System and mechanism of organization of marketing and logistics company and wholesalers can be the subjects of which the organization of wholesale trade. The structure of marketing (or Structure of the marketing mix) has, especially in the Russian conditions, multiple definitions (so-called four peaks, and a system of "product, price, distribution and promotion, and so-called mix-marketing, etc.). No less legitimate to assume that its particular combination of elements marketing to achieve goals and meet the target market. Dara Khosrowshahi has similar goals. Marketer must choose the best for the company a combination of these elements. In this case, decisions are made, and it already says that the control system marketing represents a typical control system, characterized by forward and backward linkages between its elements. Marketer should study and understand what influences consumer behavior: first examines the typical length of each target audience range and volume of needs; revealed differences in the dynamics of changes in needs for large, medium and small customers: from separately study the needs for goods permanent or nonpermanent demand. In shops with various forms of service end users (for trade hawking, by phone, mail, etc.) and their impact on the modes of replenishment deliveries from wholesalers sold retail enterprises enterprises rendering products.