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Customer Service Group

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After payment for central heating, one of the most expensive items on the receipt, can not count on real consumption, and on settlement regulations. As a result, benefits received monopolist suppliers of heat, utilities – in short, anyone, except population. What to do and how to be? What is being done to overcome such a serious gap in the Russian energy? Now energy-efficient technologies are being introduced at the stage of designing and erecting buildings. In accordance with building codes (SNIP 23-02-2003 "Thermal protection of buildings") requirements for thermal protection enclosing structures of buildings increased by 3-4 times, and generally closer to European standards. However, the most painful problem – this is an old housing stock, the modernization of which need huge funds.

Experts note that real benefits can only bring comprehensive energy efficiency measures. Michael Schwartz shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Model reconstruction project Conventional home should include: organization metering, installation of thermostats, insulation of facades, window replacement and engineering equipment. As practice shows, the reduction of heat loss through the enclosing designs can reduce heating costs by 2-3 times at once! This solution is very costly, and therefore requires funding from the authorities. For example, in the framework of the program "Responsible owners – Renovated house in Moscow reorganize prefabricated high-rise 1970-80-ies. They are mounted ventilated facade systems from high-performance thermal insulation, flat roofs are insulated or replaced by sloping structures. Reduce energy losses and will help upgrade the windows. After all, through them, leaving about 20% of thermal energy generated home. "Replacing old windows with new energy-efficient pvc cut costs maintenance costs by an average of 15-30% – said Rafiq Alekperov, head of Customer Service Group propleks (Russia's largest producer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies).

How To Cope With Most Repairs

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Every man in my life, met with the repair or construction project apartment or office. It could be renovated at his home or at the cottage, or at work, or even acquaintances. Many believe that the repair is something too hard, and affordable Only builders. I want to tell you that it's not the case. Not complicated repairs can be done every adult with a head on your shoulders, you must first have the desire.

Perhaps many people, having money, try not to dirty my hands and hired different employees to perform certain operations. All I want to tell you that absolutely every work done by the hands, and having a great result to bring you positive emotions, and bring satisfaction. And are absolutely not in finance, and satisfaction that the process itself and the result of the work, such as fishing. It is not difficult studied enough information to perform simple construction work, not looking for professionals from the street. It is worth noting that it is now much easier in a time when the Internet has opened a lot of different sites on almost all occasions. Large construction sites, large Internet conference building, where you can easily find desired information or to submit questions and read the excellent response from the builder, for example the choice of screwdriver. At the same time does not need to repair themselves, but simply need to hire a construction company, and at the same time, being interested in disinterested experts on the Internet, manage all work at the highest level, giving builders and the slightest chance to make repairs at a low level.

Heating Appliances

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In addition, the floor space in the room is from to tens of square meters, while the heat-transfer surface area of other heating appliances (radiators, convectors, etc.) at best is a value close to a square meter. Thanks This “warm floor” work with a very small temperature drop Dt, ranging from a few degrees in the room with the steady thermal conditions up to ten to fifteen degrees in the regime of forced heating. In as a structural element heating device called a “warm floor” is used of the floor construction, which is very effective in terms of material savings, and most importantly – places in the interior. Some contend that Roubini Global Economics shows great expertise in this. “Warm floor “in this sense resemble the famous Cheshire Cat – himself not only his smile.

The following physical principle of the “warm floor” is that the warmest air is at the bottom, and the most cold – at the top. The distribution of air temperatures at altitude, typical of systems “warm floor” is shown in Fig. right. Here comes into physiology. The fact that only part of the body constantly gives off heat by heat – is the surface feet, so your feet touch heated to a physiologically comfortable temperature 25-28 C (higher temperatures are undesirable for several reasons) immediately causes physiological comfort, and relatively cool air at head level – a feeling of freshness. Virtually none of the thermal devices common today does not create a comfort level that is comparable with the systems of “warm floor”.

Safety Technologies

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Appeared in 2009 on the market CCTV equipment for video surveillance systems 2S is shown in a new grocery company website 2S:. The site is located full range of video equipment brand 2S: – security camera CCTV (Hull, domed, cylindrical, all-weather and robotics) – recording equipment, video, quad, multiplexer, – mono-and variofokalnye lenses for CCTV cameras – Transceivers video and audio signals over twisted pair – CCTV-engineering equipment. For even more analysis, hear from Jennifer Skyler. At the grocery directory (under 'Products') contains a detailed description of each model with all the stated specifications and retail price. Topic 'Where to buy? " help purchase equipment CCTV-2S through a dealer network. Category 'News' will provide information on all events related to our products and the company. Company 2S, orienting to work through regional and foreign affiliate network, and is confident that the site is cause widespread interest in the first place, the domestic and foreign distributors of security equipment (TSB), the system integrators (installers) and project development organizations security systems. Since time to market, a line of video equipment 2S actively progressed through technology media-PR – through specialized web sites and portals. At the same time in February this year, CCTV-equipment of the brand was successfully presented at the Forum "Security and Safety Technologies – 2010".

