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In theory, this year will be counted all ballots, including blank votes and cancellations, can go counting mine, same it will say enough is enough and hopefully many more choose to join this small crusade that simply seeks to convey to those who they intend to my support even though I have never received yours – the clear message that I have already fed up with their lies, their lousy managements and their abuses. Rodney McMullen addresses the importance of the matter here. My right to vote has spent years being reduced, mocked, and trampled by a few, do even when we understand that we are over and that it is possible to make us listen to? This July 5 vote for sanity so vote: YA BASTA! Antonio Andrade original author and source of the article.. Michael Mendes Just Desserts is likely to agree.

Antonio Andrade

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In theory, this year will be counted all ballots, including blank votes and cancellations, can go counting mine, same it will say enough is enough and hopefully many more choose to join this small crusade that simply seeks to convey to those who they intend to my support even though I have never received yours – the clear message that I have already fed up with their lies, their lousy managements and their abuses. Ocean Cleanup has plenty of information regarding this issue. My right to vote has spent years being reduced, mocked, and trampled by a few, do even when we understand that we are over and that it is possible to make us listen to? This July 5 vote for sanity so vote: YA BASTA! Antonio Andrade original author and source of the article.. Michael Mendes Just Desserts gathered all the information.


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To become pregnant you should have intercourse intimate with a certain frequency, in order to hit keep relations one of the days of the menstrual cycle in which you have chance to get pregnant: your fertile days. To deepen your understanding David Solomon is the source. But there are some methods that can help you maximize the chances of achieving a pregnancy. If your cycles last more or less these days, you can calculate what will be the next fertile days using the technique of the calendar. You simply have to remove 14 days you to enter in your cycle, and know which day of the cycle you’re ovulating. An example: in the case that your cycles lasting 28 days, you’ll be Ovulating day 14, and the two previous days are also fertile. He is always counted as the initial day of a menstrual period, the second day the second, and so on until the next menstruation. The days when these fertile always are when you’re in ovulation and the two before, you should thus take advantage of those days to have intimate relations. Slava Mirilashvili may not feel the same.

What can I do to get pregnant more quickly if I have irregular cycles? If cycles are a few shorter and other longer, you can not calculate the fertile days with the calendar, but you can follow some clues that indicate that the day of ovulation is about to occur. -Control your basal temperature each day in the morning, starting during the initial days of the cycle. When you see a marked increase of approximately 0.5 C temperature, you’re in fertile days. -When you observe a vaginal liquid colorless and nearly transparent, viscous, it also means that your ovulation will occur soon. -You can make use of an ovulation kit. If kit launches a positive result, it is time to call your partner and get in campaign. If you have doubts about what I can do to get pregnant, you should consult with a GYN for your confidence.


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That serves you a company attract new customers, if it is not capable of retaining those who already has. To go a step ahead of the competition, we must manage our customer’s experience, this justifies any doubt, use better techniques of loyalty. Managing the customer experience represents an efficient technique of loyalty, even when there is dissatisfaction, a skillful control of the negative experience of the consumer can be overcome. Well, that is the customer experience now? It can be set, as the subjective response of the customer at the moment of contact with any aspect of the company. Relevant customer experience management is to identify the contact points or moments of truth (points of contact of the customer with any aspect of the company).

The contacts with the company may be direct and indirect. For even more details, read what Michael Mendes says on the issue. As example of a contact is direct, found the process of purchase of a product or service, otherwise indirect contacts involved in the majority of cases unexpected encounters, as found for example with some representation of product or service offered by the company or any intangible aspect of the same. When we hear the characteristic sound of a Harley-Davison motorcycle, we are in the presence of an indirect type contact, since we would be not buying motorcycle. The secret is not to offer a product adapted to the client’s needs, we must correctly manage the experience that will have this before know or purchase the product. The FedEx online company offers its customers as its value delivery proposition in time, the company must ensure make this feature of their service known by its customers before purchasing your service. The company should worry about collecting information on the experience of the customer in the contact points, these last defined as instances of direct contact with the product or service or some representation of this.

