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Aggression in the order Carnivora is something natural, natural large-sized, both small or size medium. Part of his system of survival, the use it gives it his way of positioning in the social structure of the herd, gain in the fight for food and spaces of hunting, as well as being the backbone of the path of socialization and hierarchy. This scientific, conclusive fact after many studies of the same nature, unconditionally supported the idea that there is some more aggressive than other breeds. ETOLCANIN studies have been performed on specimens of Canis Familiaris (dog), with agitated or pathological aggressive behavior that has come to the conclusion that in most of them the trigger you has been: 85% a bad or null socialization (fear, aversion, habituation, lack of social attitudes); 32% A tenure or not efficient guided by the owner (loose guides or too hard, not reading behaviors and signs), 17% problems Physicists (aggressiveness by pain), 9% other. In this study have been introduced all kinds of breeds, German Shepherd, Doberman, Pit Bull, American Estafford, dachshund, Beagle, Rottweiler, Pointer, Pincher, among many others. This study in addition to others made in the University of Cordoba, El Hospital Juan Canalejo of the A Coruna, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons or the Department of biological sciences of the University of Lincoln are the same, the aggressive race does not exist and has never existed, what if he says is the existence of copies of all kinds of races that acquire an aggressive behavior in top grade due to a breeding and irresponsible possession, sometimes becoming pathological, by not knowing how to treat it or not wanting to do it. From ETOLCANIN we believe has not taken into account the opinion of the canine behavior specialists in drafting a law, which is mob and discredits a number of races just as prepared as the rest to live among us. The dog is only and exclusively what makes the owner of and if the dog fails at something, what the owner should ask is: in that I have failed I with my dog?. The copy is not guilty of belonging to his race, the owner if it is educate mistakenly.

Northern Argentina

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Yala, a delighted corner in the heart of the Northern Argentine town of Yala amazes visitors who travelled to the North of Argentina hoping to find a barren soil, with its perpetual green, its magnificent vegetation and its incredible wildlife, especially of birds, some of which only are in the Yala River Gorge, since they survive in zero pollution. Yala is situated 14 kms to the North of the Capital San Salvador de Jujuy jujena and is forced to the Gorge and Puna step.Can be accessed via route national n 9 then it joins the main towns of northern Argentina, following to Bolivia to the North and to Chile by the Paso de Jama West. is 1400 km above sea level.The area is dominated by the temperate climate with temperatures moderated by the altitude and the relief is mountainous. The Yala River Gorge, the lagoons of Yala and the Termas de Reyes comprise one of the most visited tourist circuits of the province. The Yala River is a pristine mountain river, encased in low mountains upholstered in green groves, with magnificent views of the foothills, which invites you to stroll its shores in winter and listen to his bellow at a prudent distance in summer.In the warm season heavy tropical rains, increasing its flow in a matter of minutes, with violent avalanches of rocks and logs that wiped out any obstacle in its path.Climbing up the hills that form deep ravines the Lagunas de Yala belonging to the Provincial Park El Potrero de Yala is reached and found 10 kms from the town of Yala, 2306 meters above sea level.Very visited by the beauty of aua landscapes, they are one of the main attractions of the area.In place you can perform different activities as fishing, trekking, hiking, climbing, birdwatching among others. The access road is winding and picturesque and the thick vegetation and variety of wild flowers make an attractive environment.In the lagoons silverside and trout are bred and is a place of birds nesting reason for which was declared Intangible Area in 1995.Toda area form part as well as the environment declared by UNESCO as reserve of the biosphere of the Yungas in the year 2002.

The fauna is composed of different types of blemishes, herons, ducks, coots and biguas. Low sectors there are parrots, Magpies, tries roads, Guans, hummingbirds and in the highest zones you can spot owls, milano swallow-tailed, kingfishers, condors, and reptiles such as yarara and coral, as well as Andean frogs. Close to Yala also find other attractions very appreciated by their landscapes such as the open of Lozano, Jaira Tiraxi circuit and the circuit of ethno tourism of the Chani. In the area different proposals are provided for sleeping, eating and the community offers horseback riding, hiking, crafts, regional food.


