Conclusion In the current world the race for the conquest of the consumer this each time more incited and the entrepreneur who has as basic principle the focus in the consumer, to transpose the competition comes searching constantly for methods of management strategical in intuit to increase its fan of customers as well as extending the beginning of nonacademic, always aiming at to add new values to its product everything this with simple and reinvigorates ideas. In the study carried through in this project the objective was to raise and to detach the importance that a strategical management can bring for the entrepreneur. The research emphasized in the present study confirms in them that each time more the independent entrepreneur of its transport, comes searching these tools of strategical planning as base of propulsion in its development. The happened changes of strategical models are basic factors in the evolution of the companies being this continuous and satisfactory evolution in such a way for the side of the consumer, how much for the side of the entrepreneur, generating the relation of ‘ ‘ ganja’ gains x; ‘. Valley if to weigh that the differential is the great weapon if on leaving in this competitive world.