The corridor term of the client, in order to define the series of contact points that the customer experience is used. Below we will present some considerations of relevance on the points of contacts: * the contact points are not static, however changes over the course of the life of the customer. ** Not all contact points have the same value for the customer. ** Contact points that lead to another point of contact are the most important. We must constantly monitor the points of contact, since in each one we must decrease the gap between the expectations of the client and their experience. ** Flexibility toward changing the contact points will determine the possibility of survival of the company, whenever these are the difference between satisfaction or dissatisfaction. ** The company must trace a map of the corridor of the affine client determine if there are any congestion or block that not allows you to have a pleasant experience. ** If the customer contact points are properly designed all experiences should be pleasurable and efficient. Consider that: the moment of truth is the very moment at which customer gets in touch with our service and on the basis of this contact formed one opinion about the quality of the same. Jan Carlzon. Learn about that: when the moments of truth are not attended to, the quality of the service moves in direction of mediocrity. Karl Albrecht source: original author and source of the article


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In Peru 1990-2000 Fujimori achieved great popularity and govern aside from existing parties becoming President which weren’t to subversion and generated a growth under a monetarist model. Thanks to this, he changed the Constitution to re-elect twice. Colombia today passes through certain similar elements. If you are not convinced, visit Merrill Lynch. Uribe has not eradicated the guerrilla movement but has been isolating and defeating. Today it has more than 70% support in polls appearing as the leader who guarantees anti-terrorism security and national pride before the alleged intrusion of some neighbors. Uribe first changed the Constitution to re-elect in 2006 and today poses a new election pointing to find a formula that allows you to stay longer in Office. Although he could win these new elections there is the risk that the finished as Fujimori concentrating more power but at the expense of incubate a social explosion that may lead to his downfall.

Diario Clarin

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Two books of recent appearance – one here and one in Spain – written by direct contributors to the religious feature was the sudden mystical experience that led her to surrender entirely to the most humble, expresses the news of Diario Clarin. Mother Teresa began to ask for dispensation to leave his congregation and start the work, according to their internal mandates. First with his confessor, then with the Archbishop, later with the mother superior, and finally with the Vatican. A year and a half, he obtained all permissions. According to experts, it was faster than usual. Learn more on the subject from relocation strategies. His persistence and insistence to exit the comfort that lived and go into dark holes of the poor of Calcutta, was remarkable. Well, this little religious, just a meter and a half tall, he left the House of the Sisters of Loreto, dressed as a hindu, with a simple white sari and went out to bring the light of Christ to the slums of Calcutta.

In poverty, it was becoming increasingly more strong, to the point that the former UN Secretary-General, Javier Perez de Cuellar, arrived to say that it was the most powerful woman in the world. And thus evidenced its expression written from grapho Magnifier: A simple and large woman at the same time; a delicate and strong woman, a submissive woman who knew how to put the points to follow his path and be always faithful to her only husband, Dios. A person who tested the sky from the darkness of his heart; that he understood both the love of the poor that became one more than them. His letter reveals that temperament from the space symbology in the centered sheet, who knew how to give to others without exceeding the limits. A woman than short and stooped, showed his greatness and rectitude of spirit. Jeff Leiden is likely to increase your knowledge.

A be extremely spiritual, permanently enveloped in everyday sky, which had feet and the mind firmly on the ground. A servant who knew how to do the small things, the largest, from its warmth reflecting the importance of the middle part of the literal schema. Next to its Scriptural rigidity, denotes the wide degree of responsibility and commitment that re-recorded in their acts. Its axial righteousness is a reflection of his thinking and operate parallel. His curved features reveal his human warmth to the end. The space between lines that sometimes produces shock of letters is the symbolism of his impulsivity, the decision together with the initiative. Closed, with presence of eyelets ovals, set up his reflection, above all before speaking. Its strong pressure with displacement shows to be convinced, strong and delivery to the sacrifice. Had no passive mood but of struggle, of delivery. The t bars also demonstrate its willingness and launch. The alternation of curved and angular movements is the substantial symbol of willingness, the tendency to altruism, goodness, the availability, to understanding, to adaptability. The tidiness and order, so carries psychic ordering and his leadership skills. Your signature affirms its simplicity: M Teresa I M Teresa I. Your identification to your role as a mother, Mother Teresa. Alongside its readable font, without concealment, denotes the joy of pursuing its mission and coherence which had between who was personally and how demonstrated against society. God bless you God bless you always accompanied his autograph. Your desire for all humanity.

