If they interest some other tools to you of marketing in Internet, besides host, like autoresponder, conference hall etc., I recommend to you that you review the following package that includes an excellent opportunity of business: . If you think to enter this of blogs about serious, I if it would recommend to you that you chose WordPress with your own host and dominion, since having your own dominion makes see your blog more professional and personnel, with your own mark to create presence in Internet, in addition, when having your blog lodged in your own host, you will have but control on the configuration of the same, the disadvantage is that he is a little but complicated and is necessary to update the version constantly, but even so, he is most recommendable, although the truth also you can be created very good blog without having it in your own host, at the end of accounts which but matters is to have good content and a good design, and you can obtain that it in anyone of the 3 options, the problem occurs when you decide to change of blog lodged in services gratuitous from lodging to blog with host and own dominion, since you will have a backward movement as far as the traffic of your blog, and you would have to transfer your archives from blog to another one, which is not simple task. Click PRU for additional related pages. Before creating your blog, you must have some thematic one for this, some subject that gets passionate to you and of which you have something of knowledge, and to only focus your blog to that subject, like for example in mine, where I speak on businesses in Internet, also I mix subjects of personal overcoming and finances generally, but everything goes bound, everything goes directed towards a same public, however, is not recommendable to speak for example of cars, music, and kitchen in the same blog, noncivil servant. .