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It would seem, did some time ago created the most high-tech means of communication, including – Internet pagers. However, these computer programs are actually won in this world plagued from a lack of interaction, really deserved its own space. One of the first computer programs designed to interact in real-time mode, the WAN was icq, program, which directly addressed when interpreting the mean – I'm looking for you. Quest Communications, friends, perhaps including business associates – all that was and is one of the most important features and ICQ to date. At the moment all the more significant spread among consumers acquire cell phones. However, the part with the usual ICQ not be necessary – because of its java-version for everyone today open! Turning to the options the Internet, you can find ICQ for myself and on a mobile telephone, because that download jimm – it is very easy. Download and run on a cell Jimm – so always stay in touch not only to those who are in the field of your mobile operator, but also actually stay in touch with friends and business partners around the world. Internet is limitless, so why not use it ability to complete the program? Download Jimm computer program on your mobile phone, and at the same time to adjust it – it's all possible elementary perform at special portals that are specifically combined fans of such communication.

Professional advice on setting jimm, and other advice people who do enjoy the broadest powers of communication provided by the program – all without exception is now available to any user, from beginner to advanced in particular. Current computer programs offer the ability to ensure that you will be connected at any position. Do you think that the interaction with icq feasible only with a PC or even a netbook? We should not tie themselves. Download jimm and speak at any time, anywhere! You no longer have to buy expensive electronic media, taking advantage that you can always stay in touch. Dear smartphones and laptops are now required only for work. A standard for communication in principle sufficient jimm to your mobile phone. For those who want to ensure that the digital environment as comfortable for yourself, you will need online designer jimm. Using it, you'll be able to harness the power of particularly comfortable with the computer program in their own interactions. Join the interaction Today was even simpler: you only need to upload your own mobile phone jimm and feel the joy of communication through icq, which is always at hand.

Resident Vaughan

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The beautiful blue-eyed actress and a very nice, the game is not just does not prevent development of events, but also complements the seemingly gray middle of the film, rose petals, very similar to the lips of the heroine … “Dumatel” – another confirmation that the “real dumatel” is solely in the mind of every one of us, but the real answer to the question of “life and the universe in general,” for we can not give no one but ourselves. No dumatel never tell what to do – just himself, his “dumatelem” – and to take implement the decision. Even a president who seems to know how, but the entire film looking for the best answer to this question. And we with it you already know and can share his secret with him, because for many of us this is not a “secret” … But you another example of the struggle of the “matrix” using a person’s own gray matter: please carefully review episode sprint race of the legendary trio on the field with shovels. To reach the goal of their unique task was: DO NOT WORRY. Otherwise, a shovel on the head – because this is a “Resident Vaughan.” You can not think, is where the realm of regulations, laws, modes, charts, plans and other “programs” to develop and not only …

After all, in life, too, it happens only came up with the idea as “bang!” And knocked the idea out of my head! Law, regulation, rule, license, etc. – Vaughan approaches to protected systems “pro” – “Entrepreneurship Defense.” If you something planned, you always try to discourage even think about it, if necessary, not only with a shovel. Do you know this situation? Me – Yes. Robot. Sad philosopher. Almost “live” intelligence. It harmoniously and “grief mind “and neutral to what is happening in the picture. I am sure that among your acquaintances have a similar “robots” – always longing and sighing, talked about life on the background of a sunset “by hand”.

There is no alternative thinking, but there is a program laid by university, school, etc. Robots humbly and ‘properly’ do their job, the team of entrepreneurs, and representatives of the matrix, although with some of their intelligence: 2 with 3 higher education they (robots) course ‘deserve a better life. ” The robot – is an employee who “knows everything ‘,’ can do ‘, but – are not entrepreneurs. The robot is doomed to dreary existence because it does not take independent decisions … The last episode with creator – once again proves that anyone can create himself his own world, a world that will live by its own rules, a world without Vaughan and Presidents say this … And finally: This review was written with great affection not only for each character the film (I especially liked the Dolphins), but to you as well. Love one another, perhaps it is love that will give you another chance. Chance to believe in yourself … beautiful film. Excellent satire. This guide to “beginner hitchhiker.” A good excuse to “see” themselves or to look at the “other”, including: the different “idiots.” Recommended viewing for anyone with a sense of humor and a desire to not be Voganoi or a robot. PS Even if you do not understand the first time, will be a chance to enjoy the film on a subconscious level. Now, you can safely remove the package from the head: ‘doomsday’ is canceled! Announced crisis: tighter tighten belt! 馃檪 Read other reviews of the author. Author’s product business training.