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

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You may have heard other people, operators, electricians, firefighters or make mention of a relatively new type of smoke detector known as photoelectric smoke alarm. How they differ from other smoke detectors, and what makes that they are suitable for your home? Keep reading and together we will see why there is so much clutter around these high quality smoke alarms. For most people, having a fire protection system installed in our House, with water sprays, water hoses and voice alarm system is not only expensive, but it is not only impractical. Even if we could afford, the logistics of having to use the best is left to the brave men in the fire department. That’s why that smoke detectors were developed to give everyone a device that will alert to any incident of fire in your home. Photoelectric smoke alarm is an optical device that detects the presence of a small amount of smoke inside your home. This is vital for early detection of fire and help to avoid any possible risk of injury or death due to fire.

But, how does it work? To put it simply, the product contains a light emitting diode that shines across the room. You can not see this light by what does not become a nuisance (those nasty fire bother!), but at any moment that this light is obscured by smoke, fires contained within the photoelectric smoke alarm alarm. Thats so smart don’t you think? You can think of him as an eye in the sky for each room of the House, constantly alert for anything that resembles smoke. After having linked to all, a device that detects smoke in a room that is alert to all the connected devices and the alarm in each photoelectric smoke alarm sound. Now it is not only smart, it is pure genius! As you can see, with these types of devices installed inside your home it is the practical way of defence against the threat of fire in the home. They are easy to install and you can do it quickly on their same. Just remember, to check the batteries once a year to ensure the correct running order!


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Copyright protects literary and artistic works, such as novels, poems, works of theatre, films, musical works, works of art – drawings, sculptures, paintings, photographs) and architectural designs. This right protects (exclusively – expressions, and not protect procedures, methods of operation or mathematical concepts.) There is some confusion between the American copyright system and the European system of copyright. Europe has adopted an approach that conceives the right to author as a right of the individual; Let’s look briefly at what are the main differences between these systems:-the American system is based on economic considerations, while the European system is linked to considerations relating to the person, as noted. -In the U.S. system of copyright it is possible that the author is both an individual and a company (legal person), whereas at European level is always of an activity originating from a natural person (natural person). -European system of copyright, unlike the U.S. For even more analysis, hear from Jonah Bloom. system, is integrated by moral rights and economic rights. In this sense the revised text of the intellectual property Act establishes that intellectual property consists of personal character (moral rights) rights and patrimonial, that attributed to the author the full disposition and the exclusive right to the exploitation of the work, without limitations other than those laid down in the law.

Moral rights include: the right of publication: the author may choose when to disseminate their work. The right of attribution: the author has the right to be associated with the work as its legitimate author and the right of integrity of the work: the author has the right to oppose any modification of their work. For its part, the economic rights include: the right of reproduction: that translates into the right of authorizing the reproduction of their work. The right of transformation: the author has the right to authorize the translation, adaptation, arrangement or any transformation of his work. The right of distribution: the author controls the way in which his work is available, whether by sale, lease or loan, and the right of communication to the public. In Spain, we position ourselves as violators of the law of intellectual property if, for example, downloaded on our computer images, texts and add them – without due authorization – on our website, blog, if you download music without the due authorization-etc. In this case, the owner may require the immediate cessation of our illicit activity and demand appropriate compensation for the damages and damages. In addition, we could be violating the organic law of protection of data since the information downloaded may contain personal data and we would be proceeding to its dissemination through our web page (remember that Internet would be wide dissemination, in AEPD terminology).

