Its website is in good hands? Perhaps you already have a site. Or not, and he does not know as to start. To the times you imagine that this can be sufficiently expensive, to have an excellent service of lodging of websites. If you really think you are deceived. Services of lodging and cloud server in the Internet exist many companies offering. They are hundreds and thousand. Amongst many that already we test, the one that we recommend is the LiveIt.

It knows because? It reads intently: – More space of storage – Better traffic for transference of archives – He is safer – More stability – It is quicker – One of the best supports technician of the Internet – Bigger variety of services of data base and programming – Possibility to have limitless domnios and much more! The LiveIt is a new company in the market. however its professionals, beyond the ability, experience and excellent academic formation act more than have ten years in the sector. They had been strategical elements in the projects and organizations where already they had acted. This means high qualification and quality professional. without a doubt some, necessary things in this market.

Reason of Existence of the LiveIt the mission of the company involves to offer to the customers complete and integrated solutions. This with high technology. also strategical alignment. Internally one uses available tools in the market to develop the potentiality of the collaborators. The LiveIt has an excellent practical vision and on preservation of the environment. This wants to say that, beyond providing optimum service of lodging of sites, the LiveIt if worries about the ambient questions. Vision of the Company the LiveIt was conceived to breach barriers. It best wants to be and the bigger company of technology in web and corporative solutions of the country up to 2020. She desires to make to grow the market, being improved the quality of the same. The company has an excellent vision on its coming time. Honesty: ' ' We manage with honesty our businesses, offering equal chances in the transactions and employment relationships. We repudiate any disloyal practical relationship or of behavior that results in conflicts of interests and is in disagreement with the highest ethical standard. Soon to start: