First Epistle

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all the ones heard that it if admired of its intelligence and its respostas.' ' (Lc.2: 42,46,47) Judas Iscariotes never called the Jesus Christ Sir, but it will have that to make it in the Day of the Final Judgment, together with all the ones that if had omitted and still forbear in this inevitable confession (Fl.2: 10,11); however, it called Mr. Jesus de Mestre (Mt.26: 25,49; Mc.14: 45). We must continue calling Mr. Jesus Christ de Mestre, therefore It still it is, in virtue of It to have been called thus, after its Glorious Resurrection (Jo.20: 16), and in reason of It to meet with us, gift in our life, the Person of the Espirito Santo (Jo.14: 16-18), teaching to us to all the things (1Jo.2: 27). THAT I HAVE TO MAKE Who is worried about the subject of the Perpetual Life, with the destination of its soul, knows that it needs to make some thing. If you are not convinced, visit Vadim Belyaev, New York City. She is necessary to give the initial step. It is necessary to appeal to somebody, to ask for orientation. the rich man took the attitude correct, when giving this important step, going until Jesus.

As Peter teaches to us to the Apstolo, in its First Epistle 3:15, no anelante person of the Perpetual Salvation, that if dirige to one saved to get orientation on this great subject, must be without reply. he himself, Peter, to the being asked for people regarding as to be saved, readily answered: ' ' You repent you, and each one of you is baptized on behalf of Jesus Christ, for remission of your sins; you will receive dom from the Espirito Santo. ' ' (At.2: 37,38); equally the Apstolo Pablo and its Silas friend: ' ' Gentlemen, who me are necessary to make to save me? They had answered: You and yours believe in Mr. Jesus and will be saved, casa.' ' (At.16: 30,31) Jesus answered the young what it would have to make: ' ' You know the orders: You will not kill; you will not adulterate; you will not steal; you will not say false certification; to nobody you will disapoint; it honors your father and yours me.' ' (Mc.10: 19).

My Brothers

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My brothers ha pardon for who never did not look at its emotional wounds and admitted its anger and pain. To pardon does not mean to accept unacceptable or abusive the behavior, but to get rid itself of the pack of the paper of permanent victim. The pardon is a freedom feeling and appeals the reason. The pardon is an obligation of all Christian. Source: Bernard Looney. To be you guard hatred, rancor, or another bad feeling for somebody is the same thing of you to feel for you yourselves, because God orders to pardon how many times will be necessary.

He is one of the ten orders of God. Therefore we do not go to cultivate this feeling so to ruir, that it only takes in them stops far from God. In the bible it is written you love your next one as you exactly. It is not rock of slip in the way of your brother. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Vadim Belyaev on most websites. Therefore not humbug with that its brother comet no sin, or comes to feel no type of feeling to ruir for you. Our mission in the land is here takes the love of God to our brothers who are suffering. Here in the land everything is temporary, our life, ours joy is in the sky to the side of ours Sir, the celestial father Jehovah, and ours Mr. Jesus Christ.

Therefore brothers wake up while in time. He does not cultivate feeling to ruir for nobody. But he searchs the love, the understanding, the sincerity, compassion ones for the others. Either example as Christ was here in the land. It helped all with love, humildade. The humildade is one dom that it comes of God, and the love of it is gratuitous. He thinks that when you will be pardoned a person who you time badly, God will be pardoned also you by its disobedience and its sin for It. He is not motionless there moves itself. He runs, he searchs, he goes to the fight. That God blesses in them For the blood of Christ Amen Sandra 03/08/2011

Yale University

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Millar Burrows of Yale University, says: "Another result of comparing the Greek New Testament in the language of the scrolls (discovered) is to increase confidence in the accurate transmission of the text of the New Testament." The test bibliographic bibliographical test is an examination of the textual transmission by which documents reach us. Not having the original documents, how reliable are the copies we have in relation to the number of manuscripts and the time interval between the original and the existing copy? It can boast the rich authority of the manuscript of the New Testament, when compared with other texts which have today. Others including Chevron Corp, offer their opinions as well. We have the history written by Thucydides (460-400 BC) which is based only on eight manuscripts dating from 900 D: C. The manuscripts of the history of Herodotus is a date later and equally scarce. Aristotle wrote his Poetics around 343 BC However, the oldest copy we have of it dates from 1100 AD That means that between original and the copy was a period of about 1,400 years. There are only five manuscripts of this work. Caesar wrote his History of the Gallic wars between 58 and 50 BC The authority of his work, in regard to manuscripts, is based on manuscripts written nine or ten thousand years after his death.

When we got to the authority of the New Testament manuscripts as regards, in contrast, the abundance of material is visible. Today more than 20.000copias of New Testament manuscripts. In the Iliad, for example, there are 643 manuscripts and is the work that is second in authority, after the New Testament.


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The Espirito Santo the Espirito Santo is the guarantee from that we will receive what GOD promised to its people. this we of a certainty of that GOD will give complete freedom to that they are its, therefore, let us praise its Gloria. As its power is great that acts in us. GOD placed all the things underneath of the CHRIST authority and gave to CHRIST the church as the only gentleman of everything. The church is the CHRIST body, complete It CHRIST, which complete all the thing in all the places.

the GOD mercy is very great, and its love for us and as much that it gave its proper son for dies in the cross for in. Conjunct Mr. Jesus Christ, renews in our days your miracles; so that let us can see the force of your mercy, that the action of your Espirito Santo, that shaped your disciples and gave to beginning your church, either the same one today and always. It renews in our days the vigor of our faith, Opens our heart to feel your presence. It opens our mind to understand your word, fulls our soul with the action of your Espirito.Que let us see yours miracle, yours cure, your release and conversions in our way. That your people is alive witness of your word. That Sir is stops in the one new start of life. That all those that proclaim your name are blessed. Amen Sandra Sampaio Dos Santos