of the EC n 19/1998 on the necessity of protetiva law of the user, although the existence of protetiva law of the consumer (Law n 8,078/90)? Code of Defense of the Consumer? CDC. To deal with diverse form the external customer due to absence of freedom of choice of the used service does not only have direction, therefore instead of protecting the citizen it would be admitting that the State and the city deal with to it as a mere user who must content itself with that and the form that offered to it. It does not have doubt that the introduction of the customer concept represents a change in would reengenharia x quality In the Management of Quality to the Attendance directed toward the State Public Agencies in the City of Teresina – Pi, is important and positive in the organizacional culture of the public sector. But ' ' who is the customer in the public sector? ' ' This questioning, easily equated and decided for the companies whom a vision of satisfaction of the customer to the attendance in the agency public State of the city of Teresina searchs with conformity? Pi. The feeling of approval of the customer is understood for satisfaction who only occurs when it is taken care of, at least, of the form as it waited. The related term customer and type of necessities or yearnings it do not take in account the dimensions of equity, responsibility and public good, being this insufficient concept clearly to represent the paper of the citizen. Citizenship backwards in its bulge an active and dynamic concept, one way of double hand for where they pass through right and duties. Under the citizen approach, the user of the public services starts to have rights that go much beyond those of the consumers.


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Taking in account the contribution that the school can give for, the knowledge and interpretation of the reality, in the direction to form citizens, therefore soon the rising, the human being if relates with rules and values of the society where he is inserted. In the interior of the familiar group, it always has one or more people who if make responsible for the survival and the formation of its members. To the side of the family, other social institutions propagate and play a role in the moral formation and the development of attitudes. The constant presence of the medias of mass (television, radio, periodicals, magazines, propagandas of the most varied types etc.) in the public and private spaces, confer they a great power of influence and propagation of values, of behavior models. The education has active a practical aspect, of the social convivncia. In the society all educate permanently to all. As the individual does not live isolated, its education is continuous. Society without education does not exist, despite in the primitive forms it can lack the legalized education institutionalized (that it is represented there by the social rites).

For consequence no member of the absolutely ignorant community, of the opposite could not live, as in PEAR TREE explains to them, (1981): School, as institution for which it expects that the members of the society pass all, is placed in the position of being plus a social environment in the life of these individuals. Also it propagates values that can converge with that they circulate in the other social ways that the individuals frequent or the one that is displayed. With this, the best way to prevent, to diminish or to deal with the use drugs it is through the information and of the awareness. They will internalizaro so that it of these information are effective, them they must be supplied in occasions in which the pupil is receptive to hear.

Bishop Volodymyr

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In the "prestigious" list of Alania was listed above Khazaria and Rus. Ends the process of Christianization, which began in the VI century. In the year 916, when the patriarch of Constantinople Nicholas, in the Lower Arkhyz mass baptism happened Alan, and at the head of the church was raised Archbishop. Christianization has been slow and painful, and only after nearly 100 years, was founded Metropolis Alanya. In the twelfth century began the conquest of Alanya Tatar-Mongols. This happened as a result of feudal and princes fought not only with neighboring countries, as between themselves. The fate of Alanya was a foregone conclusion, despite the stubborn resistance to the invaders. So the years passed, and Christian churches were abandoned and were not used for purpose.

In 1987 Fr Seraphim in his letter to the Bishop of Stavropol and Ekaterinodarskoye Vladimir wrote that the locals – Moslems and Muslims – are driving cattle in these temples, hiding from the weather, create a many- abuse of the ancient shrine. With this and the revival of Christian churches in the valley Zelenchuk. The Holy Synod has authorized the establishment of the Monastery of the treasury and put on Cossack lands. Bishop Volodymyr watching restoration of temples and the erection of new buildings, as well as with great interest the findings of ancient relics in the temples. In this regard, on the monastery was opened a special department of monastic antiquities and was the charge of a man who watched and systematize these findings.

