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Bathroom – one of the wettest places in the apartment, so when you install the outlet should consider a few rules. What electrical appliances you intend to include in the socket? If a razor – the rules set outlet alone. And if socket designed for the washing machine, dryer or electric hand dryers, the requirements will be more. We first consider the first option. Security requires that the socket in the bathroom had a grounding. But in the old home ground was not originally intended. Therefore, for power devices of low power (eg, electric) you can use an isolation transformer. When you install the plug must comply with the measures security because of the increased humidity of the room, wiring have to be hidden, and all junctions of conductors carefully insulated.

Do not place on the cold walls of the socket, where it can condensation. Outlet should be located as far from the bathroom and the sink (at least 0.6 m, as required by the SEP). Experts recommend using a special waterproof outlet. They are more expensive than usual, but is fully justified – at such outlets have covers and special seals that do not absorb moisture into the mechanism. ZAO "MPO Wiring" offers waterproof sockets for direct and indirect Posting manufacturing firms: ABB, Legrand, Prodax, Kontakt, CORR, ELSO, Gira with a degree of protection IP44 and above. This figure indicates that a socket is protected against splash water.

That's enough to install the proper outlet in the bathroom or other areas with high humidity. But as far as electrical power, then to connect them and protect against electrical shock, it is best to use the RCD. The instructions to the washing machines are necessary requirements to be installed. First, the outlet should be 3-pin. Accordingly, the wire – 3-wire. It is forbidden to use for connection of washing machines for household extension cords. Secondly, a separate line, which should be on RB be protected by a RCD with a residual current of 10 mA. Also, be sure to put recommended by the manufacturer of the circuit breaker. Naturally, any work on the installation must be carried out by specialists. Source Company MPS Electrical

Russian Maritime Register

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Today, the choice thruster – an important task, in deciding which should take into account many factors, the operating conditions of the vessel, its size, nature and power sources of energy available on board, size, intensity, and operation of the ship lock, which should create a PE. – For example, on a private yacht that went into the sea several times a season, set thrusters device, designed for a smaller share than in commercial or fishing vessels for the northern latitudes of the storm, though their rated power may be the same in this case. This was sometimes forgotten craft owners that privvodit to failure of the incorrectly selected PU. Depending on these factors are applied, hydraulic, mechanical and electrical thrusters. Despite the fairly widespread view hydraulic launchers, even if you want to install the entire system from scratch, can cost less electric thrusters, as Mounting the past often required: Set the charger power batteries, consider the thickness of the section and the length of the wiring – under a constant current, stand-alone unit to run CP, transformers – with alternating current. In addition, electrical PU – depend on the board mains, and it can greatly overloaded, while the hydraulic system when you install a hydraulic pump for diesel – generator, – self-contained and can be used even when you stop the main engine. You may want to visit Angus King to increase your knowledge. Well, of course, important detail, – the manufacturer of the selected device. In the Russian market represented by marine equipment from many countries, from a wide range of businesses, but most of them do not predostavlyut service, have malorazvetvlennuyu dealer network, and has no domestic or / few / we recognized foreign certificates, which is a serious problem for shipowners.

By the way, the Russian Maritime Register recognizes and equipment manufacturers surveyed DNV, LLoyd and some others, but the river as far as I know, until recently, not priznval no. So it is better to give preference to proven podrulkam brands, such as Side Power, or Vetus. – Producers who do not have sounded the above drawbacks with the dealers and service, and have all the necessary certificates and certificates (well, almost all: Vetus was certification of production – the most important and difficult stage. And while much of the product has not yet individualnh quality certificates, they can simply get in this case, by inspection of PU after installation on board). On the market and thrusters would particularly like to highlight a device firms Side Power, which manufactures hydraulic and electric (DC) VS. Thrusters Device Side Power highlights, of course, first of all, the use of special, twin-screw scheme, which increases life and reliability, gives a gain in efficiency, and hence in energy consumption. In addition, in case of failure of one screw device will continue to work through the remainder of the second. Many thrusters Side Power equipped with screws made of high polymer, which allows not to think about corrosion, to protect themselves from which it is necessary for using traditional expensive bronze screws. Thrusters Side Power are reliable and designed for continuous heavy-duty commercial and cruise ships.

Copper And Health

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Can still say that, apart from the magnificent technical characteristics, copper has a beneficial effect on human health. At this point, exalt the voice to hear all those present, assessing your scholarship. Whenever Rogers Holdings listens, a sympathetic response will follow. He continues: – Yes, without a person simply can not live! The amount of copper in the body depend on the strength of bones, skin color, level of hemoglobin in the blood, and even a good digestion. In addition, copper has antibacterial properties. By the way, even the copper pipes in a reusable melting retain their healing properties. Unlike steel, which generally can not be melted down.