讘谞讬讙讜讚 诇谞讜专诪讜转 砖诇 讛砖讜拽 讛讞讜驻砖讬 注诇 讛转讬拽讜谞讬诐 诇讞讜拽 “注诇 讛诪住讞专

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住讘讬专 诇讛谞讬讞, 讛爪注转 讛讞讜拽 讬讛讬讛 诇讛砖诇讬诐 注诇 讬讚讬 诪讻讬专讛 砖诇 转讬拽讜谞讬诐 讞讚砖讬诐. 诪讚讬谞转 住讙谞讬诐 讚讜诪讗 讞讜砖讘讬诐 砖讝讛 讛讻专讞讬 诇讞讬讬讘 讗转 讛讗讚讜谞讬诐 砖诇 专砖转讜转 诪住讞专 诇驻讞讜转 讗讞转 诇专讘注讜谉 诇驻专住诐 诪讬讚注 讘讗讬谞讟专谞讟 注诇 诪住讞专讬 讛注诇讜讬讜转 讜砖讜诇讬. 讛讜讗 讛讗诪讬谉 讻讬 讝讛 转讗驻砖专 砖诇讬讟讛 讟讜讘讛 讬讜转专 讘砖讜拽. 拽诪注讜谞讗讬诐 谞转驻住 讘讗讜驻谉 砖诇讬诇讬 讗转 讛讞讚砖讜转. 讬砖 讛住讘讜专讬诐 讻讬 讘诪拽专讬诐 诪住讜讬诪讬诐, 讛住讞专 讬讻讜诇 诇讛讬讜转 诪讜谞讜驻讜诇讬住讟讬转 讘讟讘注. 讛讻讬 讙讚讜诇 讛专注讬讜谉 砖诇 讛诪讞讬专讬诐 讜讛转注专讬驻讬诐 – 讗讞转 讛砖讬讟讜转 砖诇 驻注讬诇讜转 诪讜谞讜驻讜诇讬住讟讬转.

注住拽讬诐 讗诇讜 讝拽讜拽讬诐 驻转讬讞讜转. 诪住讞专讬, 讗讝专讞讬 爪专讬讱 专注讬讜谉 注诇 诪讞讬专 讛住讞讜专讜转 讛诇诇讜. 讗讘诇 讗讬诪讜抓 砖诇 讗诇讛 讛讞诇讟讜转 – 爪注讚 专爪讬谞讬 诪讗讜讚. 讗谞砖讬诐 专讘讬诐 诇讗 讗讜讛讘讬诐 讗转 讛讛爪注讛. 讛诐 诪讗诪讬谞讬诐 讻讬 讝讛 诪讛讜讜讛 讛驻专讛 注谞拽 砖诇 住讜讚讜转 诪住讞专讬讬诐, 讻讬 讛讻诇讻诇讛 讛专讜住讬转 讛讬讗 驻砖讜讟 砖讟讜转. 讻讗诇讛 讛讻诇讻诇讛 讞讬讬讘转 诇讛讬讜转 讻诇讻诇讛 诪转讜讻谞谞转 讞讘专转讬转.

注讘讜专 讗谞砖讬 注住拽讬诐 讬讛讬讜 砖讛驻讬拽 驻砖讜讟讛, 讗讘诇 讘砖讘讬诇 诪注讙诇 讞讘专转讬 砖讜谞讛 砖诐. 讛诐 诇讗 讬讜讚注讬诐 诪讛 讛注诇讜讬讜转 讛专讘讛 讬讜转专, 讛诐 驻砖讜讟 诇讗 诪讘讬谉 诇诪讛 讻诇 讻讱 诪专讜讜讞 讙讚讜诇. 诪讗讜讞专 讬讜转专, 诇诇讻转 讛驻专注讜转 讙讚讜诇讜转. 讻诇讻诇转 专讜住讬讛 讛讬讗 专拽 讟讬驻讛. 讬砖 讛住讘讜专讬诐 讻讬 讝讛 讘谞讬讙讜讚 诇讻诇诇讬 讛砖讜拽 讛讞讜驻砖讬. 讛讜讗 讗诪专 讻讬 讛砖讜讟专讬诐 驻砖讜讟 专讜爪讛 诇讛专讗讜转 讗转 讛讬转专讜谉 砖诇 讛讘讜讞专讬诐. 讛诐 专讜爪讬诐 诇讛讬讜转 住讜讞专讬诐 诪讜驻讞转 住讬诪谉 拽讜驻爪讬诐! 讗讘诇 讞讜拽讬诐 诪住讜讬诪讬诐 砖诇 讛转谞讛讙讜转 讻诇讻诇讬转 讗转 讛驻爪注 诇讗 讘讜讟诇! 诇讚注转诐 讬砖 砖讬讟讜转 讬注讬诇讜转 讬讜转专 讻讚讬 诇讛驻讞讬转 讗转 讛砖讜诇讬讬诐. 爪驻讜讬 讻讬 讛住讻诐 讝讛 诪讜爪拽 讬讘讜讗讜 讞讚砖讜转 诪专讜住讬讛 讘讬谞讜讗专 讛讘讗 砖谞讛.

Pravilnaya Work Supporters

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Fitiskin Alexey S. Commercial Director ASoft Especially for Today, almost every sector of business came the concept of "Customer focus", "Customer loyalty" and CRM. But what about the football business? Focused on whether the clubs of their customers? Do they know their fans are? After all, it is a customer fan club. That fan is the money the club wanted to get him the appropriate services in the form of games, and products in the form of souvenirs and merchandise. CRM market system in Russia is growing every year. Company consciously spend on projects implementing similar systems of tens of thousands of rubles to the millions of dollars trying to attract new customers and retain old ones, knowing that if they do not attract the customer now, if they will not keep an existing customer that is much more expensive than the first, they will lose part of their profits.

So how Similarly, a CRM system can increase the profit of football clubs? As they are able to increase the loyalty of the fans? Why the tools available to work with the public not able to significantly increase profit? To answer these questions, it is sufficient to identify disadvantages of the current PR tools and find out if a CRM system can implement the necessary advantages. At the beginning of the season clubs like to carry out "traditional meetings with fans, "spoken about plans for the season, are new players and discuss the interaction with support groups. Minus the situation is that at these meetings there is the Group's only part of the Fans in the course of the current situation and knows the latest news. Speaking of the news. Fans spend their time getting to know the latest news from the press, websites, team or specialized portals. After all, you can simplify their lives, increasing their loyalty and interest in the club, a simple dispatch of the latest news, and this tool is present in any "respectable CRM system.

Ukraine Diary

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Group tasks. On how correctly you sgruppiruete tasks, the success of their implementation. For a convenient grouping of you should choose the category 4.3, which will reflect the nature and degree of importance of tasks. K For example: IMPORTANT PRIORITY URGENT NEED TO READ THE STUDY OF CONTROL Choose your current in your job category, and always group the tasks according to your two. Effectively use your diary. Regardless of how we used to plan their working hours, is an indispensable attribute of daily business life. It is not enough to do's, must be clearly regulated system of reference. History diaries more than one century.

In Russia, the first queen with strong business skills, Catherine the Great had a habit of writing down everything that happened in the day, and all that it had planned to do. Catherine The second requires its citizens to conduct daily. Speaking of a later time, we are accustomed to Ezhednevnik all still at school. Yes, remember the school diary! That he was our first tool on the way to the organization and planning time. In the diary we were to carry a schedule (plan for the week), and recorded the result of the tasks (we put estimates). Today Diary – is an extremely important tool. It is ideally suited to record key information, a list of important cases, phone numbers and contacts of business partners. Diary is very convenient because it can be used to plan your day, and as a consequence – to adhere to the plan.

For me the diary – an indispensable tool, which helps to make rational use of my time. A very important characteristic diary – its quality. The range of notebooks, which are offered to us today business industry is very high. You can pick up a cheap daily diary or Vip-class. There are diaries with covers of various materials – fabrics, kozhzama, genuine leather. Cost and quality in such cases are directly proportional. Therefore, an important criterion when choosing a diary should be lifetime. As a rule, diary bought for a year, respectively, life diary – one year. Naturally, the diaries of cover of leather or imitation leather quality will not be ashamed to get it and at the end of the year – the cover does not crack and does not overwrite. Qualitative Diary – part of the image of business people. Proverb: "By their looks meet "- refers to business accessories. Agree, it's nice for a business meeting to record important data to a nice leather day planner, and not a cheap notebook. Today's diaries are equipped with substantial information block – Metro map or country, a list of telephone codes of cities of Ukraine, a list of important phone governmental organizations and agencies, and more. Optionally, the unit diary can be equipped with personal data of your company. In this case, a leather diary with your company logo and additional information about the company's inside – a great corporate gift, which will be for one year remind your partner of you.