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The Theology until then considered the soul spiritual as being separate of the sensitive soul and the vegetative one. Toms defended the thesis of that the soul of the man is joins, and mainly, it is only responsible for all its acts, the man is the only owner of its proper choices, and possesss a natural illumination, that consists of ' ' natural light of razo' ' , light this that was given in them of an only time for God. In Toms de Aquino, its workmanship is observed in all the presence of ' ' quaestio disputatas' ' , mainly, its concern in presenting the thought adversary ' ' ipis litteris' ' , without no alteration in the direction, without devagaes, it is seen exposition of a thought such which it is. Toms is always locating its thought in opposition to the dominant doctrines of the time, and how much the workmanship ' ' Of Magistro' ' , this could not be different, has since this workmanship not backwards only philosophical conceptions on the Philosophy of the Education, but brings new ideas what mainly he was defended until then. Ahead of this, it is of extreme importance the use of ' ' quaestio disputatas' ' , not so that ' ' aluno' ' if it tires, but so that this really it understands what it is wanted to say. The main idea proposal for Toms is that the man possesss one ' ' alma' ' that she is the representative of the beginning of the life, therefore is part of the substantial composition of the livings creature, that is, is the powers that the soul possesss that they make with that the man can or not play definitive function, whose requirements are inherent to its soul. It is through it that one plays the functions, with peculiar characteristics closely related to the college of the vegetative life.

Walter Benjamim

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To line up the internal voices, the emotions and reasons human beings in a new correspondence, a new social model to be searched. The answers that others had found for the questions that all we make do not serve for each one of us. E, the rituals possess a social function to stand out the models, the standards of social behavior therefore that Walter Benjamim, the apologist of modernity will go to write an important book call ' ' Passagens' ' , in end of century XIX, where it will go to point varied moments of rupture or felt crisis of of the people who lived in the great cities in that turn of century, in relation the social perception of the urban reality that they lived that they were multiple, varied, without models, opened for new and the not necessarily best ones. To the times people do not understand that the souvenirs do not say concerning a distant past, but they say in them of recent events as the event of today of morning, the film of last week, the candy that I ate yesterday. All these events are part of our memories that are revividas in each souvenir, in the interior of us as an event power. Many of us for times we do not obtain to sleep because we are to think concerning the events of the day. What we are making is not disconnect in them of our souvenirs on the facts of the day is remoendo the souvenirs of as we act or as we would like to have acted. E, the souvenir are not the reality of that moment are not the reality in fact, this do not exist, because the said reality is lived and it only exists inside of each one of us.

The reality is only e, therefore, that the souvenir is a power for the events it them reatualiza. What said ' ' crises' ' or ' ' passagens' ' they make is to reatualizar the directions that we attribute to the events, are they past, gift or future. The task of ' ' crise' ' of ' ' passagem' ' it is to provoke a war of interpretation concerning the occurrences in our lives, to make with that ' ' cenas' ' of our souvenirs they enter in contact with other directions derived from other experiences. ' ' crises' ' or ' ' passagem' ' are moments allowed for the disposal of our humanity who interrogates in them concerning what we were until that moment, of what we are now and projects in them for a future of scienters. An opened workmanship in that leaving of common questions it searchs different only answers for each one of us. A personal myth if does not make with mesmices, normatizaes, closings of sensible and possibilities its emotional material is more interrogative, unstable and indeterminate what we would like to believe. Being thus it is more easy of becoming attached in them to already the existing one, the tradition, to always thus, exactly that these do not answer more the questions that we will be able to make in relation to our future or our gift. I finished not going the formation, but it did not say the real reason of my absence. I gave an excuse and as I congratulated it to everybody with the formation.


