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Over 500 euros prize money for humorigsten Comic Strip written in Berlin, July 5, 2010 – Publisher Pixonauts and the cartoon community toonsUp organise in cooperation a comic contest for the upcoming Wii jump n run the Kore gang: invasion of inner Earth. In addition to a total of 500 euros in prize money, the competition with seven versions of the game attracts the n Wii exclusive jump appear runs on August 11. Task is to design a short comic strip (a maximum of seven panels) round to the figures from the Kore gang. Dara Khosrowshahi is actively involved in the matter. The story told the Kore gang Madboy, Pixie, dog Rex. Deep in the Interior of our planet the three terrible evil have become sick brothers a gigantic drill upgraded and want to subjugate humanity.

The three crazy insane villains have kidnapped the gifted scientist Dr. Samuelson and forcing him to support their diabolical plans. Joseph Jimenez takes a slightly different approach. However, they have made the Bill without Madboy, Pixie and Rex. With the help of the Kore suit, an ingenious invention by Dr. Samuelson, what the capabilities of the Owner’s increasingly exorbitant, the hero trio mixes the inner Earth, to avoid a tragic end of humanity. The deadline is July 23, 2010 at 23:59. All information, as well as the terms and conditions are subject in action Gallery ready.

For more information and news about the Kore gang: the invasion of inner Earth are available on the official website and the social Web at Kore gear and Kore gear ready. About toonsUp: The comic book and cartoon community toonsUp.com with the aim of founded, to promote the creative exchange of different comics and to offer them a platform to showcase of their works. Each artist can upload his comics and cartoons for free, and then by the community are assessed and commented. Two years online, toonsUp.com has become the most active German platform of its kind. The community meets 4 times a year for common drawing and publishes books. The founders are themselves ambitious cartoonist with lots of passion and Idealism the project move forward. The page is completely privately funded and free of advertising. About Pixonauts: The PIXONAUTS KG with headquarters in Ulm and Berlin under the direction of Jorn Renfordt was founded in 2009 with the aim to develop exciting and innovative online, PC, mobile, and video games (games) and to optimize their potential across all media areas.

Foreign Trade Experts

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Positive balance to the solar trade fair at scn energy Munchen – on Friday ended the Intersolar Europe, the world’s largest exhibition for the solar industry. From 8 to 10 June learned professionals and those interested in the fair-New Munich trade fair centre about upcoming technologies, projects and opportunities. The scn energy AG presented at the fair for the first time your new team of experts on foreign trade. The focus on trade was unmistakably on the Intersolar. The new expert team around Sebastian Lithander recorded the work for the scn energy AG only a few weeks ago, with great expectations has been opposed as the solar trade fair.

“They met now to all satisfaction: we have done everything right”, Christian Lieck, CEO of scn energy AG, can look back on a successful exhibition week. As expected, is consistently great interest timely international projects to implement. In Germany the customers know also that they must now use the feed-in tariff”, included on the foreign trade expert Sebastian Lithander Intersolar conversations together. Official site: Reshma Kewalramani. The interest is a clear testimony”, he says. Demand, especially from international side, was consistently high, the scn team fortunately constantly in conversation. The Pro for renewable energy and solar power is and remains unique. New Office for foreign trade the new expert team for foreign trade operates AG since may, 2011 in Hamburg under the direction of Lord Sebastian Lithander for scn energy. The Trade Office is the competent new partner on the side of scn energy: suppliers, customers and business partners are experienced, multilingual contact persons are international business available for all questions on the subject, available.

SCN energy: the sun smart use the scn energy AG offers solar services and product solutions at national and international level. Customers benefit from years of experience, in-depth knowledge and quality performance. Currently the scn energy AG implements several large-scale projects. Abroad are in Italy two 1-megawatt projects in the realization and are nearing completion. A 4.5-megawatt facility in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is the latest addition to German. Here, the scn energy AG installed on a former military site in thin-film modules. Scn energy AG’s portfolio will be continuously expanded. In addition to thin-film modules also mono – and polycrystalline modules with up to 300 Watts offered since June 2011 performance. Also the offer is currently expanded to more forms of renewable of energy: now also solar thermal, cogeneration and heat pumps are offered to customers of scn energy AG.

