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Message boards appeared long before the advent of computers and the Internet in general and in particular, were, by and large, virtually the only way to disseminate information. It is true that in ancient times, large democratic way that is not used, being exclusively in the hands of the authorities: in Babylon knocked laws on stone pillars, in medieval England, royal decrees were posted on church doors. But with the passage Time has changed. A large wooden board on which anyone could post your ad for all to see or to find a proposal for the soul – that is, that for a long time to understand a message board. Second, electronic, the birth of boards can be called a BBS ('Bulletin Board Systems' – an electronic bulletin board), let this reincarnation and sufficiently far from the classical features of its prototype.

Ads on the Internet – a site that allows anyone person to place an ad on their pages. Most popular board determined, in large part by availability and ease of use. On the big Internet message boards attendance reaches many thousands of people a day, added daily by thousands of ads. To organize huge amounts of ads, they are usually divided into sections by topic: 'Sport', 'Household appliances', 'Property', 'Tourism' and so on. All boards can be divided into two main categories: moderated and unmoderated. In the latter case the board operates fully automatically and the visitor need only fill in the required form as it appears in the ad site and other visitors will be able to study it.

Russian Search

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Information entered in the Description, to be brief and concise description of a page that is not contain the characters ", '. Example: <meta name="Description" content="Rekomendatsii on writing pages for web-masterov, with the wishes of the developers of search sistemy"> In deriving the results of the search engine description is longer than its standard will be cut off. We strongly recommend to stop at 200 characters, clearly and understandably stating the main thing. Imagine that initially the user is lazy and does not likes to read:) KEYWORDS Keywords. The most difficult part of the work, because it is on search words and phrases, users will find your site. Define the basic principles: 1) From the Russian text – write Russian words and phrases with English – British. The exception may be well-known, frequently used words. For example: shop, free, radio, tv, designer, web, internet, man, fashion, food and other similar.

2) Write desired phrases, separated from one another by a comma and the words within it – spaces. Why? – Since the phrase or sentence can be used in whole or in part, as well as individual words. For example, a web designer, online shop, e-commerce, free advertising 3) ideal option would be the word – "HRE". Such phrases usually consist of three words, the first word of phrase from the second, and the second with the third. For example, a search directory of resources, online shop design, etc. As You can read see the "search catalog" and "directory of resources." 4) The equation is valid for the majority of search engines: Space = AND, OR Comma = 5) does not include words that have no relation to the contents page and the whole site, with a view to promoting it.