All told, the child breathes the skin, and therefore need a daily bath. And this is only a small part of the measures necessary for the smooth transport of oxygen to the body baby! The concept of modern care inseparable from the newborn diapers. Everyone knows that it's pretty bad, but it handy. Less laundry, damaged furniture and even a whole bunch of advantages. Well, since we are not willing to give up diapers, then we must at least put your baby so that the free areas of the skin most involved in oxygen metabolism. This requires only clothes made of natural materials. Of course, the best 100% cotton.

Unfortunately, someone just does not make children's clothing! We need it all and always, just a "Klondike" some! In the pursuit of profit, the quality still lags behind. And, if on the inside label to specify the composition – 100% cotton, this is not always the case. Viatcheslav Mirilashvili is full of insight into the issues. Even if you consider yourself expert, trying to touch the product, you can easily make a mistake – the modern technology of synthesis of chemical fibers are dazzling. Engage in the store ignites the skin, washing or ironing is not very convenient. Polish manufacturers of children's clothing, such as Mariquita, Lama (Babylama), Coccobello, Wojcik and other produce clothes for the kids just excellent quality.

On the inside of the marking tape always shown complete and, more importantly, reliable information on the composition of tissue. For example, if you take the manufacturer Babylama, it is most suitable for baby clothes. This is a beauty, and high-quality soft and thick cotton jersey, is not deformed during washing and ironing, just Exterior embroidery and straziki (inside the kid did not stop and chop), excellent shape and fittings. Price, incidentally, more than moderate. If you bother to look for luxury clothing for your baby, you may find better and to here, in my opinion, the quality-price ratio is optimal.