These New Movies Are Worth Seeing

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'Predators' Year: 2010 Country: usa Director: Nimrod Antal Genre: Fantasy Release: July 7 in the world, July 8, Russia Theme: eight armed men, unfamiliar and unrelated, but were able to kill in the jungle. First, they trying to find a relationship, but then wondered how and why they were there. The company finds the corpse of an American Special Forces soldier, then runs into a trap in the form of a wounded man, and yet they are attacked unearthly creatures, who, having heard the whistle go. In general, they realized that they are not native to the planet and they just destroy. After the death of two people they do manage to find out who they declared the hunt – it's predators. More details clarified the situation of the survivor group, which arrived there before them. Turned out to be aliens specifically fill up earthlings on this planet to hunt, they interact with three teams in each predator and they are the enmity between clans. Senator from Maine may also support this cause.

People decide to escape to the enemy ships. In this case, they must help one of the predators, which was something like a professional by ihnim laws. Plan failed, almost all were killed, but managed to kill three of the hunters. In concluding the film comes down from heaven a new group. Viewing experience: high-quality and entertaining film. Perfectly capture the atmosphere of an event, the high skills of actors, interesting story.

After the end of the film appeared desire to continue to watch, but unfortunately the second part has not come out. 'Decoy' Year: 2010 Country: Russia Directed by: Alexander Kott Genre: Action, drama Premiere: Sept. 28 plot: The story of a young guy named Nicholas, who did not take place as an actor and began doing business, but it is only one aspect of his life. And the other – work at night in the operatives 'decoy', that is, he sits in the camera to the bandits to draw out suspect's critical information. And Nick is engaged in such activity is absolutely free, he gets from it a large dose of adrenaline and is able to display his acting talent, because he wanted to be actor. 'Decoy' Nicholas began after one tried this exercise to help his girlfriend. This hobby has become the most important thing in his life, even love receded into the background, but that it eventually will cause Nicholas reconsider their priorities. The film is based on real events. Viewing experience: the film makes to think about moral values in life, enthralling story, well filmed, the actors have played at a high level.

GoodFellas Explores The Anguish Of Antihero

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In the pantheon of gangster films, most films explore the life of crime with a magnifying glass, like a laboratory animal. Surprisingly the monolithic structure of films like The Godfather, Bonnie & Clide and The Maltese Falcon, especially if one takes into consideration that the lives of criminals is not exactly slow nor monolithic. Very few films have managed to reflect the speed and anxiety under which criminals should live. One of the few that has made as he stood in the pantheon, this is the portentous Buenos Muchachos. In it the director Martin Scorcese laid hold of his best narrative and visual tricks to tell the genius and fall of Henry Hill, brilliantly played by Ray Liotta. As the film progresses and we see Henry getting where they would not get The Godfather (Don Corleone never accepted that their pimps to get mixed into the world of drugs) the visual pyrotechnics began his splendor. For this moment in history, we have enjoyed the classic "travelings" which we are accustomed Scorcese, plans in which the camera moves while we're getting an idea of what happens in the scene (a technique that uses even in his early films). We also enjoyed a close aesthetic to a video clip that shows us the splendor of the underworld, reinventing the glamor of classic films by one who is more like the vice of a teenager.

However, the use of "Jump-cut" and camera in hand which shows us the real anguish and acceleration by passing Henry. There is a sequence in a cafe in which to reflect the desperation of Henry Hill, Scorsese uses an effect created by none other than Alfred Hitchcock for his film Vertigo. What Scorsese has filmed the scene as a thriller, says much of what the director wants to tell us. Also, the jump-cut are borrowed from the French New Wave. Directors such as Jean-Luc Godard, also sought to convey an idea of emotional instability in their characters. Henry Hill, is Vito Corleone. It is a mob soldier, a petty professional who tries to climb through the ranks. By that his glory is more exaggerated than that of a sponsor.

And hence, their fall is more precipitous. The only way to tell her story was through melodrama version that offers Scorcese. A more controlled version of the film (think Donnie Brasco Mike Newell) had shown little too honest with the character who plays Ray Liotta. The visual pyrotechnics GoodFellas gives the film a level of reading back to the underworld. While films like The Godfather show us the humanity of the world of crime, a film like Goodfellas rather explores the anguish of facing anti-heroes.