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In fact the gold mines of Africa occidental person, with the time had been if becoming preference of the European merchants, since India were much more distant and inaccessible for sea, added to the short-term headquarters of profits, as already it was said. Thornton was happy in clarifying in them that the Europe already had knowledge of Africa occidental person and its mines, therefore some Mediterranean countries since the bizantino empire were supplied with the gold of this African region, thus demystifying the idea erroneamente imposed by the new history of that the Europe did not have knowledge of the African world occidental person. In what it says respect to the European settling of Africa, is of extreme importance to detach that it was not only possible for its warlike supremacy. As it was said, Africa already commercialized intern and external and of ownership of this knowledge, after some battles badly succeeded on the part in such a way of Africa how much of the Europe, the Europeans had started a long process of commercialization and ' ' parceria' ' with the African coast, first ' ' merchandises – ouro' ' later ' ' weapons – escravos' ' or ' ' horses? escravos' '. In relation to the merchandises, the author displays that they were varied, went of semimanufactured products (its majority) as leather, has covered, gold, rubber and ivory, the manufactured products as iron and fabric, however with emphasis in the iron, the author explains that although Africa also to be a producer of this mineral, by the way, of better quality, the African iron was more expensive due the scarcity of the substance cousin for the casting of the mineral and therefore more viable and lucrative the importation of the European iron for devices that did not need one better quality of the steel. Portugal, however, did not supply to as much iron how much Holland and England, for obedience to the papal order to prevent the commercialization of products used in the manufacture of weapons.

European Average Age

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Alfredo Bosi writes that the poetry of Anchieta discloses form differences internal and felt: ‘ ‘ The project to transpose for says of the indian the message catholic demanded an effort to penetrate in the imaginary one of the other, and this was the persistence of first apstolo. In the ticket of a symbolic sphere for another one, Anchieta found obstacles for incontornveis times. As to say to the tupis, for example, the word sin, if they lacked even though of its notion, to less in the register that this assumes throughout the European Average Age? Anchieta, in this and other extreme cases, prefers to enxertar vocbulo Portuguese in the trunk of the language nativo.’ ‘ (Alfredo Bosi, the Opposing Anchieta or Arrows of the Sacred one) According to Bosi, Anchieta it entrosou the indians in the rituals of the church, therefore these had been brought to the masses so that they sang musics that it composes in its native language e, in such a way, could understand what they sang. Bilngues also composed some parts of theater, so that Portuguese and indians could see them, and these always were popular between the last ones. In such a way they were popular that an author of the start of the century arrives to affirm that ‘ ‘ these files of legal documents that invented were as literature for analfabetos’ ‘ Its capacity as linguista was not small.

It was who perceived that a common root in the languages existed that the different aboriginal tribes said. The intention of these lingusticos works age especially catequese. Exactly the theater and musics had as only intention louvor: ‘ ‘ The cantorias of the indians even though the dances, were not things to amuse, but to solenizar the death, the sacrifices (…) or then as rite in the parties religiosas’ ‘ The test of that is the invention of a new word in the aboriginal molds: ‘ ‘ Scilicet’ ‘. It was a species of rule of faith bred especially for the indians; it meant ‘ ‘ Not to eat meat human being, not to have more than a woman, never to attack the Portuguese and always to hear to padres’ ‘. ‘ ‘ As what if it knows, the tupis did not give to organized cult deuses and heroes, were relatively easy to the Jesuits to infer that they did not have religion some and to necessarily fill this theological emptiness with the nuclear certezas of the catolicismo the creation and the redemption. T

Central Europe

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The accumulation of Co2 and other gases naatmosfera holds back the solar radiation in the neighborhoods of the terrestrial surface, provoking heating of the planet. This can make with that the level of the sea, in next the 45 years, if raises the point to flood many emlitorais situated cities and deltas of rivers. Also it can cause enormous upheavals to the national and international produoagrcola and the commercial systems. Currently cadametro squared of the ground of the Central Europe is receiving more than one gram deenxofre per year. The destruction of the forest can cause located erosion, formation sedimentary dedepsitos, floodings and climatic alterations. The desertificao, the process for which the esemi-barren barren lands if become unproductive of the economic point of view, and large-scale odesflorestamento deecossistemas is also threats to the regional integrity. The desertificao involves complex interactions of sereshumanos, land and climate.

