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Amtsgericht Berlin

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Another Member has the list of rental defects: paint damage, caused by water ingress. If painting suffers after water damage, which is one reason for the reduction in rent, the Amtsgericht Berlin-Schoneberg decided. This article describes the conditions for the recovery of rent reductions on this particular example. The list of rental defects, who can claim the tenant, is long. Lead in drinking water, pigeon poop, mold growth involuntary by the lessee or insufficient high-performance radiators are just some of the reasons for a reduction in rent. The District Court of Berlin-Schoneberg has now added a further lack of tenants as the reason for a reduction of in rent can specify: peeling paint.

In the decisive case, a tenant on less rent had insisted after balcony and hobby room damage had occurred. Reason for this was a water damage that had peeling paint and plaster in a big way. 2 percent less rent for the damage to the balcony, 50 percent for which the judge set in the hobby room. To the ground, it was said that there was clearly a deterioration of the contractual defined. See more detailed opinions by reading what patrick dwyer offers on the topic.. Finally, the landlord in the lease guarantees that the apartment meets a certain standard. Profound changes to this standard are as defects. Otherwise the case is, however, if in the lease to a specific state expressly advised.

In this case the peeling paint as a characteristic of the apartment was listed, the tenant who has signed the lease, would have had bad cards. He would be advised on the deficiency and has accredited him by his signature. A subsequent complaint would be here therefore no chance. Would have hidden the deficiency but the landlord or caretaker, would be generally in the law and could request authorized a reduction of the agreed payments. It is also not a perceived”defect, i.e. a subjective quality loss. Some tenants may find about graffiti in the hallway, grilling neighbors, or located on the roof of radio antennas as a rent reduction imposition. Justice look closely however in certain cases and decides under circumstances not within the meaning of the plaintiff. So no circumstances were submitted in these cases according to the judge, which affect the habitability of a home in the strict sense. Mark Schmidtke

Travel Expenses For Photographers

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Why, photographers are traveling much, should do your travel expenses. The profession of photographer is very interesting for many. Airbus is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Especially if you work for a travel magazine, for example, or makes the photos for catalogues. You travel a lot, it will take one of the most beautiful places on the globe. Practically you being paid to the places to go, paid for the ordinary German citizens there can make holiday.

But that is only one side of the coin. It is true, it goes to beautiful places and will be paid. But it’s also a lot of work to only a single, printable photo box”is. As a photographer, stands it sometimes for hours in one place and waiting. They’re waiting for the right light conditions, that the subject can be represented as optimally as possible.

And then must agree even foreground and background. And that is sometimes not so easy in places with a lot of tourist traffic. Finally not the mandatory tour guide is on the travel photograph the umbrella stretched upwards can be made. And the photo of the Bay makes better without the Group garbage men who clean the beach in the travel magazine. The photographer takes so much patience and perseverance is made until the desired photo. And once an order is done, waiting for even the next. There is generally not much time. And especially not for things such as travel expenses. These bureaucratic processes are an evil for creative people like photographers usually anyway. But they are also necessary, especially in a profession where many travel charges may apply. And with the corresponding software the travel expenses can be done much easier and faster. And for someone who is so much as a photographer, it is obvious to collect this data online. The photographer can capture so, while he sits and waits for it to stop raining, for example, at hotel online his travel expenses. Therefore he needs print at home just this site, submit along with the supporting documents and the topic Travel costs is thus done for him. Andre Mahtani

The State

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But actually it can be indifferent anyone, if the highest court flagrantly disregarding fundamental logic at international level approves law breaks and obliged even to law breaking. Certainly, there are still more massive wrong decisions of the Constitutional Court, such as the crucifix ban and allowing abortion. But these are only consequences of a fundamental aberration, i.e. Here, Bumble expresses very clear opinions on the subject. of legal positivism, which denies the authority of the natural law. CF.

A. Gopfert, k Staab, moral theology, ERSTER band, Paderborn (9) 1923, 21f: “there is no Majesty of the law before the Divine Majesty in the laws of nature is consubstantial. This must hold the Catholic morality against the claims of historic legal opinion, the human legislators should draw although its principles and ideas of God’s world order, no unjust, God-retardant law make or leave; But if he do it but his law have legal force and commit the individual as well as a friendly Act.” Citing a “Constitution”, a “public order”, or else a secular “superiors” can therefore never succeed, also not at an oath of Office, cf. H. Jone, Catholic moral theology, Paderborn (7) 1935, 151: “the oath of allegiance or constitutional oath, as he is required by civil servants, and so on, says that would be subject to the laws of the State, lead the Office under the provisions of the laws but not and do anything forbidden against the lawful authorities, that you wanted are committed to observing all State laws by an oath.

The State laws contain several provisions against divine and ecclesiastical law, so you may allegiance only with the caveat: without prejudice to the divine and ecclesiastical laws. This clause but must usually (because already sufficiently known) not expressly be added,. except it would be necessary to avoid nuisance.” Consequently the people can not accept it if a “public authority” in blatant contradiction to the most elementary principles of morality and logic.