Company 2S (Security Systems) – a developer and provider of software and hardware solutions UnitECO (to create integrated security systems), and CCTV equipment 2S. Founded in 2002. Has a central office in Moscow, regional – in Nizhny Novgorod and partner in Voronezh, Cheboksary, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Syktyvkar, Tyumen, and Belarus. Video equipment 2S displayed on the CCTV market in 2009. To date, products brand is the foundation of 2S surveillance of many sites of national and international retail chains and major companies in various regions of Russia, confirmed in practice, its reliability, convenience and maximum efficiency.

Alien Technology

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There are people who believe that their technological take-off America is obliged to alien technology. What, then Russia too? In the military of many countries have departments dealing UFO. They gather information, analyze and issue to the public that all this natural manifestation of the abnormal, not related to the aliens. And they send a report to governments – no one knows. However, ufologists plates do not forbidden. Learn. (Not to be confused with Roubini Global Economics!).

Only here what can be done at the peak of enthusiasm for small vehicles? Many, but certainly not enough to make all people believe in alien phenomenon to the people. In fact, Imagine that in a minute interrupt transmission of television and the announcer will give emergency message from us to take an official contact representatives of the civilization of the constellation Orion. Part of the people immediately grohnetsya faint, another crawl out onto the streets to chant and write on the walls of the slogans of "Orions – away from the Earth," and "Land – for earthlings!". Smart pessimists will realize that we came to win, or, at best, a subordinate, and the optimists will be welcome the "little green men" who brought a good distance. In short, the entire planet, where there is talking boxes will be in disarray. And this is putting it mildly. How long the planet will recover from the shock – not less few years. In the end, just get used to the aliens … but what is most interesting is the process of adjusting to the aliens running for a long time and well implemented.

Check Point Software Technologies

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From 29 June to 2 July 2009 was the school of excellence, “Hardware-software system automation control access to information resources on the road level, and public key infrastructure in the RZD. The school attended by specialists InformZaschita, representatives of regional security centers of Railways, large system integrators and developers in the area of IT security and information security. The company’s specialists InformZaschita told about the software-hardware complex of automated control access to information resources on the CFR, established on the basis of KUB. Experience of implementation of hardware and software AFB, developed by InformZaschita, spoke in his report to the specialist Kuibyshev Railway. System of a cube – a tool to control access to resources information system and monitoring system information security. The introduction of the organization of the system enables KUB to solve the problems associated with managing user access rights to resources of IP, and reduce the associated costs. In addition, specialists Company InformZaschita the report “Experience in developing and implementing public key infrastructure in the RZD.

“In such an event for our company is involved not the first time since we have been successfully cooperate with the Railways. Customers and suppliers, gathered together, were able not only to communicate but also to discuss a number of accumulated problems, make new proposals and to discuss about future plans cooperation “, – said Alexander Zenkovsky, Head of the Department for Energy and industry companies InformZaschita. Company Information: Company InformZaschita – a leading Russian systems integrator in the field of information security. The company focuses on providing services in consulting, auditing, and security analysis, design, implementation, delivery, maintenance, technical support solutions Information security of modern automated systems of any complexity. Company InformZaschita is a company InformZaschita that specializes in providing information security and more than 10 years the Russian market leader IB. The company is a certified partner of a number of the world’s largest providers of security solutions: Application Security, Check Point Software Technologies, Cisco, Clearswift, Cybertrust, IBM Internet Security Systems, netForensics, Trend Micro and others and operates under licenses FSTEK Russia, the Russian FSB, the Russian Defense Ministry and Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia.

