With the development of a new and cross-device strategy game invested Altaris Games portfolio 2, electronic games financed the Fund Altaris in a growth market, announces the development of multiplayer strategy game Cannon cracker for multiple platforms and mobile devices. Altaris invests it in a very fast-growing market and generates high returns in short time away from the stock markets. Developed the free2play game from the core x group in co-operation with the multi award-winning Studio independent arts software. the Veroffentlichung is planned for this year. Grasbrunn, may 25, 2012 that games portfolio 2, which includes twelve games, Altaris is investing in a new project. Under the working title of Cannon crackers, the Frankfurt core developed x group currently together with one of the oldest German Studios independent arts software a strategy game set in the cartoon look. The special feature: Cannon cracker is designed as a cross platform game for multiple players and can be not only on the PC, but also at the same time play by Smartphones or Tablet PCs. The market potential in the mobile sector is immense: In the last year the sale of smartphones exceeded the first PCs; overall, the increase was more than 60 percent.

Tablet PCs also laid strong with an increase of 275% to. * that this segment of the market is particularly important, and in the future more important will win, also current figures: among the top 25 of the most purchased apps are iPad 13 and on the iPhone even 17 games. * with our funds, we invest in growing and economic independent markets. Therefore it is not only important to be diversified, but to take into account the technical developments and to respond quickly to market developments”, explains Jorg-Dieter Leinert, Managing Director of the Altaris emission House. Cannon cracker combines different components such as physics and strategy.