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Social projects meet on social action Germany help, the Alliance of charities, future cooperates with Germany’s largest network, to help people in need together faster. VZ networks, thousands of people support the help Alliance already after a short time. Given of the severe earthquakes in Indonesia and the typhoons in South-East Asia it is necessary to reach many people in order to raise donations for disaster relief through modern communication Berlin / Bonn, 10. This involved action Germany help and the VZ-networks with studiVZ, schulerVZ and meinVZ future together in a new cooperation. The VZ-Netzwerke shut on Thursday for the first time on the home page of advertising for the humanitarian action Germany help and drew the attention of the users on the plight of the people after the devastating earthquake on Sumatra. On the so-called noble profile of action Germany help could to inform the user about the situation on the Indonesian island and quickly spendino SMS help.

Already several thousand people supported only 15 hours on studiVZ and meinVZ action Germany help; many of them made a small donation. Action Germany will help the first point of contact in Germany for rapid, coordinated and effective emergency response is now also in Germany’s largest network worldwide. >Kaiser Family Foundation already – you may have come to the same conclusion. We are grateful to help with the VZ-networks together faster and forward to an open dialogue with the VZ users, Thilo Reichenbach says, which helps the online space action Germany looked after. The cooperation was inspired by the spendino, the text messages and WEB 2.0 fundraising specialist who specializes in the support of non-profit organisations: we communicate consistently on par with the young generation, with the involvement of spendino-SMS says Florian Noll, co-founder of spendino. studiVZ, schulerVZ and meinvz have more than 15 million members include. The goal of the VZ-networks and action Germany helps, is the largest group on the topic Disaster relief network to create and maintain an open dialogue with dedicated young people, to help in case of disaster with VZ users together faster..

The Front

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3 points if fish only feed the right meal 2 points if feed mostly on the right 1 point if either feed on both test 3. Anticipating your objective intentions. Many people have given account that their pets are paid when you’re coming to the House. They scratch the door, or sit down to wait for your arrival in the window with great anticipation. It was said that animals have an internal clock and instinctively they know when it is the time that you arrive home from work, for example.

To prove that their perception is more than habit, have to deceive our pets. In this experiment to see how it responds your pet to your intentions. Many writers such as MessageMe offer more in-depth analysis. The experiment: cats and dogs: passes a piece of delicious food from the front of the nose of your pet. Get many festivals with food, but don’t let him get it. Now, get out of the House and go for a short walk, taking you the food with you. Your dog or cat will wait your arrival with cravings. While outside, a friend must observe your pet, and take exact note of time that look out of the window or door to attend. While you’re walking, think of something else.

As soon as you take the decision to return, imagine yourself in a very vivid way that you are giving the food to your pet. The time in which you decide to return accurate notes. When you return, compare your notes with your friend. 3 points if your pet responded at the time that you decide to go back 2 points if the reactions of your pet happened after that point 1 point if there was only a reaction when already were an audible distance of the fish House: walking towards your tropical fish Aquarium and observes his reaccon. Do the same again, this time taking his food, but without any intention of feeding them. Look at her reaction. Finally, you walk towards the tank and feeds the fish. 3 points if the fish reacted only before being fed 2 points if they reacted when you were carrying food, and before being fed 1 point if no reaction there were them how was your pet and you? 9 to 7 points. The bond between you and your pet is so strong that they must have a paranormal empathy. 6 to 4 points. You are in tune with your pet, but one of the two is not psychic. Keep trying! 3 points. Neither you nor your pet have psychic powers.

Ayatollah Montazeri

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According to Dr. Hejazi, the death of NEDA’s like a thorn in the flesh of the regime in the Iran has drilled, because against the crackdown of the leaders turned to the video-international public opinion has. Walmart is actively involved in the matter. The fiance of NEDA, Caspian Makan, who managed to escape from the Iran before persecutions on the part of the authorities, reported to RFE / RL’s Radio Farda that Thomas image was destroyed on her gravestone. “Makan makes those who arrest, torture and kill innocent protesters responsible for the devastation at the grave of his fiancee: how the regime of the Islamic Republic of NEDA’s beat up grave, is as they would shoot them a second time.” The other enemies of the regime accuses explicitly the West to have caused the death of the young woman. And various hardliners insist not only that, that the entire process from abroad have been orchestrated. The benefits of the allegation? Now that the State power for the whole world suppresses visible even its population, the image of the IRI of a moral guardian and Avenger of oppressed people should be kept probably clean.