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The Espirito Santo the Espirito Santo is the guarantee from that we will receive what GOD promised to its people. this we of a certainty of that GOD will give complete freedom to that they are its, therefore, let us praise its Gloria. As its power is great that acts in us. GOD placed all the things underneath of the CHRIST authority and gave to CHRIST the church as the only gentleman of everything. The church is the CHRIST body, complete It CHRIST, which complete all the thing in all the places.

the GOD mercy is very great, and its love for us and as much that it gave its proper son for dies in the cross for in. Conjunct Mr. Jesus Christ, renews in our days your miracles; so that let us can see the force of your mercy, that the action of your Espirito Santo, that shaped your disciples and gave to beginning your church, either the same one today and always. It renews in our days the vigor of our faith, Opens our heart to feel your presence. It opens our mind to understand your word, fulls our soul with the action of your Espirito.Que let us see yours miracle, yours cure, your release and conversions in our way. That your people is alive witness of your word. That Sir is stops in the one new start of life. That all those that proclaim your name are blessed. Amen Sandra Sampaio Dos Santos

New World

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We are behind the gratings, imprisoned in our proper residences, in them we hide behind our walls of concrete and iron gates; we occult the solitude and the terror in our depressive and empty minds of love. They do not remain doubts is arrived the hour to come back toward house! Friend (), It (Jesus) comes to search you. You not it needs to be destroyed () by the fire that God will send to the Land for entire consumiz it. Choice today to be part of the group which apstolo Peter if includes when in chapter 3 versicle 13 affirms: ‘ ‘ We, however, according to its promise, wait new skies and new land, in which he inhabits justia’ ‘. This is the future that () waits.

But you are free to choose. I started the article speaking of a brochure that spoke on the New World. The Bible is repleta of tickets that support this candy truth. The majority of the evanglicas churches nails this. The lies, however, always come mescladas with one or another truth. A truth is that it will have a New World: a New Land.

A future without divorces, hunger, traffic, pedofilia, wars, death, violence and pain. This is a wonderful Biblical truth, was the proper God who promised in them. However, the great lie that mesclam to such truth is to affirm that this New World or ‘ ‘ new skies and new terra’ ‘ , as Peter says, it is this world where we live. She is one desmedida and demonic lie. You cannot believe this pilhria. This is lie! Another lie is to say that Jesus already came back and lives between us.

The Best Alternative For Document Management Software

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Remember that in the digital society a good content management and data management is essential and why records management needs to be handled by an expert team. Equipment to help you install, use and benefit from the profits of this method of knowledge management, the company provided entirely by Nuxeo, which is privilege of being the only Hispanic partner integrator. What can you do with this document management software? Well, first, the programming language that turns out to be completely free or Open Source, will open the door for enterprise web applications can be downloaded. And you with downloads of these applications, no doubt gain in prestige and be awarded so large-scale management and organization of records management. Result? That would agree to be Nuxeo EP as his right arm in the organization of information, both structured and unstructured. And why choose Nuxeo EP? Because unlike other document management software, interoperability is highly consistent with the effective administration needs while you are doing is looking to develop their enterprise content.

All in Nuxeo EP is directed basically to anyone, regardless of their level of expertise, to establish what are the strategies of organization of their reports, statistics, reports, dispatches, etc. , In a coordinated manner, very affordable to understand and, above all, with the guarantee of Nuxeo untamed as a leader and responsible in the process of document management. Therefore, if you thought that the document management software was not effective in managing power its contents so that they could appear as a harmonious whole when make your business successful, then do not hesitate to engage the services of Nuxeo EP is to you the necessary support and cash for the effective implementation of its document management processes.

Control Better

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She is one plagues for many men the precocious ejaculation. Cause humiliation, shame and problems in the relation in pair. The good news is that you can realise variety of tasks to control, even more and to give him to please his lover. It reads next to learn to control better the ejaculation from tonight. Since I have mentioned, the precocious ejaculation can cause much pressure in the relations; until it can finalize with one.