Apiary Bees

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For neighbors appearance of bees in your yard can be a complete surprise, and therefore the reaction can be unpredictable, so it's better to talk about it in advance: to explain, soothe, and certainly not immediately, because later they will realize that the bees do not pose for them nor any danger. And of course, do not forget to treat at least some of their honey, and then no problems just will not, especially not rule out the possibility that someday will have on their site to remove a swarm that will not understand who owns the tree pleased him. Another misconception is that the bees need constant care. But bees are not a cow they feed themselves and survive long enough without your, sometimes you do not want care. It is quite sufficient to examine the bees once per fortnight. Maintenance and inspection of ten families, with a particular skill, will spend no more than one or two hours a week. Of course, not everything will turn out just the way you want done, but as experience is gained, even a small apiary will deliver not only fun but also profitable.

The most serious challenge for the novice beekeeper, who can not constantly in the apiary, bees swarming is, that is when the bees are not asking your permission, flies from the hive and fly to a new location, leaving in its native hive only half of his strength. Honey is a family will not, so you'll have to look for such methods of beekeeping, which will prevent swarming. Do not do without certain monetary expenditure on the purchase of bees hives, honey extractors, other beekeeping equipment, but if your intention to have bee seriously and thought, if you do not scare the first difficulties, and the first inevitable mistakes, it takes a lot of passion for pleasant moments. Not uncommon common passion for bees grew into a serious business that yields and income, and enjoyment of the work done. And we experienced beekeepers are always ready to share your knowledge and help you become real experts.

Online Wholesale

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Shop Online Wholesale – an easy and quick way to find the right products and establish business relationships with suppliers. Today, the Internet can buy anything – from a tractor and ending fishing rods. Progress took a step away. Now, a buyer from one city or country does not need to go to another city or state to bargain or to choose the right product. We only have to type the correct address or make an appropriate request in the search – and please, you find yourself virtually in the required wholesale store. Create your own online store wholesale can both direct producer of certain products and dealers, and officials simply direct suppliers of products, for example, companies importing and exporting. Sales of goods through online stores and convenient to both.

The buyer can familiarize themselves with all range of products, compare costs and terms of sale for different vendors, without leaving your office or apartment and to leave the application online and get all the necessary documents. Often in online shops consultant, who can in real time to get an answer to your question, to clarify the characteristics of goods and so on. Companies – retailers work through the wholesale online store is also very convenient and profitable. There is no need for a big office and a staff of experts to work with clients, showrooms, warehouses and the like. The entire product line can be laid out on the virtual shelves of the store and wholesale to provide potential buyers the opportunity to choose the right products. In addition, the omnipresence of Internet can attract buyers from different countries, it is enough to make available to use on the site one or two international languages. As mentioned above, online trading has virtually no restrictions on the question "what to sell." In the virtual stores and warehouses can be found in almost any group goods. This and household chemicals, cosmetics, perfumes, motor oils and lubricants, a variety of foods (tea, coffee, chocolate, cereals, canned food), clothing for children and adults, from cheap to brand, dry goods, building materials, bed and table linen, furniture and more.

Pulkovo Airport

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Recently made a race in St. Petersburg's Pulkovo Airport 1, he is popularly known as the airport, "five glasses," he's a slang airline industry workers nicknamed "Bae time." Over the past six months that have passed since my the former's visit to the airport Pulkovo-1 have been many changes. The first step on the way to airport Pulkovo 1 along the roadside we were met by machine with economical drivers. Since the entrance to the square in front of the airport and away set automatic barriers, releasing only spetstalonam parking and free time of stay is 15 minutes to unload and load passengers, many of the greeters are waiting for the parking area of the signal flown, and then take swift swoop of their friends, trying to keep within 15 minutes. For those who did not meet the time or khalyavnykh prefers decorum and noble to pack in a parking cost of one hour parking is – $ 100. Over the past six months that have passed since my former visit to the territory of the Pulkovo airport have been many changes since the reconstruction Airport Pulkovo-1 and to strengthening security measures. At the rear entrance of the airport again powerfully earned checkpoint and baggage inspection, which creates a violent turn and arrival at an airport means a lot advance. On the recommendations of airline staff is desirable for three hours before departure, especially during rush hour when flying at the same time a large number of flights and you have baggage.

Since I was without luggage, slipped out of turn, but frame until it scraped all the change out of his pockets and removed his belt I once drove 5. It seems to me at the entrance to such control is not justified by some creates great inconvenience to passengers, they will still shmonat landing on the flight. Going to the airport and climbed to the second floor found clear signs of reconstruction in Pulkovo Airport 1. The first thing that caught my eye, removed all the chairs in the hall, standing in front of check-in counters and kiosks to urge insurances different aviakompny, packing luggage set, cafe and shop with the press. Sit in anticipation of the beginning of registration or your flight is possible only on the remaining seats around the hole from the zone of arrival, in that cafe, and a 3 – floor. Ticket office for ticket sales at the Pulkovo airport located on the second floor in front of check-in counters and on the third floor near the offices of airlines. Zone has changed the departure of international flights, if earlier it was fenced off with a reception, but now all the reception are open, separated left some space in front of the border booths. Also, access to the cafe, located on the left side of the second floor behind the cafe and viewing platform is now closed and is only possible after passing the security before boarding the flight. Business Facilities for business class passengers, who was previously on the second floor, now transferred to the third floor.