The destruction of the forests and other areas wastelands causaa extinguishing of vegetal and animal species and drastically reduces the diversidadegentica and ecosystems of the world. This process deprives the current generations efuturas of genetic material to perfect varieties of cultivos, becoming them less vulnerable the consuming provoked for the climate, to the plagues and sdoenas. The disappearance of species and subspecies, many of them still noestudadas by science, deprives us of important potential sources of remdiose industrial chemical products. Epartes of our cultural patrimony destroys beings of great beauty forever; empobrece the biosfera. All we run risks, rich and poor, as much for quese benefits of activities that attack the nature how much the ones that did not sebeneficiam of it. The search of a more viable future has only felt if houveresforos more vigorous withholds the development of the ways of destruction. Environment and development do not constitute desafiosseparados; they are inevitably linked. The development if mantmse the base of environmental resources if does not spoil; the environment cannot serprotegido if the growth does not take in account the consequences of the destruioambiental.

Ineta Money

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Although the publication is no longer accepted. Alas! But I have not fed the links newsletter articles and the full version published in faylooobmennike, with a total of 14 of the ER for downloading. however, have not seen the 14 … But I can not promise golden mountains, as Azamat somewhere skaal that students 9X classes offered to become millionaires. receiving in week 10 rubles. In his Articles I say that it really is.

although not everyone will like. And another time. Then I also tried on two short-lived – this is the operator (trays with pies in the oven to move) and the worker-student at the small business shell salons. I already had a computer and from one job I had something left, but the second … well, weaving in the day. And I do not remember, but contacted Blogun. Especially since there were few orders for work, and go only when they appeared, the fare was Ineta day …

Well ideally it combine. And took the initiative by promoting a book Rublev writer, I realized that I could write an article about her. Came to her, offered services, she was interested and offered thousands for an article. I write well, hours A maximum of three, but in the real money I could earn in a week. Of course, I did not go to work, and dashed off her great essay. But she had left to be dealt with where their business is unclear. Upon arrival thanked him, but the money I did not see.

Mozilla Account

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Surely any Internet user at least once faced with a proposal to participate in affiliate earnings in the network system. And many of you have probably tried several times to start a similar business, but met with the the fact that income does not come at once and of itself, leaving it up. Often, the network can be found even talk about that work with partner systems – this is sheer deception that it is impossible to make any money, etc. However, it all depends on the approach to the question, the correct choice of partner systems for participation and willingness to work, not just to receive money. To begin, select a system with which you would like to work. Do not take solution quickly, guided by the advertising, or a sudden desire. Learn the essence of the question, choose the systems that offer the most favorable terms on your mind. Read reviews about them.

Surely there on the forums mass response, where you can find a positive and negative aspects of the system, not even having begun to work with her. Do not expect a huge return on your right labor investments. They will do so soon, but be sure to come, If you act consistently. If you need to get started – start with something alone, but in the future if you want to turn this thing in good part-you definitely will not work with one and not with the two systems, and at least five or six. One of the things that eat up much time at work with partner systems is to check the accounts and the accounts. And it can have two sides.

When first starting partner can check his account almost every five minutes, hoping to get the desired result, then after a while, disappointed, he can throw it, whereas it is now and will be felt attached efforts. And if you work with multiple systems, the problem is complicated – need to remember multiple websites, usernames and passwords and view them by hand, turning the pages and hammering the data. Greatly facilitate life as a professional and novice employee with partner systems can MoneyQuake – addition to the FF browser from SeoQuake Team. It is approved by moderators Mozilla and included in the official list of extensions. MoneyQuake spreads free elementary and install it by downloading from the site. You score a once in all the application data of your partner account and it begins to gather all the information about your account. Thus you will have access to information about your earnings, your account balance and all the statistics on all systems, which work directly from your browser toolbar. Decide whether or not to initiate work with partner systems, only you. Any business requires investment, if not physical, then at least of labor. But do not forget that many of today's technology can greatly help you in your work.