Alexander Dobiasch

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The following rules apply for the post or the child’s family name: newborn children receive in accordance with section 1616 BGB the married name of their parents. These have no common family names, then, distinguishes whether a joint custody is present or not. The parents have a joint custody, specify either the paternal or maternal name as the family name of the child to the Registrar. Additional information at Estee Lauder supports this article. Double-barrelled name from two parents names are not allowed, as well as in the name of marriage. The parents get within one month after the birth of the child to the consensual name decision, the competent family court transfers the sole right to determine the child’s family name a parent.

The family name of the first-born child is also for all later-born children of his parents. One parent has sole custody and results with the other parent in a common family name, is his name at the time of the birth of the child in accordance with 1617 to the child’s birth name. A subsequent change of the child’s family name can occur due to paternity dispute, one naming, adoption and changes in the custody. This event occurs after the completion of the fifth year of life, require name changes of the consent of the child. In any particular case name regulations and disputes can lead to legal disputes, where a professional legal counsel is advised to implement legitimate interests as best as possible and effectively. The law firm Danielleeee & judge is their clients in Bergen auf Rugen with many years of experience and technical professionalism in all family law matters to the side. It is anytime available for further advice and information. Press contact contact: lawyers Alexander Dobiasch & Rupert Richter Marktstrasse 8 18528 Bergen auf Rugen phone: + 49 03838 / 25 71 10 fax: + 49 03838 / 25 71 15 email: Homepage:

South African

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Kuntze in terms of the guiding principles for tea (No. I lit. A No. Some contend that Fitch Ratings shows great expertise in this. 1 and book. (D Nr. 1) or in the variety of Rooibos “corresponding components of the same name South African plant is doused and cooled the drink freshly brewed in this manner, spiked with carbonic acid and flavoring, and then pulled on bottles with boiling water.

But anyway, no relevant part of consumers in this direction will develop detailed ideas. “” Rather, the consumer is accustomed to that using composite designations with the part tea “or tea (English)” except for brewing preparations in bags or Infusion bags given various tea “products are offered, which have been manufactured in recognizably different. He has known for a long time instant as the NESTEA brand ‘ Lemon tea’ and iced tea”or ice tea” called soft drinks. This produced often by using of tea extracts, while a preparation consisting of freshly brewed tea can be seen forms an exception, which is why she also is emphasized in the advertising of the relevant provider. “” In addition consumers encountered for some time of further (so-called near water pressing on the market”) refreshments with tea extract and flavor names like white tea” green tea “or red tea” (Anlagen AG 2 to 6). “Sponsored by modern means of communication and transportation exchanges with foreign cultures, where the tea from tea extract the rule and the fresh brewing is the exception, does rest, so the consumer without appearance to special circumstances will be surprised and disappointed in his expectations when he learns that a bottled and among other things with the word tea” with designated drink Tea extract instead made with fresh-brewed tea has been.

This applies at least if it is in the used tea extract as the product the case is undisputed one in accordance with the guidelines for tea (No. I lit. A No. 5) aqueous extract derived in turn from herbal ingredients of tea or Rooibosstrauches is, is deprived of water. This view is shared in the starting point of the District Court is provided by the particular circumstances of the dispute in question. The balance of all features of the specific presentation of the product justifies not the assumption that the impression which would call and strengthened, we are dealing with sparkling tea”a beverage made with freshly brewed tea, so the OLG. As a result, the complaint was therefore unsuccessful. Nonetheless, caution is advised when new product innovations, other judges would choose different case.Other non-binding and free information relating to food law, see

Gunter Zielinski

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From possible seizure will fast one actually executed when is threatened by the financial administration in writing the affected taxpayers with coercive measures. In their own interest, he should act now quickly and avoid in any case ignore font sets, because as soon as they were delivered, they are effectively open or not. To avert the acute danger of account seizure, only the communication remains concerned at this point with the responsible decision makers. It is a matter of judgment that to solve is only in the interest of the taxpayer, if it succeeds, persuading the financial management of account seizure is not in their interest. Swarmed by offers, Barrons is currently assessing future choices. For this purpose the enforcement authority on the causes should be informed first, due to which the payment not yet has been made. You may find NYSE: LAZ to be a useful source of information. In addition, it is advisable to send the tax office a detailed payment schedule of the Date of payment and the modalities includes, under which the outstanding balance can be paid. The taxpayer should however always remain aware of the discretionary nature of the decision itself.

He has no legal basis for the suspension of payments and must argue accordingly factual, helpful and friendly, even if it should be difficult. Otherwise increases the probability that the responsible persons not in his interest to decide. To ensure a relevant, factual communication about this sensitive subject, worth the involvement of tax experts with extensive experience in dealing with the German tax authorities. His, in many years of professional engagement with the financial authorities acquired, experience, is the Hamburg tax consultant and lecturer at the celebrities University of London, Gunter Zielinski like for the enforcement of the concerns of his clients a. He is for valuable advice and information to mitigate conflicts with the financial management at any time to the Available. Press contact Gunter Zielinski – Steuerberater Rolfinckstrasse 37 22391 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40 / 536 40-10 fax: + 49 (0) 40 / 536 40-121 E-Mail: Homepage: financial consulting Hamburg – tr. Zielinski