Increasingly, organizations that decide to promote the participation of its managers in global solidarity projects. It is considered an initiative that, in the majority of cases, it is in a better style of leadership and management capacity. According to the results of an investigation of Esade published in the Journal Academy of Management Learning and Education and that focuses on the impact of collaboration in international humanitarian projects for managers of large global firms, this collaboration in humanitarian projects of managers, where they face front with real problems of unprotected people, allows them to develop different qualities a personal and professional level that result in a progress of their daily work. Some of them are: gain experience of teamwork. In addition, improve its diplomacy to adapt their knowledge to labor management areas other than that face daily in his Office. Transform your management style.

They adopt a point of view more comprehensive and total in the decision-making process. They improve their skills as a team leader. They develop a better awareness of their own prejudices and learn to postpone their trials. They become more aware of the importance that have human relationships. Major changes in their posture are an elderly social responsibility, additionally take a more empathic, respectful and tolerant with the employees who are in charge.