Auto Insurance

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In most developed countries auto insurance is an integral part of vehicle ownership. In Ukraine, as in other CIS countries, compulsory insurance, liability insurance that is entered motorists recently. However, many drivers do not consider it necessary car insurance for themselves and even buying a policy on compulsory insurance, are in no hurry to insure your car against all risks, that is, the program hull. But at the same auto insurance in Ukraine really need, primarily because of the numbers of vehicles and increase the number of accidents, especially in large cities that suffer from regular road congestion. According to the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine in our country an accident occurs every 16 minutes. And last year killed on roads 7000 and wounded nearly 56 000 people. However, even an experienced driver can get in an accident caused by another driver.

Auto insurance also allows you to feel more comfortable on the road and provides protection for your family budget. In the insurance company "INGO Ukraine" presented all kinds of auto insurance. Here you will select the most appropriate insurance, depending on how you use the car (every day or only on weekends), what is your driving experience, etc. of the insurance company "INGO Ukraine" You can choose the most advantageous for you an insurance policy – compulsory automobile insurance or liability insurance, and auto casco. Comprehensive insurance is often necessary when buying a car on credit. Insurance company "INGO Ukraine" offers one of the most advantageous terms for motor insurance in general and auto insurance comprehensive insurance. In this case, you can also check how well a car insurance company in "INGO Ukraine".

To do this you need to choose an insurance policy, "For the first insurance event." Because of the increasing number of cars most motorists have to deal with the problem of parking. Garages and protected Parking is not always available and many owners of motor vehicles are forced to leave cars in the yard or on the street. Which, of course, some risk of damage and theft. Therefore, in auto insurance comprehensive insurance except for compulsory insurance – liability insurance also includes car insurance against theft, damage caused by third parties, fire, natural disaster, falling rocks or falling objects. Read additional details here: Mark Berger. A to feel absolutely confident in the way you can buy the company "INGO Ukraine" accident insurance for driver and passengers. Auto Insurance – the ability to protect themselves from significant material costs in the event of trouble.

New Banking Consumers

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Credit institutions have always been active consumers of information technology products. However, if you remember the mechanical adding machines and the concept of the books, they were consumers technological solutions, and before the computer age. But whether banks remain passive consumers of solutions that they offer IT? We believe that modern profile IT may well become the driving force behind the development banking business. It is no secret that the global financial crisis has changed the structure of IT-budgets in the banks. In the struggle for survival, banks were forced to abandon many ambitious projects and to solve only the most urgent tasks, associated with an increase in outstanding loans, the need to reduce costs, etc. But it is obvious that modern banks can not exist without IT, and we see that many lending institutions now is focused on the creation of IT-infrastructure, which should be the foundation for future growth.

We have in mind the numerous projects to create a unified service-oriented IT-infrastructure. Both a cause and a consequence such interest can be considered the problem of constructing a unified concept of efficient banking services, including – clear definition of goals and objectives of channel banking and self-aligning specific channels to target audiences customers for effective sales of related products and services of the bank and its partners. We believe that current trends in IT, who many call the "technology Web 2.0, enable revolutionary change model of the interaction of mass customer with the bank, primarily in the remote self-service channels.