United States

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Although it had not been until the end of that meeting, I understood that if it did not deal with contraction simply, as they call the economists to if relating to a period where the economy of one determined region or country leaves to grow, occurring a reduction of the commercial and industrial activities that takes to the fall of the rhythm of the production and the work increasing the unemployment, diminishing the wages. Not! They did not speak of one marola that it would disappear with a new change of the winds. One was about a crisis that would evolve, gradually. For return of the five hours I felt a bit of sleep and I twisted to retake the dream, but I took off only one has taken nap. I arose the six and half, I prepared the coffee of the morning, counted the occurrence for my lesser son and cost to arrive at the Ministry to divide with somebody.

The first person was the assistant manager of the sector heard that me narrative with the biggest attention. Later it said of well concise form: _ Its husband is certain. The United States are the biggest world-wide economy. But, we go to wait! _ Yes, clearly. But I also know that this will go to happen. It would not know as to explain this, as to prove that it goes to happen, it goes! It concludes convicta, however half without skill as that ashamed for that one my assertive enigmatic one, without concrete recital. The second person, of the Financial Sector, one of the departments of the agency, for which I delivered the processes of reversions that would be revised and paid to who of right, when hearing me with the principle of possible attention, it answered: _ All we know that the United States are the biggest economic power of the world, Helena, but me she does not seem to have been a dream any. We go to wait to see. In the end of that one if

National Guard

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Elections carried through in 08/02 had installed a government conservative led for Adolphe Thiers. The defeat and the election of the new government had produced a wave of protests from 24/02. In 01/03, as part of the peace accord, prussianas forces had occupied the castles of defense of Paris. The new government was established in Versailles. In 18/03 Thiers organized a great military action to reestablish the control of Paris; the operation was a failure: part of the Garde Nationale if rebelled and entered into an alliance it the rebels; the government had to come back running toward Versailles. A committee of the Garde Nationale assumed the control of the city; it was the beginning of the Commune.

In 22/03 forces conservatives (' ' friends of ordem' ') they had organized a protest march that violently was exhausted by the Garde Nationale. In day 26 the new government of communards was elect; in the ownership, in 28, 64 men with red braces in the arms indicated the representation of the commune: 19 members of the Garde Nationale, 25 jacobinos, 9 blanquistas; 20 followers of Proudhon; but 2 of them had heard to say of Karl Marx. Christiansen detaches other curious characteristics of the group: it has two militant msticos, Julio Allix and Jules Babick (founding of the fusionismo); a professional player of billiards, a proprietor of brothel, a painter and a composer of success, Jean-Baptiste Clement. Curiously, none of them was laborer. The president, Charles Beslay, had little executive authority; most of the power was exerted for committees. From 01 of April it had new shocks with troops of Versailles; in day 03 it had an offensive ambitious person to capture the seat of government conservative; great a failure. The church catholic, seen as likeable to the versalheses, suffered persecutions; diverse priests had been imprisoned. Bismarck, as part of the pressure to sign one treat one to definitive peace with the French government, kept canals diplomatists opened in the Commune.

Cultrix Publishing

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This sales of the one image ‘ ‘ world perfeito’ ‘ it can be seen as one of the forms that the media confers sensible in the modern disenchanted world of Weber. Devoid of other values that they supply sensible and they guide its lives, thousands of people if become attached to the values of consumption as the way for the happiness and it welfare. It stops these people, the happiness standard starts to be conditional to ‘ ‘ ter’ ‘. ‘ ‘ An advertising not vende products nor ideas, but a model counterfeited and hipntico of the happiness. This idle and pleasant ambincia is not nothing more than what the pleasure of living norms according to idealized of the rich consumers (…) the advertising offers to our desires a universe to subliminar that insinuates that youth, the health, the virility, as well as the feminilidade, depends on what we buy. ‘ ‘ (TOSCANI, 1996, p.27 and p.28) It is possible to notice that the advertising looks for to vender, in diverse ways, proper ‘ ‘ felicidade’ ‘. Either in the propaganda of the cream that the woman makes to rejuvenescer 10 years in one week, in the one of the car that most makes the pretty man to be succeeded and or in the one of the apartment that brings harmony for all the family who in it lives.

E, in a devoid world of directions, times of ‘ ‘ economic crisis and espiritual’ ‘ (TOSCANI, 1996, p.28) the search for the product happiness becomes it reason of living of many people. these people, already devoid of direction, of affection and values finishes arriving at the conclusion of that never they will arrive to live of the form that the advertising nails. The effect of this is devastador: to each day that pass increase the depression cases, bulimia anorexy/and syndrome of the panic. We can say that the media advertising executive is today also responsible for a problem that arrives to affect the public health, what it points with respect to the dimension of its social function and its ‘ ‘ poder’ ‘.