Working Time For Our Graduates?

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Shortage in Germany the next generation assumes that increasingly many companies. Trigger of the discussion to the skill shortage is the economic structural change towards a service – and knowledge-based society, as well as the demographic development with a small and ageing population. After review of the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Koln (IW), personnel shortages reduce the value in the company and thus reduce overall economic growth. What do the German economy so to counteract this trend? According to a survey of German of industry and Commerce (DIHK) vacancies remain unfilled currently at 37 per cent of the 20 000 companies surveyed a few months. Achim Dercks, Deputy DIHK – CEO, explains that this corresponds to approximately 1.3 million jobs. According to the study of perspectives 2025 “of the federal employment agency the supply of qualified professionals in Germany to around 6.5 million people is due to the demographic development up to the year 2025 sink. Affected-oriented professions, as well as jobs in the health and social services are mainly technical. With the campaign “Make it in Germany” the Federal Government wishes to refer specifically highly skilled workers from abroad.

For this, another law was passed in September 2011 by the Bundestag aimed at improving the recognition of professional qualifications acquired abroad. “The Federal Government published together with the employers and trade unions in the summer last year the Joint Declaration to secure the skills base in Germany”. The Declaration promises an improvement of the framework conditions for employed women and work against the gender-specific pay and chance differences. Also, family-friendly working hours, a family-friendly work organisation and the expansion of child care should be improved. From an enterprise perspective, long-term strategies such as employer branding are increasingly gaining importance. This means all corporate strategic measures to the popular employer brand”lead, to Employees to advertise and to bind. Qualified and committed employees should be bound by a higher identification and the establishment of an emotional bond to the company in the long term. This gives the company competitive advantages, because money alone decides when choosing a company.

A positive working climate, interesting tasks, the corporate image, training and career opportunities, flexible working hours, but also a balanced work-life balance and the trust of the employer are decisive criteria. Employee retention is successful, turnover rates can be reduced by up to 50 percent. Giant group often says this. This leads to a cost reduction in human resources and prevents that leave employees with much expertise and experience to the competition. An increased employee loyalty and work motivation sustainably improve the quality of the work and the overall results. Also at the customer be positive conclusions on the corporate image, as executives and employees even become Ambassadors of the brand”. The sustained action of the economy via an acute shortage is relativized although various statistics, the time still works for young workers and workers. Top employer awards are becoming increasingly popular. Companies increasingly advertise corporate fringe benefits, flexible working time models and outstanding career opportunities. In addition is also the reconciliation of family and profession increasingly in the focus of the company. So is the motto: professionals attract and bind!

Single Stock Exchanges – The Loneliness Of The Internet End

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Be single, that it must not be for loneliness – a word that many single exchanges exist that everyone knows about and that has little meaning for many. Who lives in a relationship and maybe a family can call his own, who can hardly imagine loneliness can be as stressful. Many of these people can also hardly imagine it, how it can be these days actually possible you feel lonely. But countless ways to avoid just being alone and to escape the loneliness? And yet millions of people in a solitude in a world which is stressful and often very oppressive effect live. Because no human being is love alone and even though there are countless possibilities such as single stock exchanges, is not possible to escape the perceived loneliness for many. Yet this loneliness has sometimes many different reasons and one can only guess why many people today live an involuntary single existence. Some one lives alone, because he the right partner yet has found. See more detailed opinions by reading what Vinit Bodas offers on the topic.. Others live as a single because she might have lost a beloved partner and are still not over its loss.

