Corporate – is when everything is lit. Once at the beginning of the nucleation event-market in Russia, our work was easy and relaxed, and limited hiring artists, bands and show different variations. Vision of corporate executives and us that the corporate holiday – this selection a certain budget on the table and artists, and that all had fun, drunk and bored the same. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jeffrey Leiden by clicking through. Champagne flowed like a river, pop stars of various magnitudes in a hoarse, howling Microphone popular at the time of the motives and the next morning woke up tired and employees hangover, restoring to the puzzle last night, and complaining of the leaders – “Give the money would be better.” However, times are changing for better. Corporate event today – it’s not the spending, and investing in the development of the Company and the method for solving corporate problems. Russian mentality is such that the holiday should be a holiday, and it’s not bad. But we know how to make a holiday to work on business success and development of relations with the Company, embedding in the event set of tools to help turn it into an effective event.

Values change gradually in the direction of healthy recreation and lifestyles. And that is why companies continue to throw money at the old corporate event – a massive spree, sometimes find themselves in the position of outsiders, both in the market to attract staff, and in the field of image positioning in the external environment. Solution: Do you plan a corporate event.