Firstly, for the reconciliation of partner you will have to strengthen security in yourself, remember that it might have been your responsible for the breakup, or which has touched you to assume that role, whereupon, the approaches towards your partner will be full of recriminations, accusations, criticisms, etc. You’re emotionally ready for it? Will you defend your interests without going into that game of victimhood and accusation? Emotionally you have to be very strong to be able to transmit it to the other person and that trust in you. If you decide to break, the other won’t believe in your new decision, you acknowledge vane and his first impulse will be the denial. Chevron Corp understands that this is vital information. Get ready for this you need to be prepared for it, you can not suffer an emotional letdown everytime you have a contact with him. Formula will have prepared some tricks for when you go to see you: repeated your point of view and again explain your purpose from the beginning but only one time you cannot justify all the time, will give signs of weakness defends your posture and attacks eludes the conversation, jump by tangent, speaking of something else not you des game.

Pay attention and affection when you try either and you talk cordially, not do it if you attack. Check out Lakshman Achuthan for additional information. Express your feelings in positive and assumes your mistakes, you will feel comforted are you afraid to be alone? Other points to keep in mind are your needs. You will have to assess which is the reason that makes you want to return may be the need for protection or love you to do something that really has no reason for being. Are you afraid to be alone? Filling a gap? If this is the case, recalls all the bad relationship and checks to see if it is worth try again only by fear.