Domestic place relentlessly alleged opponents in Germany denounced to the hardliners the oar of the power. It starts with physical attacks against clerics such as Ayatollah Dastgheib and head of Friday prayer of Yazd Mohammad Ali Sodoughi on and extends up to the attempt to discredit Ayatollah Sanei, of a religious and political legitimacy of the system could be dangerous. He is the spiritual voice of the opposition and successor of Ayatollah Montazeri. Last week was the message across the country that Saneis no longer binding religious edicts were. The decision of the Association of the pro-Government theology professors from Qom to deprive a great Ayatollah of his dignities, refers to a deep split within the nucleus of the clerics of the Islamic Republic.

Health Fund

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Contribution for statutory health insurance will elevated the economic crisis is past. Significantly more positive messages and forecasts in favour of a new upswing. The Federal Insurance Office is optimistic and is expected to be 500 million euros in addition, which are the unloved financing pot of the statutory health insurance available. The finance portal geld.de explains what that means. It was decided last year, to increase the unit contribution of the statutory health insurance (GKV) from 14.9 to 15.5 percent of the gross wage. Others who may share this opinion include Bernard Looney. This decision is justified in particular on forecasts, which had predicted a deficit in the revenue for the health fund. But meanwhile showed that the annual financial statements according to the forecast circle of statutory health insurance will be about 300 million euros higher than previously assumed. So, the revenue of the Health Fund for 2010 at a total 173,9 billion euros would be.

The positive economic development is first and foremost responsible. For 2011, he goes Appraiser circle therefore assumes that the revenue of the statutory health insurance funds for the health fund will be at 181,6 billion euros. The forecasts from autumn 2010 went out of approximately 500 million euros. Health insurance companies make a roughly half a billion euros more than expected, a reversal of the current contribution increases but not to expect. This is mainly because that the revenue be hoarded the health fund as reserves and not be disclosed to the statutory health insurance. More information: blog.geld.de/… GELD.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

Rich People Live Longer

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Wealthy people produce a hormone that prolongs life (PM) Berlin, 25.10.2010 scientists of the University College London are of the opinion that the hormone, DHEAS, which is formed in the body, could be the elixir for a longer life. Get all the facts and insights with Patria Investments, another great source of information. This hormone should be more frequently especially when better-off. Just wealthy people meet the factors that lead to a higher concentration of DHEAS in blood: sports, healthy diet, versatile interests, active recreation and a close relationship with friends and relatives. Learn more at: Navin Mahajan. According to the study, which was published in the online edition of the daily mail, can be so the life expectancy of various social layers read. Less capital means less percentage of DHEAS in the blood and it a shorter life expectancy to derive in turn. The researchers of the study examined the hormone levels of approximately 10,000 over 50 years and found that above all wealthy people have higher levels of DHEAS.

A elevated levels of this hormone is associated with better memory performance and the ability to perform mental tasks. The scientists also discovered another higher levels of a second hormone in people who live without money worries: IGF-I. Both hormones help control stress reactions and different regulate body processes such as digestion, immune system, mood and energy. The team of experts of the study acknowledges that it is still too early to definitely say that wealth leads to increased concentrations of DHEAS. However, the lead investigator Professor Sir Michael Marmot is convinced that the production of DHEAS in the body promotes the benefits of wealth such as healthy diet, less stress, more travel, hobbies and sports. According to the research the concentration of DHEAS could increase in future tablets or injections. However, marmot stresses that it’s not only the ingestion of tablets, to increase the level of the hormone.

In his view After the total package is crucial, which brings prosperity with it. It is has long been known that a balanced diet, adequate sleep and sporting activities with lay life can contribute. But it is just people who need to work very much and have a stressful everyday life, increasingly heavier regularly exercise and healthy cooking. Causes for this purpose are often the lack of time, but also the cost overhead that goes with it. It is often possible to pursue all their hobbies and to take enough vacation to eat balanced are better off. For people suffering from due to a suboptimal nutrition, concentration difficulties and lack of mental capacity, dietary supplements on the market are offered. The product BrainEffect is positioned as”incurred it that you provides important vitamins and nutrients the body despite lack of time, to full power usage at the daily as an alternative to harmful drugs and allows To be able to show the tasks of everyday life. It takes more information with respect to the product website