in 1979, the new syndical movement with objective appears to fight for the laboring classroom led by Luis Incio Lula da Silva who was the president of the union of the metallurgist of Is Bernardo of the Field and he was not partisan of no political party. Son of needy peasants northeasterns who had emigrated to So Paulo. Squid if would become the more influential syndical leader of the history of Brazil the participation of the syndical movement served for the weakness of the popularity of the Figueiredo Government, in the 1979 strike the union suffered intervention from the Federal policy occupying the headquarters making with that the syndicalists did not have place to make its meetings. Entire Brazil blew up in strikes everybody wanted in return what the inflation had led for the masters. The final event of the government of General Figueiredo was to the campaign for the Direct ones already, in 1984. Learn more about this with Fairstead. A wonderful thing, in which practically the people of the entire country took part, fighting for the right to vote for president. In the last assemblies, in Rio De Janeiro and So Paulo, millions of people had been congregated.

They had been the biggest manifestations of mass of our history. In the day where the Dante emendation de Oliveira, reestablishing the direct ones, was voted by the House of representatives Brasilia was in state of emergncia.acontecendo an unusual fact General Newton Cross, the horse as a desvairado Napoleo, wanted to arrest everybody yellow dress since the yellow color was the symbol of the campaign, the General chicoteava the cars that buzinavam in favor of the emendation. Worse &#039 happened although; ' Sim' ' to gain of 298 the 65, also with some votes of the PDS, had more lacked 22 votes for the victory in the truth if war had lost the battle more not it, therefore after this episode still it gave stops for the new people of in the street protesting and demanding a new voting.