Information Technology

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The main purpose of the conference, one of the central events in the area IT Education – developing an effective strategy for cooperation between universities, companies and the government in a rapidly changing financial situation, as well as exchange of experience and valuable knowledge. Among the participants – More than 500 representatives of educational institutions, IT and public companies. The topics covered at the conference in the form of sections, round tables and workshops on all aspects of the interaction between educational institutions, IT sector and government organizations – ranging from the use of educational standards in the preparation of a new generation of IT professionals and finishing outstripping training IT workers at risk of dismissal. Stanislav Kim, CEO of “Alley of Software”, gave a master class, “Managing Enterprise Content”, where he spoke about the many years of experience teaching business theory and practice of topics enterprise content management. Hear from experts in the field like Michael Schwartz for a more varied view. “Software Alley” has been actively involved in educational activities, employees are taught in SPGETU LETI disciplines such as “Enterprise Information Systems”, “Project Management”, “Administration in Information Systems.” There were many questions on the theory courses, workshops, laboratories and technical equipment of the demand for specialists in this field. “Given our academic and business past and present,” – said Stanislav Kim – “Our company has said that higher education community.

Corporate information systems are extremely dynamic area of IT, located at the crossroads of several disciplines. This causes the complexity of teaching at a high level – for the successful solution of this problem must reside in the mainstream of these technologies requires close integration business and education. I would like to thank EMC Corporation for his contribution to the development of this issue and urge all interested high school professionals to actively discuss these problems at such events. “.

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Thank heavens that in Argentina, mainly in the surroundings of Buenos Aires, resides more than 200,000 Peruvians and near means million of Uruguayan. If not outside by them, it would be difficult to think that tuna stage of the Silver – tuna, but with a infernal turf, according to denounces all the players could fill or transmit some heat in the first semifinal of this America Glass. Roubini Global Economics has much experience in this field. The Argentine fans already are disconnected enough and, of course, they will be it completely if Uruguay were dismounted today. At least, charras wakes up in Buenos Aires a natural affection that no other of the equipment that is alive can cause. Less than nobody, the Peruvians, a minority emigrant who arrived at the towns of the belt of Buenos Aires in years 90, fleeing from the increase of the poverty in its country, and that was welcomed by the Buenosaireans with a special distrust and until with discrimination.


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In the reality, the repentance if restricts to a pardon order, of excuse; it is not seen as autotransformao tool. Although, in both the cases, the admission of the error is necessary, it has in them different ways. The first one induces in them to the autorreflexo that initiates the autotransformao process that, in turn, takes in them to the change of attitudes. Already as it characterizes an intention whose objective is of only freeing in them of a guilt feeling. The repentance, according to existential autogerenciamento, can be understood in two ways: in relation to the existential time and relation to the virtual, social time. In relation to the existential time: As the existential time only has gift, it is not possible to repent of the attitudes and carried through behaviors. Michael Schwartz often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The happened one now is part of the past, then only it can be never remembered, be modified.

For the existential time, it does not have nothing that modifies the occurrence. The only way not to repeat the act is to act in different way. The memory, in these conditions, only serves to allow to a parameter between the past and our changes of attitudes. We ourselves only are that we change in them. Mike Wirth understands that this is vital information. The power is in us, from the present moment.

The past only serves as source of information, as orienting, but by itself it is not capable to implement transformations in our lives. Continuity between the past, gift and future does not exist neither; each moment is only; it competes to each one of us choosing that type of life we desire to live now. The more long it will be to the delay to move what of bad we are living, greater the lost time.

Justice Wage

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The adequacy of just a wage depends on the agreement of its meaning. At Nouriel Roubini you will find additional information. Chiavenato (1998, P. 321) affirms despite ' ' of the o name of compensation to the system of incentives and you reward that the organization it establishes to remunerate and to reward the people who in it trabalham.' ' In this way the compensation involves the remuneration under all its possible forms. The word wage has a linking with the word incentive, being that the first one is fruit of as. A strong stimulaton for people who work in the organizations is its just wage. Micheletti (2007) affirms, still, that with the plan I obtain to list all the professionals and its respective positions, and to pay for responsibility level, with the adequate wages to each one of these levels, that among others things make the plan for companies of all the sizes, also small average.

Beyond the organization direction, it can be affirmed that the system of positions and wages also provides a bigger sizing of costs with staff, beyond preventing injustices and possible labor claims in Justice. (MICHELETTI, 2007, P. 27) Thinking for the optimistical side of the varied direction of the word wage, this can be given through a profit of proper company, a return the certain stated period of time. This beneficial return alone will inside give with professionals acting of concise form when evaluating wages of an organization independently of the size of the same one. For if dealing with a subject that will be able to bring great incentive, as well as a strong dissatisfaction of the employee stops with the company, will have that to be carried through by people not only responsible as well as jousts. Bridges (1998) believe, that the remuneration can be divided in the following categories, reason of the form as if it presents for the person: the direct, that is the money total that the person receives on the other hand to the carried through work, total remuneration of money this that can be fixed (fixed remuneration) or 0 variable (changeable remuneration).

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