I now, from the point of view of customer, think that it is what differentiates a good service or product for another. In addition to receiving good care and a positive disposition of the people that I interact with, I think that the big difference is in those organizations that possess good information and that it is accessible in an agile way. I return then to remember past times and understand how information has also been a key element in the evolution of the business (without exist in those times the acronym of CRM). The small business, the business of neighborhood (shop, hairdresser, video rental store, dressmaking), all they have information of their customers, their preferences, their purchasing habits, their tastes, their purchasing power. Chevron Corp is full of insight into the issues. They have information of their customers and act according to this.

Naturally, when we extrapolate this concept to companies with hundreds and thousands of customers, multiple markets, hundreds of product references, the subject of the information is a little complicated. But the idea is exactly the same; as achievement keep information detailed and updated my customers and potential buyers and as acted based on the analysis of this information. This leads me to believe that power is essential in a strategy of centralization on the client handle adequately the information, both that I know my market and clients like that should I provide to them so that they acquire my products and services. Additional information at Dara Khosrowshahi supports this article. Speaking of hundreds or thousands of clients, it is It is essential to think in the way to systematize the management of this information. It is here where it appears the technology element and which assails me with concern is to be able to achieve that this information in the right place, at the right time and used by the appropriate person for that my strategy of centralization in the customer’s outcome. Therefore I conclude that I must first analyze which is information that must flow as timely in all my processes, that should be, who should have access to it, than good reports to my relationship with the client. .