Company Edaya Modern Car

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The company provides Edaya bus passenger services in Russia. Transportation of passengers realized in minibuses, buses and large capacity (110 – 140). We transport passengers, for any reason. Bus transportation performed throughout Russia, including the regions. It offers passenger transportation from door to door within the city and region, exit from the Russian regions in the center, exit right on schedule, double insurance of the goods and the ability to control the load at any stage of the order. Double insurance includes liability insurance and freight forwarder from all risks.

We are pleased to offer a ready route with a fixed price and terms of the order, or to fulfill your individual requirements. Our regular customers a flexible system of discounts. In addition to the mass of bus passenger transportation, we offer you a wide range of services for car repair. Auto service includes repair of buses, and Russian import, truck repair both foreign and domestic; car wash trucks, and buses, overhaul of diesel engines and transmissions. Edaya company has a large number of spare parts and components for the automotive aftermarket. No matter you are planning to go to rest the whole team, or decide repair your car, the company Edaya You can always count on quality and timely service.

To repair your car has a modern and hi-tech equipment. 60 units of rolling stock, including domestic and foreign buses PAZ-Aurora, Golden Dragon, Ford Transit, Gazelle, – waiting for you. Along with the bus passenger transport, car repair and service station and trucks buses, the company also sells Edaya and purchase of buses – used, new or reconditioned. On our site you will find the service companies, passenger services, on auto repair and diagnostics of your vehicle is also available prices for our services.

Russia Quot

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December 30, 2009 Company InformZaschita completed a project on the preparation and the certification of CJSC "Armenian Card" (Yerevan) in compliance with international safety standard payment cards – PCI DSS century. 1.2, for results of which the company received a certificate of compliance. CJSC "Armenian Card" is the first company in Armenia, received the certificate of compliance with the PCI DSS. Conduct a successful certification is the result of joint project of CJSC "Armenian Card" and ZAO NPC InformZaschita. The project was implemented in several key stages and lasted more than two years. The audit for 2008 was drawn up a detailed plan to correct the discrepancies, A working group of employees "Armenian Card" and "InformZaschita. In the next stage were carried out all necessary works to eliminate inconsistencies, including instrumental assessment was carried out protection of the environment of data processing of payment cards, including scans of publicly available network nodes "Armenian Card" and testing the possibility of obtaining unauthorized access to cardholder data. On final stage of the project was conducted the certification audit, the results of which have been identified no non-compliance standard, which allowed the company InformZaschita make a positive conclusion and issue "Armenian Card" certificate of compliance with the PCI DSS.

According to project leader of the InformZaschita QSA-auditor Igor Eliseev:" The project was made possible through a coordinated joint work of employees "Armenian Card" and experts InformZaschita, as well as the professionalism of the project participants and focus on results. " According to Maxim, Emma, director of the Department of Audit InformZaschita: "The specialists of Informzaschita" and "Armenian Card" had to make serious efforts to ensure compliance with all PCI DSS requirements in view of features of infrastructure "Armenian Card "in the given budget framework. One of the key success factors of project I would call the approach to the implementation plan for achieving compliance, which ensures close interaction between client and auditor and periodic monitoring by the auditor not only on the basis of the plan, but during the time of its implementation. " Also, Maxim Emm said that "Armenian Card" is the first in Armenia and among the top ten companies received a certificate of compliance with PCI DSS requirements in Russia and CIS. Executive Director of the "Armenian Card" Shagen Hovhannisyan said that since the adoption of the standard PCI DSS (2006), the company set a goal – fully comply with the PCI DSS. To this end, the company carried out work on staff training, introduction of a strict system of quality control, updating the system software and hardware. In result of strict implementation of the above works was to obtain Certificate of Eligibility (Certificate of Compliance). Work to achieve PCI DSS compliance led to a new level of workflow and positive impact on the quality and safety services to the company ZAO Armenin Card ". And as the Certificate of Compliance issued for 1 year and is subject to annual audit, Shahen Hovhannisyan assured that the company "Armenin Card" will continue to work on retaining and validating the results.

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