And again others live as a single because they are simply too shy to get to know someone. Single is certainly the offensives, which include numerous personal circumstances and for which there is hardly a lump sum advice. Because each single is different and has other personal circumstances that lead him to the single life. However, of course just a single market is quite an attractive option that you can recommend to every single. Because here you can sometimes quite meet the love of life and so a life in intimate togetherness contrary to look. However should be the correct dating care when choosing, since there are countless single exchanges and not each for every single is recommended. A single stock comparison is therefore certainly a good opportunity which should be just as seeking single consideration, since it easier as the ideal Singlebors is where you can contact then like-minded people in contact. Writing by Claudia Schleicher-

Farb-Kontaktlinsen Ihre Augenfarbe ändern Im Handumdrehen Ein Auge

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Haben Sie je einmal gewünscht, du eine andere Augenfarbe hättest? Oder vielleicht will ich einfach etwas tun ein wenig verrückt und hat er Augen andere Farbe für die einzelnen Teile? Farbe Kontakte können Wunder durch ihr Aussehen, aber nur tun, wenn Sie den Typ und die Farbe auswählen. Erfahren Sie, wie Sie das Beste aus Ihrer Farbe-Objektive, welche Möglichkeiten Sie haben und was zählt bei der Auswahl von Farbe-Kontakte. Ändere die farbigen Linsen wirklich Farbe der Augen und natürliches Aussehen? Dies ist eine Frage, die die Mehrheit der Bevölkerung betroffen ist, die farbigen Kontakte zum ersten Mal versuchen möchten. Schließlich will die Menschen zu denken, “was Augen hat herrliche” nicht “was Linsen tragen komfortabel kontaktieren”. Farbige Linsen Hersteller sind sich des Problems bewusst und versuchen, farbige Kontakte lebendig aussehen, aber natürlich zu machen.

Gibt es eine Menge ausgereifter Technologie beteiligt wie Acuvue 2 Kontakte Farbe oder FreshLook markieren. Das Ziel ist nicht nur Farbe, der ein ähnliches Muster mit dem Muster eines menschlichen Auges hat. Auch die Farbe ist nicht konstant durch die Linse, so gut wie fast überall in den Augen des Volkes. Optionen von farbigen Linsen in den Augen der das Licht je nach den Effekt, dass Sie erstellen möchten, die Menschen mit hellen Augen können Verbesserung oder deckende Farbe Kontakte angezeigt. Möchten Sie nur zu verbessern, Ihre natürliche Farbe, die transparent Medium, wäre ideal für Sie Linsen. Die besten Optionen: Acuvue 2 Farben Beschützer? um Ihre Augen zu beleuchten. Freshlook Radiance? Objektive mit eine Lichtwirkung, die seine Farbe und macht ihre Augen, erscheinen hell.