More of 70% of women they say that they wish that his man lasts more during the copula. For this, there is a simple reason, the woman can last up to four times to reach orgasmo more. This simple fact often leaves the unsatisfied women. The majority of the men is not able to handle the problem without aid. I will provide some advice to him who really will allow him to improve the control on the ejaculation and that is more pleasant for the woman the method that can use denominates Comience and Detngase. He is really simple, right like the title. You begin the copula in normal form, but it asegrese to pause before carrying out orgasmo. Once everything has calmed there down, it can begin again.

You will ask yourself, How can this entail to please to me loving? If you know something of the procedures that enchant to him to their lover, the perfect moment to realise them is when you pause. It realises different procedures in each opportunity. If you are not safe than it likes, it tries with some. She splendidly carries out if them, she never will know that you use the method of Comience and Detngase. In time, it will be impressed who you have many techniques to please it.

Very Streets

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Ok ok we go to start with the preparation of the civility of the Brazilians (we). We are prepared to receive? I do not say to make gracinhas the foreigners finding itself close, therefore they do not like privacy. We go to stop with this. The dirt of the streets. We play as many things for the windows of the cars, bus and walking, of the shame! We make pee in the streets, due to public bathrooms.

The streets are all pichadas! Very ugly the walls and appearances of the store and the public goods also let us not forget them public goods, our patrimonies. Total indifference! Orelhes, ours a shame! Bus, speaks serious, full and stops ondem wants. Bands of pedestrians, nobody respects exactly! The beaches, a dirt and a flock of peddlers, improper water for Horrios.Este banns item nobody know what the English is pontualidade, official language for world-wide communication, very bad exactly! Attendance in the hotels, rare the good excellent attendance Very high prices to rent and to settle in the hotels. Thus nobody return! Assaults and attacks by teen street gang a chapter the part. Lost bullets etc guided Visits the mounts Ours are of that we need to show for the world? The foreigners me seem that already they know! Honesty I change in it and the conversion of the currency, already I witnessed inadmissible abuses, the point to intervene in favor of the tourist not to pass shame with my country! Elencaria innumerable situations.

But, we go to focar in what it can happen after 2014 and 2016 in Brazil. You answer. Can happen something positive after 2014 and 2016? I better find first to decide everything that was cited above for who knows to be able to have a perspective of the one after of the opposite. Good of the opposite we will not have what positive spoon.

The European

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In fact the gold mines of Africa occidental person, with the time had been if becoming preference of the European merchants, since India were much more distant and inaccessible for sea, added to the short-term headquarters of profits, as already it was said. Thornton was happy in clarifying in them that the Europe already had knowledge of Africa occidental person and its mines, therefore some Mediterranean countries since the bizantino empire were supplied with the gold of this African region, thus demystifying the idea erroneamente imposed by the new history of that the Europe did not have knowledge of the African world occidental person. In what it says respect to the European settling of Africa, is of extreme importance to detach that it was not only possible for its warlike supremacy. As it was said, Africa already commercialized intern and external and of ownership of this knowledge, after some battles badly succeeded on the part in such a way of Africa how much of the Europe, the Europeans had started a long process of commercialization and ' ' parceria' ' with the African coast, first ' ' merchandises – ouro' ' later ' ' weapons – escravos' ' or ' ' horses? escravos' '. In relation to the merchandises, the author displays that they were varied, went of semimanufactured products (its majority) as leather, has covered, gold, rubber and ivory, the manufactured products as iron and fabric, however with emphasis in the iron, the author explains that although Africa also to be a producer of this mineral, by the way, of better quality, the African iron was more expensive due the scarcity of the substance cousin for the casting of the mineral and therefore more viable and lucrative the importation of the European iron for devices that did not need one better quality of the steel. Portugal, however, did not supply to as much iron how much Holland and England, for obedience to the papal order to prevent the commercialization of products used in the manufacture of weapons.

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