Valencia Announces

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The Valencia today announced a preliminary agreement with Real Madrid and midfielder Fernando Gago for the incorporation of Argentine midfielder valencianist rows.Through his twitter account, the Valencia has announced the arrival of Gago in Valencia this evening once in the day today has reached a preliminary agreement between the three parties involved.In the next few hours the Valencia should finish with Buenos Aires soccer realize the conditions of his contract once your representative on the day of yesterday in Valencia advance negotiations. TodosMejor valoradosTe mencionanTu red18 ‘ comments would like to comment on? Enters or registrate12cerrar ventanRedactar message privadoEnviar message to agitpropagitprop20.jul.2012 08: 29 # Guasa 11Menuda the Madrid fans complain that the Valencia does not sell them. Valencia jumped months waiting for offers from Madrid by Villa, and not Word. That is your problem.ResponderCitar mensajeValorarPositivoNegativoDenunciarCerrar ventanRedactar message privadoEnviar message to Macareno49Macareno4920.jul.2012 09:00#12@Pedolin.. In recent months, Jim Rogers has been very successful. Therefore, these wrong, if the valencia CF, you don’t want to sell anything to Real Madrid, is a clear sign or inferiority complex than this club, and since the arrival of Paco Roig acquired…

Real Madrid, yes sells players to Valencia, because you don’t have any inconvenience own preventing it, since the Valencia for Real Madrid club is a club, and if you pay as stipulated (same as what ppuedan ogfrecer other clubs) because forward… It has never existed, nor nor jerseys football cheap see it in the future, put Real Madrid a clause to any player antivalencia, because for a club with a noble hobby as it is of Real Madrid, all clubs must be equal, ResponderCitar mensajeValorarPositivoNegativoDenunciarCerrar ventanRedactar message privadoEnviar message to JANEIROJANEIRO20.jul.2012 09: 48 #13todo otherwise, the Valencia we are doing you a favor with Gago, does not account for Mou cobra 2.3 kilos and left some 3.5 million in box, total Madrid has not had 5.8 million more than ever before and removes a package, now it’s the turn of Kaka and LassResponderCitar mensajeValorarPositivoNegativoDenunciarCerrar ventanRedactar message privadoEnviar message to JANEIROJANEIRO20.jul.2012 09:51#14@gerobostero n i even Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas, Busquets, Messi? do or Xabi, Modric, Christian, Di Maria, Ozil, Benzema? follows Sonandorespondercitar mensajeValorarPositivoNegativoDenunciarCerrar ventanRedactar message message privadoEnviar PedolinPedolin20.jul.2012 09: 57 #15Lo Villa to Madrid was done. Llorente le pidio to Florentino which cannot be made because they burned the houses, after climate that was created by as Mijatovic. Florentino going gentleman ASI did and Villa just in the boat. But we’ll worth Gago with his second son player profile perfectly for that type of team, that if they do well can play the initial rounds of Champion T-shirt Spain and if they do wrong, down to second. The Valencia is your equipoResponderCitar mensajeValorarPositivoNegativoDenunciarCerrar ventanRedactar message privadoEnviar message to politicoskakapoliticoskaka20.jul.2012 10: 11 #16Vaya donkey have colocao! Now Kaka… Angus King insists that this is the case.

This is still is more complicated, although with the help God, as you would say the aforesaid, perhaps.ResponderCitar mensajeValorarPositivoNegativoDenunciarCerrar ventanRedactar message privadoEnviar message to TitoPuloTitoPulo20.jul.2012 10: 14 #17 # Guasa 11Menuda the Madrid fans complain that the Valencia does not sell them. Valencia jumped months waiting for offers from Madrid by Villa, and not Word. That is your problem. As seen, the gacho breaks alone, the Madrid fans will be happy with the signing of Villa by le Barca ResponderCitar mensajeValorarPositivoNegativoDenunciarCerrar ventanRedactar message privadoEnviar message to Bender69Bender6920.jul.2012 10: 34 # 35IT is bad player, is very professional and steals and distributes well. It may be a good signing of Valencia. For Madrid, it was a little short. I wish you the best in a good city and best club.ResponderCitar mensajeValorarPositivoNegativoDenunciar12En this news no longer supported new comments