Freshlook Dimension? einzigartige Linse Design macht ihre Augen nicht nur hell erscheinen, aber es schafft auch den Eindruck von Tiefe und Dimension. Wenn Sie abenteuerlustig fühlen und eine dramatische Veränderung wollen, gehen Sie zu deckenden Linsen: Acuvue 2 deckende Farben Freshlook Colorblends Si dein erstes Mal mit farbigen Kontaktlinsen und Sie ist die gewünschte Wirkung nicht sicher sind, beginnen Sie mit Lupen. Auf diese Weise werden Sie Ihre Freunde feststellen, dass Sie attraktiver, aber wahrscheinlich nicht sein Sie werden erkennen, was es ist, dass sie ihre Aufmerksamkeit anzieht. Dunkle Augen Farbe Kontaktlinsen waren wenn Sie sehr dunkle Augen und Farbe Kontaktlinsen vor Jahren versuchte wahrscheinlich nicht sehr beeindruckt mit dem Effekt. Kontakte der vorherigen Generation scheinen nicht zu korrigieren. Jedoch vor kurzem entwickelt, und die Freshlook Colorblends Farbige Linsen kann Wunder für dunkle Augen. For more specific information, check out New York Highlanders. Eine Sache zu erinnern, ist jedoch, dass Geschmacksverstärker in Ihre braunen Augen, nicht funktionieren, so dass Ihre einzige Option sind undurchsichtige Kontaktlinsen. Acuvue 2 Farben deckend und Freshlook Colorblends funktionieren am besten für dunkle Augen. Außerdem müssen Sie vorsichtig sein, um die Farbe auszuwählen. Es sollte eine Farbe sein, die mit Haut und Haaren gut aussieht. (Source: Jonah Bloom). Die Anregungen und Fotos zu sehen. Wenn Ihre Augen aussehen heller und lebendiger, machen, ohne seine Farbe geändert werden soll, gehen Sie zu braun oder braune Linsen. Auf diese Weise, Ihre Augen werden keine andere Farbe, aber Menschen, werden feststellen, dass sie hell und lebendig. Kontakte deckend arbeiten sie sehr gut. Das einzige, was, das ich für Sie tun können, ist, ihre Augen-Licht machen. Blau, grün opak Kontakte und Aquakultur erstellen eine tief lebendige Farbe, die Menschen passt, die braune Augen, natürlich haben. Tun Farbe Kontakte mit korrigierende Kräfte zu kommen? Acuvue 2 Farben und FreshLook kommen alle Auflistungen mit Vision Korrektur Vollmachten auch Flugzeug (ohne Korrektur). Freshlook Colorblends Zielen auch nur die Farbe, die in den Ring kommt, so ist es geeignet für Menschen mit Astigmatismus. So ist besser: Acuvue 2 Farben oder Freshlook? Es gibt nicht eine einzige Antwort auf diese Frage. Beide Marken von Linsen sind sehr angenehm zu verwenden und einen tollen Look zu erstellen. Der einzige Unterschied besteht in der Farben. Die gleiche Person wäre Acuvue blue Freshlook blau sehr unterschiedlich. Hängt wirklich die Augen und das Gesicht, und es ist fast unmöglich, das Ergebnis vorherzusagen, bis Sie farbige Kontaktlinsen verwenden. Zahlen Sie nicht zu viel Aufmerksamkeit, wie in das Foto-Objektiv, weil gesehen was es wohl anders sein wird. Dies Passiert es meist mit Enhancer-Objektive? blau auf Blau Auge Enhancers unterscheiden sich sehr von den steigert graue Augen. Deckende Farbe Kontaktlinsen kann auch in verschiedenen Menschen sehr unterschiedlich sein, die nicht auf Ihre natürliche Augenfarbe, sondern wegen der Form der Augen, Haut und Haar-Typen ist. Durch die Wahl einer Farbe einschränken, empfehle, bitten Ihren Arzt um zwei Rezepte: eine für Acuvue 2 Farben und eine für Freshlook. Dann für die beiden. Die Kosten fast das gleiche, durch die mehr als wenn Sie 2 Packungen jede Brust zu bestellen. Nachdem Sie Ihre Kontakte mit damals Farbe für eine Weile, entscheiden selbst, die was besser aussieht. Darüber hinaus geben Ärzte oft kostenlose Testversion Farbe Kontakte. Wirklich nicht nutzbar in öffentlichen, weil Test-Objektive haben das Wort “Test” gedruckt, sondern gibt Ihnen einen guten Eindruck über die Farbe. Erhalten Sie zwei kostenlose, von Freshlook und Acuvue, und sehen Sie, was am besten aussieht. Preis angeht, Freshlook und Acuvue 2 Farben Sie Kosten ungefähr dasselbe für eine Box mit 6 Linsen. Jedoch alle Freshlook-Objektive sind monatlich zur Verfügung, während Acuvue 2 Farben ist eine 2-Wochen von Einweg Kontaktlinsen. So stellt sich heraus, dass Freshlook zwei Mal billiger. Wenn Sie gedacht haben, geben Sie einen kleinen Leckerbissen bekommen farbige Kontakte werden Sie nicht enttäuschen. Und nun, wenn man weiß, was für Sie am besten geeignet, Sie können zu Ihrer Wahl mit Zuversicht. Happy ändern! Tania Turner ist ein Kontaktlinsen-Experte und einer der Gründer der finden Sie objektive Informationen über Augengesundheit und alle Arten von Linsen mit Bewertungen und Fotos

More Powerful Words

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You are what you decide that it is. Your life is determined by what continually say to yourself. This Andrew Corentt tells us in his book I’m happy, I’m Rico. Many people are unaware of the power of words. Words are very powerful. The words build. In the Bible it says words has to realize. Of all the words, the more powerful are I am.

