A fundamental aspect of social media marketing campaigns is how to measure the success of them. When we speak of effective Social Media Marketing campaigns and to invest money in putting up, it is necessary to require results that are measurable because that way we can have an idea of whether our activity on social networks is functioning efficiently and effectively. Before the investment that represents for any company create a Marketing or advertising campaign, it is important that, like any other investment, you have a return that can be measurable. Do otherwise it would be like saying we have invested $10,000 in shares of the stock! and what is the profitability obtained? Ah, we don’t know, but they all say that it is a good investment! It’s a bit what is happening with Social Media Marketing: everyone says that it is good and this is reflected in the large number of people and companies that provide consulting services and campaigns. On the other hand, there are an infinite number of entrepreneurs who would like to invest in it, do not know how to do it and rely on the experts. There are many professionals who are dedicated to Social Media Analytics, i.e.

who perform a detailed analytical results of marketing activities in social networks. And there are also many tools, either as free bonuses, which allow us to measure the results, of which I will mention some that are free: Social Mention: is a tool that calculates all endorsements generated by users on blogs, social networks, etc. and allows you to measure the presence of a mark in the network and its strength. HowSociable: in line with the above, this tool also allows to measure the visibility of a mark on the network, analyzing the presence that might have on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube, Flickr, Google, Yahoo, Delicious, Technorati, etc. Facebook Insights: is a tools for pages of Facebook, according to daily (and total) number of I like that the page has, provides information about active users and interactions that these pages produced, such as comments, references, publications in forums discussions, etc.

Trying to Twitter some of the tools for this microblogging platform are: TwitterStats, Twitalyzer, Twitter Analyzer, etc. They are very similar among themselves and very easy to use although they are in English and in general, all measured parameters: number of followers, number of retweets, impact, engagement, popularity, mentions, etc. Twitalyzer is another of the proposed tools for Twitter that also lets you compare some of the parameters mentioned between two different users.This is very interesting because it will allow us to (once you have data about the results of particular campaign) studying the competition, by comparison. Under every point of view, it’s know how is running a campaign to be able to act consistent with the results measured. However, no tool alone can be good enough: there has to be a professional back who follow the results that will be achieved through Social Media Marketing and can make the necessary adjustments to make the campaign a success. If you are from people who understand the importance of conducting an effective campaign on social networks to promote your product to service, hiring a Virtual Assistant can provide you much things. Original author and source of the article