It should be remembered that the office of the company – its business card. And the office furniture should be chosen on the basis of these objectives. In the office, on the one hand, a person seeking to protect their workers from the surrounding area, on the other – the success of the company is impossible without constant effective interaction between employees. Low mobile office partitions, round, surrounding the human form of office furniture tabletops give the impression of security and hamper business communication. General rule – do not have the job back to the open space – due to a subconscious desire to protect, first and foremost to protect your back. One of the latest trends European office of a fashion – round shape of all items of furniture. Waiver of sharp corners and rectangular shapes, not only allows you to create optimal conditions for people, but also maintain a team spirit of cooperation.

Round and oval tables, elements in a meeting room create an atmosphere of mutual understanding, and contribute to the unusual design of the chairs flight of fantasy and take bold decisions. Business requires agility, so office environment should be such that it was easy to rebuild and change depending on the objectives of the company or individual employees. Make it allows mobile office partitions and modular design of tables and desks and chairs can be adjusted for height (many seats are equipped with gas lift – pneumatic seat-lift), some chairs, the angle of inclination of the back, while new models of tables – the position countertops. Most often, the chairs are equipped with wheels, which is important for greater "mobility" employee in the office. The concept of "office furniture" covers a very wide range of furniture: the workers and computer desks and chairs for various purposes, tables, cabinets, shelves, racks and shelves, office partitions – just do not count. There are two main types of office furniture: office furniture and furniture for the head of personnel.

The first type Printed fabrics can feel comfortable. Materials used in the manufacture of office furniture is very diverse. In the manufacture of furniture used chipboard, natural wood, glass and plastic. Combination cladding material. To improve the usability of furniture fronts edge and countertops are usually made of PVC paste over tape. Tempered, including tinted glass is the material for shelves, cabinets doors, countertops and various kind of partition. Extensive use of glass in the manufacture of modern furniture can make the atmosphere in the office of a transparent, creating the illusion of more space.