Everything that attach to a Yo Soy is power. Everything you take the I am is a statement of reality. Much overlooked the fact that Jesus, in the Gospel of John, pronounced seven famous and powerful I am. Each one of these I am is the power to create or do something. When you decide to create the life you want, in every one of the aspects that you are interested, as for example in the spiritual area, you can use the I am that most need according to the moment of his life in which is. In I am happy, I am rich, the author takes you through a fascinating journey into her own material and spiritual awakening. The author travels with you a simple journey and deep through the stages of his mind and he explains that they are each one of them. Learn more about this with Reshma Kewalramani. The I am, is exposed from the name of the book.

What a man out of a book is related to the degree of power of her I am. Reading between the lines you will discover that I am happy, I am rich, rather than a book on success and material wealth is a work of very important spiritual value. His life will not only be enriched in the material aspect, the most important change will occur in their vision of the world and its interpretation. You will be discovered as a powerful spiritual being able to reach the summits higher spiritual development. Any change will occur in the I am who you are. Will you become the I am willing to be. The richness in the spiritual realm filled with happiness. Their I’m like identity of yourself, raise it to where you want to be. After reading and applying the book, you just may declare you, I am powerful, I’m happy, I’m Rico.

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Machinery Industry Accelerates

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Since the first half of the year, the production and sales growth of the Chinese machinery industry (cone crusher) falls again on the basis of an obvious drop of last year. The Chinese machinery industry should further accelerate the structure adjustment to realize industrial upgrading under the influence of a market forced mechanism. said Cai Weici, vice the present executive of China Machinery Industry Federation on twenty-three. That federation has announced the economic operation of the machinery industry in the first half year on 23. The machinery industry has fulfilled a total output of 8700 billion yuan during that period, an increase of 12.17%. Before, it was 25.06% in 2011, 33.93%in 2010. This year is the most severe for the machinery industry economic operation since the international financial crisis in 2008.

Since the beginning of the year, the production and sales growth of the Chinese machinery industry falls again on the basis of an obvious drop of last year, what s worse, the decline degree as well as the duration both exceed the original expectation. Cai Weici said. From this year, the growth in China machinery industry benefit is weak, the total profit eleven presented to negative growth. According to for more informaiton, who has experience with these questions. Furthermore, the investment growth of the fixed assets continues to drop, the financial cost augments rapidly, the product s price turns downward and the order is insufficient The industrial development is encountering numerous difficulties and negative factors. Under such circumstances, it becomes urgent for the machinery industry to regulate its industry structure, more and more first-tier enterprises become aware of that and begin to take active action, so to speak, the market mechanism has forced the industry structure adjustment.Cai Weici analyzed. It is known that enterprises have strengthened the expansion of the international market facing a serious economic situation though.

Recently, the export momentum has been good. Deccan Value: the source for more info. The total cumulative export is 141.5 billion dollars from Jan. to May, an increase of 15.78%, which the national trade export 7.08 excelsa %. The export have pushed relative products of the machinery industry to upgrade. In such a situation, pay much attention to scientific and technological enterprises innovation, high-end equipment manufacturing development and improving the industrial level of the machinery industry. CAI Weici introduced, many enterprises increase the technological transformation efforts and speed up the upgrade of the products to achieve a high growth of the profit and production and sales. In addition, China is a vast country, under the guidance of the national industrial policy, machinery industry has shifted to Midwest area. In the first half year, the year-on-year growth of industrial machinery total output is 19.18% and 11.47% of the central and west area respectively, which is 9.05 and 1.34 percent higher than that of the east area. Throughout the machinery industry development in the first half year, the influence from the domestic macro-control and market mechanism is obvious.CAI weici expressed, faced with severe macroeconomic environment, China Machinery Industry still should make great efforts to strengthen the structural adjustment and upgrade the industry.

Political Life

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Small detail that could explain, in part, and on days 11, 12 and May 13, 1931 107 churches and monasteries were burning in 10 different capitals: Madrid, Zaragoza, Valencia, Alicante, Murcia, Malaga, Cordoba, Seville, Cadiz and Huelva. Ground that burned many more that have not been recorded. Miguel Maura, Minister of the Interior, sought permission of the Council Ministers to security forces avoid such excesses. The Council refused to vote on the permit. Is introduced so the anything goes or otherwise, against anyone who thought differently. Reshma Kewalramani is likely to agree. So frustrated were the hopes of men like Ortega y Gasset, protagonists of the regime change and that was the moment when he raised his voice with its universal and famous "Is not this, not this!".