Self Confidence

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a Oeno listen to friends when the Friend inside you says, Ahaz this! a Gandhi. Every now and especially when it comes to the topic of Web projects that I am carrying out, there are people that try to discourage his comments to one. It also happens, however, that you are surrounded by positive people who will try to give encouragement. I'm saying is give encouragement. And I am right. What happens is that often ignore the characteristics and potential to monetize the web phenomenon that do not meet your own expectations of listening to them words of encouragement. Instead, one finds a total disregard on the part of those loved ones.

Of course we must not hold them accountable at all, it's not even that they undermine our self-esteem, so maybe we can do is try to explain what the project or if facts show with the final outcome of this noble an effort that takes place through project fulfillment in your life and you can one influence the others. We understand that it is required of them know what one does. Our job is to express our happiness to be doing what drives you in life. If it is the duty of us to project enthusiasm and creative efforts in each of the activities that one performs. I hope you are being to your liking these small daily reflections that took place to take a positive attitude as when making a cup of coffee. Recommended by:

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Plastic Frame

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The foundation of any structure is a greenhouse frame. When you choose a frame greenhouses should decide what kind of load will experience a whole design, whether stationary or greenhouse in the spring to gather and understand the deposit in the winter season. Today, manufacturers offer a large selection of materials for the frames of greenhouses. Consider some of them. The classic and most traditional material – a wooden beam. This framework gives confidence in its foreign massiveness and strength.

You can purchase bar in almost any suburban array of Leningrad region. However, it should be noted that not every summer visitor is able to independently construct the wooden framework of beams, but is it worth spending time on it, if there are professionals. Spending is not complicated reckoning of the cost, you can safe to say that eventually the cost of such a frame is equal to or even more than a skeleton of metal. Moreover, that in addition to the cost of building material itself and pay the workers for the construction should take into account the costs of antiseptic treatment timber, taking care of him after the winter cracking, etc. Therefore, most gardeners are choosing more modern materials for the frames of greenhouses. One such material is a plastic tube.

Frame of Plastic pipe is going quickly and requires no special tools. Easily transposed from one place to another, does not rot and requires no painting. At first glance, what could be better? But there are some serious deficiencies that should be mentioned. First of all, this framework is intended to cover with plastic wrap. Of course, the film can be used for several seasons in a row, but usually the fall portion of the film comes into disrepair. Secondly, the ease of the frame has a significant drawback – the lack of rigidity. This fact is largely played a crucial role in selecting the greenhouse. After all, a beautiful appearance greenhouse must be strong and robust, wind and snow loading, and most importantly, do not require special care. All of these qualities apply to the frame of a metal profile. The next issue we will focus in detail on design features of the greenhouse frame of metal profiles, as well as consider various options for frames.


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Cut form stresses the stone, its crystalline structure, with cut stone wins in color and much more shiny. In the most expensive precious stones such as diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, and some other there own glow. Cabochon – it cut a hemisphere with a flat bottom surface, usually inserted into a frame and a rounded, polished top. So the verge turquoise, opals, moonstones, cacholong, etc. With this type of they show better cut their own unique color and shimmer.

Cut into account and building stone, as some crystals are highly stratified and crushing, and other stones simply no clear crystalline structure, allowing beneficial to emphasize its precise bounds. If you're going to wear a stone, keep in mind that it must have the correct form. This applies both to individual pebbles and stones that make up the beads. This is especially important if you use a stone in the medical or magical purposes. It is true that in India there was a custom not to touch the stone with a chisel. The Indians left the stone its natural form, and only occasionally slightly polished. Cut precious stones – is a European invention. Choose stones for serious purposes preferably by a specialist astrologer who will advise you to stone starting from a detailed analysis of your horoscope, as well as a geologist or stone-cutters, which will help you choose a good copy – not a fake or a stone without flaws. But you can do it yourself if you use some of the rules set forth below.

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