Gas, ceramic or induction? A new stove can even more than cooking. When buying a new kitchen stove, need to be given careful, he must meet what claims in the future. This is similar to the car purchase, about you already know whether you tend to a practical small car, a solid family car or a luxury sedan and what features are important. First is the space to be considered. When planning a new kitchen, it is not necessary to restrict themselves to the 60 cm usual in Germany, but also in already existing kitchens, a more comfortable range can be integrated with a little planning and skill. Cooking without spatial constraint is no longer a problem, a pleasure, fiddling with several pots if you instead of four has maybe six cooking zones available. The British company Falcon offers solid, comfortable booth flock for over a hundred years, which harmoniously inserted in every kitchen. While you are Account preferences for the various possible modes: almost every Falcon can optionally with gas stove, ceramic or induction as operating mode be equipped. John McCann understood the implications.

The modes has differences in the practice of cooking: gas hob: when a gas hob influence can be precisely and immediately on the temperature taking. Hot baked or simmered gently, the gas flame can be to the millimeter exactly visible. Therefore, the most professional chefs prefer gas mode. Glass-ceramic (ceramic): glass ceramic hobs respond to clear carrier changes the temperature setting. Patrick dwyer has much to offer in this field. You can heat up quickly, deliver a residual heat surplus, which is sometimes not desirable but after shifting down still for a long time. With a little practice you can make but the remaining heat use to keep dishes warm. The low-maintenance cleaning of the surface represents a great advantage of this mode.

Induction: when a Not the stove, but the bottom of the pot heats up induction hob. Electromagnetic energy is transformed into the bottom of the pot to heat and only used where they are needed. The heating operation is incredibly fast, comparable with a kettle, boiled over not Burns, because it just is not true on the stove top on a too high temperature. For induction hobs special pots with a Ferrite core in the bottom of the pot are required! No matter which of the possible modes one ultimately decides, a stove can still form the heart of the House, common cooking experiences stimulate, inspire new creations or be a magical attraction for family and friends. The daily cooking must be not only a ‘must’, it can become the creative, relaxing activity, one dedicated to joyfully, in modern, purist kitchen as well as in traditional country house kitchens. Falcon range cooker gives it in many colors, sizes and designs in the desired mode. They offer every imaginable Cooking comfort, even a separate Grill system, a special wok burner or two ovens instead of only one, everything integrated. Why should you settle for less? At, you can inform yourself comprehensively and telephone advice. -Kirsten Miedtank-