White will give you fresh, if you do not get enough sleep and want to hide the tiredness. This color is also very good for the sport and informal meroprity to fresh air. Comments stylist. Tanned body perfectly accentuate white. None of these people who would not go with this color. The only thing worth paying attention – kipelno-white color can accentuate wrinkles and skin imperfections, in addition, if you do not perfectly white teeth, the better to choose a white, diluted with other shades – beige, brown, yellow, ivory and other light shades.

And in a suit of that color you conquer all in any situation – and at business meetings in the office and at a party and on vacation. YELLOW. The color of joy, happiness and wealth. It represents the lightness and inconstancy. Preferences stars in the new season trend setters supports most – on the runway has never appeared so many yellow dresses, coats and blouses. This color always attracts attention. Allow yourself a little hooliganism! Put on a bright yellow top on the first date. Then he just you will remember for a long time.

Want to pass for a good girl? Again, yellow! In combination with the gray and blue, he creates the effect of intelligence. But do not overdo it – in large quantities yellow tires. Comments stylist. Joyful! yellow most suitable tanned girls, will highlight the brightness of the brunettes. But do not wear it from head to toe – so you'll look like a canary.