By the way, recently appeared mednoplastikovye pipe. That is, copper pipes, which is wearing a "shirt" made of plastic, which protects against external mechanical damage. These tubes can be easily matched to the color of the tiles in the bathroom. "Fullness factor" to the neighbors if the flow of information after such a plumber has not gone anywhere, and you did not send, ask them to sit down and tea. Perhaps the worker will try to soften you a story about the poor financial situation of the native CSF and the inability to work with such undoubtedly worthy, but expensive material such as copper. Do not believe it! And consid in his face! No one expected that the construction management owns copper mines. But today there is an alternative to copper – this is a cheap plastic. Today, there are a wide range of polymers, of which pulled the pipe of all kinds.

Acoustic Press Control

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It allows you to by two or three circular motions at the same time get a perfectly circular section of pipe end, to make cross cuts and remove the inner and outer bevel. Bevel knives are made from high Steel and do not require sharpening at the time of the entire tool life. Especially want to allocate media company ROTHENBERGER (diamond drilling) systems for press-fitting. All media are delivered in a plastic carrying case without mites. Electro-mechanical press VARIO PRESS 1000 is used for pipes 12-54 mm.

Press is equipped with an APC-Acoustic Press Control, making it possible to monitor the process of crimping the end of the fitting, reverse and turning the head. To broaden your perception, visit Lakshman Achuthan. But the sales leader battery is an electro-press ROMAX PRESS LINER, which gives the opportunity to work with tubes 12-54 mm. For ease of use it has a safety switch, four-start button, automatic reverse and internal microprocessor with a light display, which provides information on discharge of the battery, the need for maintenance every 10 000 cycles of compression and crimping a fitting. Its compactness, independence from external power sources, light weight and swivel head allow you to work even in remote places, which makes it possible to produce professional work of high complexity. The most important indicator of welfare in the market shows the versatility of presses ROTHENBERGER, which can be supplemented with tongs to press the press-fitting of all makes. Manufacturing precision profile of ticks under any Manufacturer fitting, high solidity tick for accurate installation and durability press connections.

Marine Power Plants

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The main means of increasing capacity and efficiency of marine diesel power plant is turbocharged. Submission of the additional amount of air cylinders and, correspondingly, increase supply Fuel duty cycle, resulting in an increase in power a diesel power plant. Pressure diesel exhaust is 1.5-2 times higher than that of a gasoline engine that allows you to turbocharger provide boost and avoid inherent in gasoline engines with turbo failure – 'turboyamy'. In many diesel engines installed cooler nadduvaemogo air. These structural measures help to raise mass filling the cylinders and much, sometimes several times, to increase capacity.

Turbocharging improves combustion and reduces the hardness of work and loss of power. However, a diesel power plant with turbo has some disadvantages, mainly related to the reliability of the turbocharger. Resource turbo diesel engine is much smaller resource and usually does not exceed fifteen thousand hours. The turbine has high requirements for the quality of lubricating oil. Faulty turbine can totally disable the engine.

And his own life forced the engine slightly lower than the same air of diesel. The fuel system equipment Common-Rail – a modern solution to engine building. In each section a diesel engine high pressure pump pumps the fuel into the "separate" fuel line (going to a particular nozzle). The tubes are thick enough. In this case, when the high pressure 130-270 kg / cm on it "is run" portion of the fuel TTVD swells like boa, swallow prey. And once it goes into the fuel injector TTVD again compressed. This leads to the fact that after a specified portion fuel injector to necessarily "pumped" a tiny extra dose. This fuel, burning, increases fuel consumption, increases the opacity of the motor. Themselves as separate pipeline pulsation increased noise of the engine. C increasing the speed of rotation (rpm) modern automotive diesel engines (up to 4000-5000 r / min, (including marine diesel power plants) it has to deliver tangible inconvenience. A number of firms over time Engineers have found a solution to this problem for high-speed diesel engines. According to this scheme, fuel pump delivers fuel to the total pipeline – fuel rail, a kind of receiver. This middle tier is placed a constant volume of fuel which is under constant pressure – 1,300 bar. Nozzle opening is no longer fluid mechanics method (increase of pressure in the pipeline), and electronic – from a signal supplied to the solenoid injector. At its based computer assigns the right to operate the motor fuel and the time of its filing. Thus, the "snake" is not frantically pushes through the esophagus, "food", and operates in strict accordance with decisions taken by its computer. For marine diesel power unit – ignition engine fuel compression – it is very important, as the pressure in the combustion chamber increases more smoothly, without a "breakthrough." Therefore, ship diesel works less noisy. But most importantly – a system of Common-Rail eliminates injection into the combustion chamber "dosylnoy" portion of the fuel. Such designs of fuel injectors for engines made possible only in our time, this contributes to the development of electronics.