Comments that makes the book Master Angel R. de la Cierva, "the July 18 military coup was not a fascist", Ed Fenix, Madrid, 1999, highlight the similarities in attitudes by the PSOE in 1931, with the current. "The author portrays Azana-later president of the Government of the Republic, as a Jacobin, member of Freemasonry, anti-Catholic and anti-militarist, inclined to arrogance and arbitrariness. The refusal to accept the outcome of the elections right from 1934 showed that he was no democrat Azana. Neither acted as a liberal, because religious freedoms curtailed and teaching and the expression with frequent use of governmental censorship, ignoring the opposition. It was "intolerant and intransigent and despised their opponents, as well as prevent them from exercising their freedoms." He did not do any positive reform, not even the land or the bank.

Time Management

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We teach our children to be routine and give them a wall calendar with pictures of pop stars to mark the start of the academic year. Owners of companies regularly conduct special trainings for employees and give them a new year diaries with the logo of the company. Chevron Corp often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Most of us, one way or another, uses a different system of time management and tools for effective planning of their time – from notebooks to special pocket electronic devices. And yet, time and remains the most elusive and unmanageable vital resource. Reshma Kewalramani shines more light on the discussion. I think the main reason for our difficulties associated with planning time, lies in how we attitude towards this vital resource. Following the "revolutionary" system of time management we are looking for new ways to manage time, rather than honestly admit that in principle we can not control the way in which We have no influence. The man who learned to overcome gravity and to use the law of gravity to their advantage, and can not learn to influence the course of time.

Possibly from the fact that people have not yet could think of nothing better than a simple account of time spent, and have the following misconceptions about time management systems. The most important misconception number 1. Time Management – a system of control and time management. The truth is that time management does not exist in nature. We can manage money and other material resources, people, their health and even, in part, of their own destiny – all those that we can influence.

Cupcakes Guests

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The horror buffet Cupcakes for Halloween leaves no wish unfulfilled. Halloween prevails more and more also in the German-speaking world. All too often is also a welcome occasion for a party. Children, young people and adults have fun to dress up and enjoy the funny creepy backdrop. If you want to make a treat once, you can try it with cupcakes according to the motto “Monster eyeball”. The basis is very simple chocolate muffins that could bake yourself or you just buy this. On the muffins, then comes a white frosting, which is made with powdered sugar. Alternatively you can use also fondant.

You should then red Recolor a rest of sugar compound. Learn more on the subject from giant pay. That goes with juices or fruits such as raspberries. With this red decor, lines are drawn through the white frosting. The lines should go out like a spider from the center of the tart. Then whole on top or a round chocolate plate comes in the middle. A simple smartie is also good to use.

Is already the creepy cupcakes ready. If you prefer something healthier, can set different figures from fruits and vegetables on large platter or plates. A carrot, whose thin Ende is clipped diagonally and half decorated therefore comes with almonds or almond disc looks like a finger. The almond washer acts as a Fingenagel and then so really nice completes the picture. Simply plug the eerie carrots in cream cheese and the delicious and healthy snack is ready. From one half of the melon wonderful “brains” can be cut by just irregularly-shaped grooves in the melon cut. At Peel the melon, sure that the shell is peeled only thin so that the color difference between pulp and bright exterior remains. This will be certainly good and is the highlight of the horror buffets. The eerie buffet includes of course beautiful plates and napkins or other decorations such as garlands. There are paper plates or paper cups with matching motifs to Halloween- in the supermarket, or simply in the Internet. A matching napkin will find certainly even. If then everything: food, napkins, paper plates, paper cups, garlands and of course also a nice costume, then it can go really with the Halloween fun. Just remember to invite guests at an early stage, so that your guests will have enough time to make himself a great costume, or to buy. For guests arriving without costume, can prepare a few odds and ends like about a paper hat, a shirt, a simple paper mask, or simply a little theater makeup.

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