Either an artist in what he makes. _ _ Disse Gardenio. _ _ Very pretty the words. But, where I can be different? I am only one small beetle that rolls a ball of bosta of a side for the other. I only make this and nothing more. _ _ All good.

For what I noticed you does not go to give up. Then, let us leave you are speeches stops later. Learn more on the subject from Slava Mirilashvili. Vocs, for what they had counted to me were lost and imprisoned in this place. Only a thing that did not obtain to understand. For which reason they had not flied and they had left daqui? _ _ What do you mean? We never fly in our lives. At least in the Bisouratec, none of the beetles knows to fly. Our field is glue the Bisouratec never needs to fly, finds that it was therefore that I, as well as the others never hit upon for this. _ _ Ei Bombar, you is hearing this? Beetles that they do not know to fly.

_ _ Then was this the reason. I always found half stranger, when he went to the field and he did not see none of the beetles flying. All always went of a side for the other walking. _ _ Disse Bombar. _ _ Yes, always we will have these wings, but in the distance between the field and our houses she is minimum, and, in addition, satiated food, that is, never we need search in other places, I think I who this is what not concern in flying created this. A half innocent comodismo. _ _ Disse Antenor. All good, my friend, but now vocs two needs to apprehend to fly, therefore, to go, for where vocs they want to go, they will have that to use other way of locomotion. Being thus, we will have that to see as two vocs if they hold in flight.