Socialist Senator

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/Curbelo has communicated its decision to the federal Executive of its party. Jose Blanco and Valencian Elena had requested their resignation. The senator was stopped Thursday after an argument with the Police. The socialist senator by the Gomera Casimiro Curbelo has resigned east Monday to his bench in the Senate four days after to be stopped to carry out an incident with the Police in Madrid, after going with his son to one sauna in which, apparently, he caused some destructions. According to socialist sources have informed, Curbelo, that also is president of the Town hall of the Gomera, has alleged personal reasons, since it thinks that with the resignation it will be able to be dnder and to explain his innocence and the one of its son.

Curbelo was stopped at dawn of the past Thursday in Madrid next to its son, after having an incident in one sauna located in the confluences of the Orense streets and General Pern, where it had participated in a discussion that ended several destructions in the premises. Later, it went to the police station and there supposedly it had another one argument with the agents, some of which they had to be taken care of in a center of health by injuries. During the weekend, diverse socialist leaders, among them the general vice-secretary, White Jose, and the director of the electoral campaign, Valencian Elena, had requested their resignation. The resignation, that has immediate character and signs and that has been communicated east Monday to the Federal Executive of the PSOE, obeys to a decision " personal" , with that Curbelo wants " to dnder of the accusations like a citizen ms". &quot vindicates the innocence presumption; One is a personal decision.

I resign because I want to demonstrate my innocence and the one of my son. And I want to do it like a citizen more, without the privilege that would suppose to remain with the law that grants the senator bench " , Curbelo in its communication says very textually to the party. A decision " sensata" , it adds, taken after one " deep reflexin" and that looks for the best way so that the facts and that are clarified &quot is known; all the truth than happened that one noche". In fact, in a press conference the day after the facts, Curbelo denied that it insulted or attacked some police and emphasized that it had been " unique attacked, mistreated and humillado". In addition, it lamented the distortion of the incident and considered that the theses were lies " of the eroticism and saunas" that they were published on the event. In the communication that has made arrive this Monday at the PSOE, Curbelo it returns to be sorry that the innocence presumption has not been granted to him to which has all citizen straight, although needs that the unique thing that it wishes now is to be able to dnder its innocence freely and the one of its son. Curbelo will materialize its official resignation in the next hours and, meanwhile, it has sent a message of gratefulness to the gomeros and their companions of party by the effort who have realised " in order to materialize a great collective project that has served to transform the society gomera". Source of the news: Socialist senator Casimiro Curbelo resigns, who faced the Police in the premises

National Request

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For Jimnez Trinidad, " the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian town cannot be to margen" of the wave of changes in the Arab world. Abs requested the entrance in United Nations: " We want a life normal" . The Security Council of the UN analyzes east Monday the Palestine request, but the United States announced it will veto that it. The USA presses to 31 countries so that they reject the entrance of Palestine. Resolutions of the UN on the Arab-Israeli conflict. The Spanish minister of Outer Subjects, Jimnez Trinidad, affirmed in the UN that the international community " clara&quot must send a signal; of its commitment " deep and inequvoco" in favor of the creation of the Palestinian State. " The legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian town to live in freedom cannot be to margen" of the wave of changes in the Arab world, the Spanish minister in her intervention in the public debate of the General Assembly of the UN said.

The Palestine demand to enter like State of right plenary session in the UN and that Friday was made official by the president of National authority Palestine (ANP), Mahmud Abs, dominated the debates of the world-wide forum, with participation of agent chief executives of 193 countries. The request of Palestine the Security Council of the UN will analyze east Monday the Palestine request, but the United States announced it will veto that it. The process could last several weeks and later the request of the Palestinians can happen to the General Assembly of the UN, where the endorsement of a majority of countries would give estatus him of observant State, as it is it the Vatican. " This session is possibly remembered like that one in which the General Assembly welcomed in Palestine like State observador" , Jimnez said. The 66 period of sessions of the General Assembly of the UN finalizes in the middle of September of the next year.

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